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16 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Pit Bulls on Far South Side of Chicago Prior to the New Year

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    • Yep. And since the lockdown last year I have seen a huge jump in dogs in general, but mostly pits and pit mixes. A lady I’m acquainted with from the gym loves to virtue signal by telling everyone about the OH SO SWEET dogs she fosters or sponsers at the local shelter. Whenever she shows a pic it is ALWAYS a pit or a pit mix and she ALWAYS acts clueless about the breed as she tries to foist the dog on everyone she talks to. Disgusting.

      • Here’s what I’d be saying:

        “OMG! That dog looks a lot like the one that attacked a friend of mine! It was just a 10-second attack and it put her in the hospital for two days!”

        Long-term readers will know that I’m referring to the creator of this website.

      • Yups. They’re proliferating here, in BSL land, as well.

        And yups, they all tell me, “But this one is friendly!”

        They said it about the black one in the building just over. It “went pitbull” a couple of months ago and now they only walk it late at night because it keeps lunging and snarling at every dog it sees.

        Even I thought the dalmation + pitbull one was well-handled and well-behaved. A month ago, it started lunging and attempting to attack other dogs while on lead and dragging the owner around.

        The lady who got the silver pitbull puppy for her three-year-old child, a few months ago. is now a teenage dog that lunges and barks constantly when she tries to play with her kid in the park. Dim dog doesn’t even know the “sit” command. Counting the days until it eats her kid.

        The amount of stupid going around is truly astonishing to watch. It would be entertaining if you’re into live horror films.

  1. Quite a neighborhood. Looking at one yard with dual fences, I get the sense that the owners are protecting themselves not only from their neighbors dogs but from their very own.

  2. There are people whose obligation it is to know about pit bulls. Any legislator who is consider trying to push a preemption bill through a state legislature has a moral obligation to understand the dogs that they will be unleashing on communities. They need to come to to learn about Victims. They need to know the dog bite related fatalities in their states. This organization has very neatly compiled and organized this infomation and we have to do a better job of getting it to the lawmakers in our various states. We need to go talk to them face to face. We need to print out the DBRFs from 2021 and in addition the DBRFs from our own states as well as those Victims who have survived being mauled by a pit bull with debilitating and disfiguring injuries and we need to put this information in front of them. We need to tell them why talking to “animal centric organizations is not relevant because they are advocates for pit bulls. We need to tell them that talking to veterinarians doesn’t work because they too are advocates for dogs. We need to tell them that they are talking to the wrong people. They need to talk to Victims, their Families, First Responders, Emergency Department Doctors, Plastic Surgeons. They need to Visit their local shelters and see the overwhelming numbers of pit bulls. We need to do a better job informing the people who make the decisions regarding dangerous dogs in our communities.

    • I absolutely agree and another place to start is the shelters adopting out these dogs to the public but that is going to be a hard battle since almost every single employee loves their pit bulls. I know I have sent information after my dog was attacked twice here and when another neighbors pit bull charged me and just missed my ankle. The only reason it probably did’t continue was because my son came out yelling and my husband grabbed the paddle off the boat and was swinging. We had someone killed her by a pack of pit bulls on July 4 2019 but they animal control supervisor denies all knowledge of this. I sent the information but of course never received a reply.

      • Before BSL here, you didn’t GET hired at a shelter if you weren’t pro-pitbull.

        This has become the norm. If you walk in, resume in hand with plenty of dog handling experience and say, “pitbulls are not a good choice for a family pet”, you will promptly be lectured on how lovely they are, how friendly, how you are prejudiced, how it’s just media bias etc. etc.

        They were giving that speech 30 years ago and I can only surmise it hasn’t improved in research quality. Nor have sensible hiring practises or training in shelters.

  3. Also, I strongly suspect that even in BSL areas pitbulls are making a comeback because Animal Control, like everything else around here lately–is short-staffed due to illness, mandates, austerity, hiring stoppages etc.

    Thus the pitbull crew are taking advantage of the present crisis. Which isn’t improving my attitude towards them, one bit.

    • Can’t recall ever dealing with an ACO that wasn’t a fanatic.

      Fanatic is defined as “filled with excessive and single-minded zeal.”

      How about an ACO that humbly does their job and is broad minded? Good luck in finding such a person.

  4. At least the dogs have been identified. Still awaiting for the unfortunate deceased to be given as much recognition.

    I know all sides of the issue want to know the breed involved. But yes, the unfortunate victim matters! His life was horribly, viciously stolen.

    Condolences to the family and friends, whomever they may be.

  5. Miami Dade county has BSL yet still sells pits from the county shelter. Sadly BSL just causes rampant “breed blindness” among shelter workers. “There is no way to know what breed that dog is. It didn’t come in with papers, it could be anything!” A dog owner of average intelligence can ID a pit. So either pit advocates are lying or have below average intelligence. Both are possible.

    Does anyone know of anything was done with the killer pits?

    In criminal cases one of the most popular defenses is the S.O.D.D.I defense, “Some other dude did it.” I suspect each dog here will be allowed to have the owner claim “some other dog did it” in other words “since we can’t tell which dog killed him it would be unfair to punish all 3 dogs.”

    I won’t be surprised if one of the survivors gets to keep all 3 dogs or if a shelter takes them and “rehabs” them.

    In a sane world all 3 dogs would already be dead. I understand shooting them requires investigations and puts a cop on desk duty until the investigation is done. Animal control needs to start carrying syringes and pink juice. Just put these maulers down at the scene of the crime and be done with it.

    • “Just put these maulers down at the scene of the crime and be done with it.”

      Indeed, the time has come for that policy.

      While everyone with an IQ above single digits knows that Pits and other power dogs present an above average threat profile, lets not endlessly play the breed ID game with every dog that tears someone up.

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