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6 thoughts on “Youngstown Boy is Home from the Hospital

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  1. Ghastly!!!!!!!

    Another case of a Pit breaking containment to treat a kid as another matchdog…..

  2. Yep…good father cept’ for the part about keeping a legally declared viscous dog….

  3. If a goddamn dog has to be caged to keep it from mauling a kid, it has no place in a residential neighborhood!

  4. Oh, it gets even better….the father has a pit bull named “Savage” that he keeps in a cage!!!! That is not a pet, its a weapon. I’ll bet this guy has a record.

    As some point, we need to stop pretending that many pit bulls are being kept as “pets”. Across the country, these dgs are being bred for dog fighting, to guard drug operations, and as leagl weapons. They are, by no stretch of the imagination, “pets”.

  5. I'm Paul Richardson I'm the boy that got attacked by the dog I'm fine now I'm living life great! I hope you guys are too <3

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