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31 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 56-Year Old Man Killed by Daughter's Six Pit Bulls

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  1. City leaders in Chicago, at one time, were considering BSL against pit bulls.

    Ledy van Kavage, like a good politico/lawyer/lobbyist/pit bull lover, underhandedly had language placed into state law which takes away cities opportunity to prevent these tragedies (no city may create laws directed at a specific breed (pit bulls!) in Illinois)

    It's time for the good people in Illinois to demand that their state lawmakers redact the law which prevents cities from regulating pit bulls.

  2. Pit bulls should be banned in the USA, why wait for state to state laws, follow U.K. lead and pass federal legislation to get rid of this hound from hell. Again, if this were a shark attack, we would hear about it on national news.

  3. So these were the victim's own dog's then? And again "bites". You don't die from a dog bite, this man was MAULED.

  4. I'm awaiting a new program on the former Animal Planet, now known as the PFP channel (Pimping for Pits), known as "Play the Pit" game. The goal to winning is to see how many maulings and fatalities one can name caused by "other breeds" that can exceed those of the pit bulls. The only problem with this game is you can never win, just like owning a pit, you will be the loser every time.

  5. Did you see these comments on this news story?

    "Becca on January 18, 2010 12:26 PM
    In response to the comment by "Mark on January 18, 2010 11:31 AM". I, too, am an Animal Control Officer and firmly believe that it doesn't matter how you raise them, it is the breed itself that is the problem.

    I have been out on calls where people's beloved pets have been shredded to pieces by pits in front of them. I have been on calls where people have been trapped in their home and the pit is outside trying to tear the door down to get to them. I have seen an elderly woman's bloody arms after a pit bull attacked and killed her beloved Corgi. She beat the pit with piece of wood and was attacked by it. I had to respond to a 19 year old kid who was attacked by his own pit bull. His hand was "de-gloved" of its skin! It is NOT just a coincidence that they're pit and pit mixes. And it is not just the media reporting on pit attacks as I am the Officer who responded to the calls.

    Yes, all dogs can bite but the pit has been destroyed by bad breeding. In the meantime, the government has a responsibility to protect people from them. They need to enact breed specific legislation as most owners won't bother having a quarter million in liability insurance on their pit unless forced to do so.

    James Cherokee on January 18, 2010 12:30 PM
    Just because a pit bull is raised as a puppy in loving care does not mean that the breed itself is not a naturally aggressinve breed of canine. I'm a vet and have seen/heard stories like this many times. Case in point; a pit raised by a perfect caring family for 6 years sees a neighboring 4 year old girl running outside playing in HER yard, the dog busted through the screen and nearly killed her. I was treating a pit once and was great with people but almost tore my arm off as it tried to leap at a smaller dog. The fact is that these dogs despite some loving characteristics are VERY unpredictable regardless of upbringing or care. Poor bredding practices have also helped ruin this line of dogs. Those who challenge that German Shepards are equally as agressive are dead wrong. Shepards are a very intelligent and loyal dogs and upon proper care, will be as good and docile of a dog as a bassett. This is from an advice pamphlet in my office about choosing a dog; interesting how this is specific towards a specific breed of dog:

    Unstable temperaments. American Pit Bull Terriers are a dime a dozen today, and most of them are bred and offered for sale by people who don't have the slightest idea of how to breed good-tempered dogs who can function in our society. Obedience instructors and behavioral consultants see LOTS of Pit Bulls with flat-out dangerous temperaments. It is difficult to find a responsible breeder when one has to sort through all the hype from macho breeders who boast about their dogs' "power" and "invincibility."

    Extreme animal aggression. Most Pit Bull Terriers are aggressive toward other dogs. Many have strong instincts to chase and seize cats and other fleeing creatures, including deer and livestock. If anything goes wrong in the breeding, socializing, training, handling, or management of this breed, it is capable of seriously injuring or killing other animals. "

  6. Another DBRF breeding cell!

    This happens all the time in the King Charles Spaniel community but the media covers it up!

  7. Piticide number 84 since January 2005!

    Dobermans only killed 5 Americans during the 1970s…which the Nutters love to call "The Decade of the Doberman".

  8. I would like to make a public plea to veterinarians, AC professionals, experienced dog trainers, and other dog experts who understand the current pit bull problem for what it is….a problem with the BREED. PLEASE do not remain silent. PLEASE speak up and speak out. I know several experienced "dog people" who compete in AKC events, they ALL agree that pit bulls have a genetic propensity for unpredictable aggression, regardless of how they are "raised and trained." These dogs are NOT being bred for stable temperaments, and some dog training clubs won't even allow them in.

    PLEASE add your voices to the voices of victims, we need your help! People are dying,children are being disfigured, pets are being killed in untold numbers across this country. PLEASE post your experience on this blog, and on other public forums and message boards to rebut the lunatic fringe that has overtaken many humane organizations.

    To those involved in rescue that understand the dangers posed by placing pit bulls in pet homes, PLEASE help educate the public! So many are being told that they can "love" a genetic trait out of a dog…please tell them the truth.

    We desperately need your real life expertise to help counter act the organized lobbying efforts against us. Please step up!!

  9. And this comments

    "Mark Romano on January 18, 2010 7:52 PM
    I have witnessed an attack by pit pulls that were raised in loving caring environment. My kids played with the dogs on a regular basis and I never ever saw the dogs show any sign of aggression. Then one day without warning they attacked and within the 30 seconds it took to pull the dogs off, they almost killed a four year old child. This breed’s genetic make up makes it a dangerous pet. The statistics are overwhelming. Unfortunately, it is obvious that may more people are going to be hurt or killed before people wake up. My advice is, choose another breed as a pet. If you’re or a loved one is a victim, push for the highest financial settlement you can get. It is the only tool that will wake people up as to the liability of this breed and prevent further injury or death."

  10. According to Delise data, the "scary" dobermans only killed one American in the 1970s.

  11. My suggestion to ANYONE who doubts that pit bulls are the problem…google "German Shepherd Attacks" and "German Shepherd bites". You will get a small number of hits, around 70, some of which involve a pit bull attacking a german shepherd! Now google "pit bull attacks", and see what comes up. Over 2 million hits. There is no media conspiracy, the media often follows the police calls, and a dog attack is news if it is serious enough, and involves a call to AC or police.

    Why this is even an issue is beyond me, the evidence is overwhelming that these animals are dangerous, its time to regulate them now!

  12. Pit bulls have killed many German Shepherds

    No reports yet about any German Shepherds killing any pit bull anywhere on earth

  13. Sickening how the daughter is trying to defend the dogs by saying they were always scared of her father's voice. Pit nutters care more about their dogs than they do about their own families, clearly, or they'd never own a pit in the first place.

  14. "Pit nutters care more about their dogs "

    And what they care about more than the dogs is the MONEY they make from these dogs.

    This breeding stock has some value, and she wants to hold on to those dogs so she can keep breeding them, keep selling litters, keep hiding the income, and keep cheating on taxes.

  15. Very disturbing!

    Cherie Travis is opening up Chicago Animal Care and Control to pit bull lobbyists and profiteers

    See this Jeff Jenkins of the Pit Bull Training Team

    What is a private opportunist and lobbyist from the pit bull lobby doing in a taxpayer-funded shelter?

    It is very evident that Cherie Travis is getting manipulated by pit bull lobbyists trying to protect the pit bull's reputation, and she is a danger to all of Chicago!

  16. Update.

    Cherie Travis' friend Jeff Jenkins is ADOPTING OUT FIGHTING DOGS and putting them into homes

    "UPDATE: Tom talked with Jeff Jenkins, who runs a training program for pit bulls–and their owners– in some of Chicago's toughest neighborhoods, "turning" the dogs from fighters to good citizens (who are still plenty tough)."

    Cherie Travis is a menace to society, and using animal control for the benefit of pit bull lobbyists.

    So how long until these killer pit bulls get handed out to someone like Jeff Jenkins, who will put them in someone's home?

    Cherie is already giving out pit bulls to Chicago Bully Breed Rescue according to her Facebook page.

    How many of those dogs have bitten someone, or are dog aggressive? How long until Chicago gets sued?

  17. I still feel sorry for the wayward cougar who stumbled into Chicago last year. The mayor mobilized the entire might of the city to destroy it. Poor Cougars don't have a $ multi-Billion underground economy supporting them!

  18. I am cheering for the cougars — I would rather see them in their natural habitat (the wild), than to see a pit bull in their natural habitat(fighting ring).

    How is it an entire city knows the danger of a wayward cougar(who didn't hurt anyone) and reacts accordingly, but turns a blind eye to the pit bulls tearing the city's children and elderly to shreds?!

    I don't understand the mentality…

  19. When I take my sweet little Border Collie mix to the local dog parks I see almost as many Pit Bulls as Labs. They are everywhere. It has started to frighten me more than a little. My 6 month old pup was harrassed by a pit bull last time at the park and I had to stand over her and yell "NO" at the dog (probably not smart, but I was getting really worried about my dog). The owner was a 20 something girl, standing idly by, looking like she had no business trying to control a dog like that, if she decided to try that is. After my scolding her dog, she did quietly put him on the leash (not that it would have helped much with her holding it). Why is it that people WARN me constantly about the massive energy Border Collie's have but pit bull owners don't appear to get much warning about their dogs' genetic traits. No one would say my dog has lots of energy or trys to herd other dogs in play because she was "raised wrong", that sounds idiotic, it's her GENETICS. But pit bull genetics are pushed aside like that all the time. ESPECIALLY on Animal Planet. I am glad I found this site, though it scares me. I was starting to get drenched in the Koolaid myself since the pit bull "talking points" are all I hear from dog lovers and on TV.

  20. Another neighbor, Ruffin Davis, 62, said, "They always obeyed him. I don't see any reason for them to attack him."

    This fella didn't see the reason because he obviously has no understanding of what this murderous dog breed is capable of. We need to stop the sugar-coated rhetoric of the pit bull lobby and relentlessly get the truth out about these murderous beasts. I have kids, and I pray to God that we don't get one of these sociopathic pit bull owners into our neighborhood.

  21. Interesting comment about the Pit Breeders dogs who killed her father in 2010…

    What is even more discusting is when someone is complaining about dogs that aren't immediately KILLED for KILLING!! In January there were pitbull dogs that killed a man and were not put down. This man was the owner of these dogs. He was killed and Cherie Travis let these dog live. I find that outrageous. These dogs are in someone's home and can kill again. How does she sleep at night knowing these killer dogs are out there?! She is willing to let killer dogs live but at the cost of a human being's life. And this is the head of ACC? The person that is suppose to protect the public

    I hope this provides helpful to mauling victims needing to sue the city for criminal negligence…

  22. Director of Animal Care and Control Cherie Travis has been FIRED!

    The executive director of Chicago's Animal Care and Control was fired and has been replaced with one of the department's former deputy directors, city officials said Saturday. Cherie Travis confirmed in an interview Saturday that she was fired Friday.

    Maybe in part because of her horrific response to this fatal dog attack plus the amputation attack involving the jogger in 2012? Showing too much pro-pit bull and Best Friends "Nuttery" Travis? How could I leave out this lovely 2012 blog post that sheds far more damning light on Cherie Travis?

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