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13 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: New Mexico Dog Owner Charged with Tampering with Evidence After His Dogs Killed a Man

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  1. I hope not but it sure sounds like he waited for the victim to die before calling the cops.

    Sadly the murder dogs are probably being transformed in to “harmless wiggle butts” as we speak. Even the one cops had to shoot if it is still alive.

    • I think there is a very good chance this sick phuk did wait for the victim to die before putting in a call. More like the victim “was as good as dead” and not dead when he did the stick poking and death pronouncement that he is not medically or legally trained to do. I would like to know more about the tampering with evidence.

  2. In societies that are ruled by local law entities that answer only to the Almighty Dog, their idols are allowed to terrorize, maim and kill with impunity. The remains of their sacrificial victims are swept under the rug and thrown away with less than scarcely a murmur. Anyone who sounds the alarm is someone who is sacrilegious to their Dog.

    What else can be expected in societies that worship Dog? The only thing that can be expected in this country is that the idolators will continue to allow the flesh of a few million of their sacrificial victims to be fed to their rapacious Dog.

    The elderly, the young, the newborn, and anyone that their Dog chooses to be the perfect sacrificial victim. Every year, a few million, in this country, until the end of this evil age.

  3. Anyone whose dog kills a person should automatically be charged with involuntary manslaughter. Many dogs are not capable of killing a human, having one that is is a choice. Not securing it is a choice. Lack of concern for others is a choice. Lax laws that don’t punish murder contribute to these choices.

  4. I don’t understand how someone can even be near a dog that killed a person, let alone try to hide it. This dude decided to wait 3 hours before alerting anyone?! Sick. The victim of his filthy dogs deserved to at least be reported to be dead.

  5. Ten dogs? Did this fellow seem himself as some kind of rescuer or foster dog home? Is this a hoarding situation?

    There were complaints about the pack of dogs being unsecured previous to the death. Perhaps if authorities had taken those seriously the victim would still be alive.

  6. it took him 3 hours to decide he couldnt come up with a good enough plan to conceal the incident without getting caught

  7. Newly released details show that the dogs were a notorious threat, but nothing was done, or whatever was done was totally ineffective. This is because the local powers do not want to offend the almighty Dog that they idolize and worship. The local powers do not want to admit that they are much to blame. It is not only the owners who worship the almighty Dog. Only when their idol turned out to be the angel of death, these local powers decided to take action against the person who maintained the object of their worship.

  8. forgive me for actually coming right out and speaking the truth but cops are in general worthless or worse than worthless-thats just the cold hard truth-the whole idea ,philosophy, and attitude of law enforcement in this country needs a real thorough overhaul-needs to be entirely revamped so that they are constructive and beneficial for a civil community-not destructive or indifferent
    thats all 100% undisputable-but heres my 2 cents-pepper spray should never be used on any dog-if a dog is doing something that is harmful to any living thing-that dog needs to be shot and all that bs about ‘cant shoot a dog while its attacking or has a person in its mouth…blah blah blah yadi yadi yadi-im so sick of hearing that kool aid that every1 is drinking these days-that kind of thinking and attitude is 1 of the main reason there is a dog problem to begin with and even if zero ppl got killed by dogs -if daily there are dog attacks requiring medical attention-thats would still be a major problem-fatalities from dog attacks goes way beyond ‘a problem’-im not sure theres even a word for it

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