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13 thoughts on “Severe Attack in Omaha: Another Beautiful Face Destroyed by a Family Pit Bull in a Multi-Pit Bull Household

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  1. Reading the comments from the police officer in the comments from the victim’s mother is very confusing. I am pretty sure the victim’s mother is a pitbull apologized and is in complete denial. I am suspecting that the dogs owner is her girlfriend/partner this is significantly contributing to her statements.

  2. What a bunch of absolute dirtbags! They should all be in jail for nearly getting this child killed, banned from owning ANY dogs for life and all the dogs should be dirtnapped.

  3. The little girls mother is an idiot that child is scarred for life she’ll always be afraid of dogs

  4. “The arrest charges for Jerrica Jackson includes: suspicion of harboring a dangerous animal, failing to have an animal license and two counts of lack of vaccinations and failing to have dangerous animal liability insurance.”

    If you go through the Facebooks of Jackson’s ‘friends’, it’s obvious that she’s part of a breeding program to produce these huge, muscle bound gargoyle freaks.

    These terrible adults should not be around children or dogs. The dogs are obvious fed steroids from puppyhood. The $1,500 puppies are somehow ‘guaranteed’ to grow up to be huge, ripped gargoyles according to at least one of Jackson’s buddies.

    Bad enough the natural propensity of the Pit to be unpredictable and violence-loving, these blatant criminals are taking it to a whole other level. And scrolling through their public Facebooks, they aren’t trying to really hide it.

  5. Nauseating. Frightening. These beasts have all the civil rights of a member of the Manson family.

  6. People who butcher pits’ ears like that are likely dog fighters or dog fighter wannabees. Not that a non-fighting pit couldn’t have done this, just that active fighting lines are more likely to.

  7. Street fighters or street fighter wannabes then. I suppose the ‘class’ of fighting matters?

  8. This is terrible! I live in Papillion and I haven’t been able to use my backyard in over three years because of pit bulls behind us! I’ve reported it to the humane society so many times. They have 4 different kinds of little dogs plus the 2 very large pit bulls. At one point there were 9 dogs! Plus 6 little puppies. One day I looked out my window and saw two pits following the little toddler that lives there and I was so scared it would attack her. I couldn’t see where the adults were because of my bushes block some of my view. I don’t trim them because I’m afraid the dogs will come over my fence!
    I first reported them charging my fence and growling at us and the officer at the NHS said unless there in your yard we can’t do anything. They said that the people say the dogs are visiting..I’m like oh yeah 24/7 ok.
    I’m scared to go out on my deck because they hear my door open and growl and run to the fence pacing back and forth. I can hear them barking from the basement and they let them out at night with bark collars on.
    All I think about are the two little children inside and pray they never get mauled to death. I can’t wrap my head around it! Why would anyone put their children’s life in danger! Plus the living conditions must be awful!
    I’ve been in Papillion for 18 years, it’s home and to think I have to live like this. My heart hurts for the sweet little girl in Omaha. Get well soon sweetheart! ❤️

    • Meme Kay, get a lawyer. And have him or her write a letter to the owner of this property — and copy the Humane Society in on it. Include the information that you’ve posted here.

      If, heaven forbid, anything happens, the property owner and the Humane Society will not be able to plead ignorance.

  9. One of LaStephan Brown Sr.’s friends got it right. “Yep. Yep. They got you and yours.”

    If they had just gotten one of the willing adults I don’t think I would have any concern other the tax money wasted on their medical expenses. As is often the case sadly it is the children that suffer.

  10. It’s awful that police doesn’t shoot these monster dogs on the spot. That dog had just attempted to kill a child, and was still trying to attack while police were carrying the girl out of the house, it was aggressive and could easily attack a police officer or a first responder. And now they are going to “most likely” euthanize that disgusting dog, with our tax dollars. Would have been much cheaper to shoot it right then and there.

    • I agree, a .38 right between the eyes is what should happen to any dog attacking a child. That society has come to accept that dogs can maim and kill children, and that it’s acceptable, is very telling.

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