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6 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Year Old Girl Mauled to Death by Dogs in South Chicago

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  1. I recently visited a home with two dogs. One was quite old and barely acknowledged me. The other was just a few years out of puppyhood and was my new best friend.

    You guessed it: Neither of the dogs was a pit bull.

  2. I love that Animal Control doesn't even respond to the media after a United States fatal dog mauling, "Officials with the Department of Animal Care and Control have not returned several telephone calls today." It's as bad as when Cherie Travis was in charge and she was fired by the mayor not long after this blogger posted this post, Who runs CACC and why won't Chicago Punish Irresponsible Pit Bull Owners?. CACC will spin it just like Fulton County Animal Control/American Journal-Constitution did after the death of Beau Rutledge — calling it a "Staffordshire terrier-mix." Beau's mother never said such nonsense. Read what happened that terrible day from Beau's mother… OR, CACC might pull a Travis and simply say, "the dogs are actually "mixed breed," but [they] couldn't name the breeds until further evaluation."

  3. 105th American killed by a Pit Bull on President Obama's watch.

    His buddy Mayor Emmanuel needs to give the A/C Department a long overdue Pit Nutter-enema.

  4. Betcha Delise won't be ashamed to write to the pit bulls' owner, as she did to someone else we know, to demand a copy of the pedigree proving the killers were pit bulls and which breeder they were bought from.

    I wonder whether the Lexus Project will get involved too.

  5. I have to wonder why the grandfather seemed to want to protect the dogs rather then report to emergency responders what really happened.

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