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5 thoughts on “Mandatory confinement for pit bulls!

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  1. The Pit Bull community brought this upon themselves by not policing themselves and continually denying a problem exists. The public has had enough!

  2. I agree with the first poster. Pit bull owners do not believe there is a problem and they deny their dogs are dangerous. They can’t protect the public and we have seen the result of that.

  3. Waterford, Michigan’s Pit Bull Ban Ordinance:

    (1) Pit bull terriers were, for centuries, developed and selectively bred for the express purpose of attacking other dogs or other animals such as bulls, bears or wild hogs.

    (2) In developing a dog for this purpose, certain traits were selected and maximized by controlled breeding including extremely powerful jaws, a low sensitivity to pain, extreme aggressiveness towards other animals, and a natural tendency to refuse to terminate an attack once it has begun.

    (3) Based on the statistical evidence that pit bull dogs are the leading cause of dog bite related fatalities in the United States, and other evidence in the form of individual experiences, the pit bull is infinitely more dangerous once it does attack.

    (4) The pit bull terriers’ massive canine jaws can crush a victim with up to two thousand (2,000) pounds of pressure per square inch, three (3) times that of a German shepherd or doberman pinscher, making the pit bull’s jaws the strongest of any animal, per pound.

    (5) The breeds are almost impossible to confine without resorting to fortress-like measures; pit bull terriers can climb over high chain link fences and trees, tear metal sheeting with its teeth, attack through chainlink fencing, tear loose its collars, and dig under fences and walls, requiring the adoption of breed-specific restrictions on the care and custody of licensed pit bull terriers for the protection of the citizens of this community.

  4. I agree as well, about four months ago my brother was attacked by a pit bull that jumped over a 4 ft fence. The owner of the dog denied it being their dog and took their other pit bull elsewhere before the officials came and left my brother stuck with doctor bills and out of work for a week. My brother is a big guy and was able to fight the dog off but I could only imagine what would have happened if that would have been a child. These dogs are dangerous and I think they need to be tied up or barracated by 8ft fences!

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