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7 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Large Pit Bull Kills Woman on Chicago's Far South Side

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  1. Here is an older lady making a few dollars and helping people out by mowing lawns and someone’s “pet” escapes and kills her.

    Why do we allow people to own “pets” that can go around randomly attacking and killing people? Why??

  2. A beautiful woman brutally attacked and killed while she was outside to cut the grass! Ban the Pit Bulls already! This needs to stop!

  3. Well said bcazz. And this isn’t the first time running the lawnmower has trigger a pit bull attack.

  4. The owner should be charged with BOTH animal cruelty and manslaughter they trained this dog to be a vicious weapon and he delivered!

  5. To call this incident accidental, just confirms how uneducated our society has become. This dog breed should be banned from USA. It has no place in a civil society . This breed of dog was bred for blood sports and hunting wild boar. The genetics and DNA can never be bred out. They were developed in England and are now banned from their country.
    There is a lot of intimidation multiple cruel deaths of all different animals, children, innocent adapts being attacked by this breed at will. And the uneducated owners are not held responsible for such a lethal animal.
    This is beyond any measure of incompetence of a free and safe society . Ban this breed no fault of its own. It is what it is!!

  6. Dearest Karen Brown Family ~
    Our hearts are broken for you. This should never, ever had to happen. May the love of Heavenly Father always give you strength to heal and find peace . We pray for you all. Ms.Karen RIP
    God bless each of you through this very traumatic time on so many levels!

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