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6 thoughts on “2015 Dog Bite Fatality: 5-Year Old Boy Fatally Attacked by Pit Bull in Chicago

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  1. Another visitor gets mauled by a family dog. When will it end?

  2. I also read this story on Drudge Report. They did mention it was a Pitbull. During the attack many people were beating and stabbing the dog and were able to get it off the child but then it attacked a second time. Of course some people are saying the dog was extra vicious because it was being beaten and stabbed. How could you hear this story and think about the dog? What about the baby, mother and others who are traumatized from this brutality? It's so devastating! I guess people and even owners try to understand how an animal can be so docile one moment and so hellbent on killing the next. I feel like I live in the Middle Ages with these pet beasts lurking around. Even the most peaceful neighborhood can feel like a lion's den with this type of dog.
    So sorry for this family!
    Colleen, Thankyou for your hard work and for this website! I have recommended it to several people. I've learned so much too and feel more prepared and aware.

  3. I hope the word can be spread that aggressive or problem dogs, and owners who don't obey laws, get formally reported in written reports to police and animal control.

    People call it building the paper trail so the owners can be held accountable and punished as they should be.

    The owners of property where these dogs are housed need to be notified too.

    Too many people just don't understand that they have to get reports on file early before the deaths happen.

  4. It has been a year and a half since my daughter, Tina was killed by pit bulls. She was just walking home when ambushed. The dogs owners were aware that there was trouble keeping them contained thus were roaming and had bitten others. When will owners realize that these animals are unpredictable and usually go for the juggler vein, latch on and will not let go until the victim is deceased. I am sooo sorry for the loss of another child in such a terrible way. What is the answer? I have talked to politicians galore.

  5. There should be more consequences to the owner. They're the responsible ones. I had a very scattered story, where my son (9yrs old). got attack by 2 pittbulls almost lost his left eye but on his neck and arm. My son had 2 surgery. And, owner admitted to officer on the police statement that the owner didn't know what he was thinking, the dogs are NOT kids friendly, and they also had previous history of the same attack on another child Its been 6 months and still no consequences to the owners they still have the dogs.. I do have a lawyer but I haven't heard from them either.

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