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23 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Winchester Mother Dies After Pit Bull Mauling Inside Her Home

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  1. They got it in 2017 at 9 weeks old and it killed her in 2018 after multiple attacks? This one “turned on”a bit early. Not even two years old yet.

  2. Beware of the dog? You betcha! I see one of those signs and make a mental note not to set foot on the dog’s property or to befriend its owners.

  3. Pass breed specific legislation and be done with this breed and their foolish owners!!

  4. Dogs commonly become difficult during adolescence… my shepherd mix got a case of “shark mouth” at around 7-8 months old (just before first heat cycle) – she’d jump up and bite the leash, my clothes etc on walks, apparently due to leash frustration / overstimulation & adolescent hormones (bratty “teenager” phase). She never bit my skin or seemed aggressive during these episodes and it was a phase that quickly passed (nevertheless it was quite nerve wracking and worrisome).

    I guess with pit bulls adolescence is a much more dangerous affair… ? Unless this was something else entirely… unstable temperament? Punishment based training? Combination of those maybe.

    Still, it seems that with such a powerful breed with such capability for violence you’re taking a much larger risk…no room for human error at all.

    At least it was only the owner and not an innocent bystander that died this time.

  5. I have no pity for people too stupid to take a vicious dog to be put down. Glad it wasn’t the neighbors kid or pets for once.

  6. The dog showed no remorse after attacking her. Even my dog shows remorse if it tears up something while I am gone. Makes me wonder was this dog trained this behavior was acceptable? She had been bit many times before. She wanted to get rid of the dog, she was scared of it but her husband said no.

    • Yes. It was also trained to ride a tricycle while balancing a twirling plate on a stick wearing a funny hat.

      • haha. Yea. He’s a clown act alright. I read he wouldn’t take his wife to the hospital because he didn’t want his dog taken.

      • Do you know about the other things the other things the dog was trained to do Craig Brown? Does Chris’ mommy know?

      • Do you know about the other things the dog was trained to do, Craig Brown? Does Chris’ mommy know?

  7. Insurers should cancel life insurance policies after the 1st pit bull bite in the family. Or have a clause stating the policy null-and-void following 1st pit bull bite; thus insurer can investigate bite history after death… and deny payout. Hey, if you are idiotic enough to have a pit bull – you lose, lose, lose.
    (Maybe policies already include this clause?)

  8. Christopher Dale Collins AKA typical pit bull owner. A trashy, low IQ, wife beating, felonious, violent, asshole. Pretty much a human version of his garbage breed of choice. I’m sure he was “the sweetest thing” when he wasn’t beating his wife, just like his lovely lapdog Duke. Hopefully Duke gets iced. I would have put a bullet into that dog LONG ago.

    • June 14, 2019 Duke is doing okay at the shelter other than kennel aggression. Chris wants his dog back. The courts may return Duke to Chris. Watch out neighborhood!

  9. This is the most ridiculous line in the whole story……”he/they did not report the previous pit bull attacks/bites because they/he did not want to lose the dog”…….that didn’t work out too well for them…..especially for his wife.

  10. April told me she had begged Chris multiple times to get rid of the dog but he refused. She was scared of that dog. It had been biting her for six months. The documents say Collins texted his son after the attack saying “I’m not going to the hospital cuz I’m not loosing my dog.” It is hearsay but it was reported that night after she died that morning, Chris was at the bar with Duke’s sister crying because authorities had taken Duke.

  11. At the arraignment, the judge upped the charge from 2nd degree to 1st degree Wanton Endangerment. He is now charged with a felony.

  12. This man observed his wife being attacked by the vicious dog several times, and did nothing. Because he “didn’t want to lose their dog”. Apparently, losing his wife seemed like a better idea. I’m speechless. What kind of a sick dog-worshiping culture do we live in, where husbands sacrifice their wives to dogs?

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