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44 thoughts on “Pit Bull Described as 'Mild-Mannered' Brutally Kills Female Owner During a Walk in the Province of Nova Scotia

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  1. Yet another mild mannered dangerous canine killing someone (its owner, in this case) for no other reason except that is what they were bred to do: Kill for no reason, unprovoked, with no warning. People who are in denial about dangerous canines are shocked out of denial. People who are not in denial of obvious truth are not shocked. It is impossible to reason with people to get them out of denial. It is impossible to show them reliable information about dangerous canines to get them out of denial. The only possible way to get them out of denial is to shock them out of denial. That does not work either, for most all dangerous canine deniers who will fabricate absurd scenarios to blame the victim: She had a seizure, fell on the dog, etc. The question is not “When will people learn?”. The question is “When will people stop loving Evil?”. When does Evil yield to Truth and Love? Not now, and not on this world.

  2. I thought pits were banned in Canada -maybe this is just in some providences. After doing a search online, I see it is more of a patchwork in Canada. There was an interesting story from 2019 that ended 2/2020 about a guy who went to court over his pit mix and his town of Clarks Harbor, NS town having a ban on the breed. It seems he got a doggie DNA test that claimed the dog was 5 other breeds, none of which were banned. He also, started claiming (later of course) that it was a “therapy dog for his anxiety.” How bogus are these doggie DNA tests? They seem like junk science but somehow, they are taken as 100% truth and allow pits to be in towns.

    Concerning this case, I am glad it was the owner who died and not an innocent. Mark Taylor is a small town hero as far as I’m concerned. He lives in a country in which he cannot have a gun or other weapons and he quickly and efficiently weaponized his truck. Let’s home no charges come against him because they just might.

  3. I cannot even fathom how a dog on a walk would have show this aggressiveness. Having had dogs all my life, it is easy to see that going on walks is when they are the happiest. This woman will die in vain…again. The misinformation and the stupid comments on how she may have provoked the dog flow on the forums, as usual. This is just the beginning considering USA is sending thousands of death row pits to Canada after erasing their bite history and changing their names to avoid liability. It has to stop.

    • It is possible that this dog got hyped up over something it saw in the environment as a rabbit or squirrel and redirected its aggression on its owner. That does not excuse the dog killing its owner, but it could explain sudden violence in a dog not normally aggressive. Too many pit bulls are not mentally stable.

      • “Good” pit bulls are supposed to attack unprovoked prolonged, on neutral ground and not stop.

        It’s not possible to know when a pit bull will feel 200 years of heritage and maul because it feels good.

  4. So that not only answers my question about her muzzling her pits — it proves that THIS restraining method (like walking the pit on a leash) IS NOT FAIL SAFE…Neither is driving outside the village…That only leaves us with a state of the art, zoo keeper grade tiger compound…If even THAT is FAILSAFE…

    • This story reminds me of Elisa Pilarski who died this exact same way, walking her muzzled pit, last November in France. The useless device was found near her body and the one of her unborn child. We are still waiting for the French authorities to confirm her dog is the culprit…

      • I have a Google news alert on this story and the latest news on this was that shockingly, the pit that was found by her body (the one that allegedly protected her from rampaging hunting hounds) has attacked people in the shelter where he is being kept, including the boyfriend of the dead woman.

      • That case is still open because the DNA evidence will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete. Of course, with the world pandemic it will take forever to prove what we already know to be true. That dog had and continues to have aggressive behavior. She, too, paid with her life and the life of her unborn child. And yet…AND YET…the boyfriend (father of unborn child) continues to deny and protect this useless, vicious animal in spite of all the evidence. It is beyond me.

  5. There are indeed enough statistics on this breed killing its owners, family members, strangers, livestock, pets with absolutely no provocation. Pitbulls are not pets. Why do people insist though on adopting these monsters?

  6. I never feel as badly when it’s the idiot who choose to own the beast that gets killed. Sometimes this is how their pathology gets fixed.

    • I agree. I’m friends with a woman who had a pit that belonged to her son. That dog aggressive dog died and she got another. I’m not her friend any longer because I don’t want to be around her dog. Taking on her son’s abandoned dog was bad enough, but to actually look for trouble by adopting it? Why?
      People love to repeat the same mistakes over and over.

  7. The fact that she walked both dogs seperately out of town away from residents actually was a smart choice to keep people safe. However, that clearly indicates that they were obviously problem dogs; even the alleged ‘mild mannered’ killer. After all, you wouldn’t go out of your way to walk your dogs like that unless you knew there was a problem with them being around anyone else. I think the ‘mild mannered’ one was only slightly ‘better’ than the known aggressive one. Sadly, it seems she prefered to just do everything in her power to keep them away from people instead of the ultimate precaution which would have been to put them down, and it cost her her life. I’m glad the killer is dead, but I hope the other one gets put down as well if it hasn’t already. Especially since they know that one is aggressive.

  8. Sent this link to Colleen but wanted others to see this. DC firefighters had to hold down 2 attacking pits so they could fight a fire. The pictures say it all. I hope their injuries don’t force disability retirement on them.

    WASHINGTON – D.C. firefighters saved the day Thursday when they threw their bodies on two dogs who were attacking people while other members were fighting a fire in Southeast.

  9. These animals are not to be treated as pets. They were bred as killers and they will, when instinct permits, do exactly what they are instructed to do.

    This is very different from domesticating the wolf, who recognizes the source of the food and restrains his animal instincts to cater to the human. This is a animal bred from the ground up to attack the human, the livestock, the other dog; Anything that it deems is necessary. It’s reverse of the wolf. This animal knows that at any moment it’s going to kill and kill it must.

    It’s not a pet. It’s a brutalizer. It’s meant to hunt slaves and things that are meant to be tacked down and mauled. That is it’s instinct. It is not a wild animal, it is a born and bred mauler.

  10. I’m glad it was only the owner who was killed and not an innocent neighbor. I hope Mark Taylor does not get any backlash for putting down the mauler. He should get a medal.

    • Yes, absolutely. He probably saved people from mauling or even death. It probably took split second thinking and nerves of steel.

  11. Jesus H Christ! Look at the size of the heads on those things. People online are saying they think a bear killed her. Those things heads are the size of bear heads.

  12. BTW, the picture of those dogs licking her is repulsive to me. People confuse this for dog “kisses.” In actuality, dogs lick people’s faces because they are food driven. They’re licking for particles of food, grease, whatever! Another primal urge for dogs, even nice dogs, if a person dies alone in their home and left for a long time…their dog will begin to eat them. I know it’s gross, but we all have to remember dogs are animals. The dog worship and anthropomorphize culture is out of control.

    • Actually licking the face is a sign of appeasement – you will sometimes see dogs doing this when one of them growls / snaps at the other, the other dog may try to appease the growling dog by lowering themselves and licking the face. Very common for puppies to do this to older dogs, and for dogs to do it to their owners.

      Its what many dogs do when they are uncomfortable or intimidated e.g. often by an uninformed human putting their face near the dog (to dogs this is seen as confrontational and intimidating). It’s also something dogs who are over stimulated or fearful will do as a displacement behaviour. Basically it doesn’t show that the dog loves the owner or whatever, it’s a sign that the dog is not relaxed and calm.

  13. Every time I see those face-slurping pitbull photos I want to wretch. It’s just indicative of the lack of dog knowledge these people possess about dogs.

    Nothing wrong with a light slurp *with permission or on request* from a dog–plenty wrong with letting a dog slurp your face like you’re a plate of tuna juice. It’s a lack of a dog understanding the relationship between human and dog.

    Puppies may *lightly* lick their mother’s mouth for food scraps. Other dogs will generally not tolerate it.

    Dogs only slurp another dog *that’s inferior to them*. So, that’s exactly how they view these humans. As their inferiors.

    Yet, for some reason, pitbull nutters seem to think that this proves their dog “loves” them.

    There’s this idea that somehow, a human can control a powerful animal on a harness or flat collar and a lead and that’s good enough.

    No, it isn’t.

    If the dog is unsafe off lead, what happens when the lead is yanked out of the owner’s hands, or something breaks? Suddenly there’s an uncontrollable animal running loose. Leashes and collars are *containment* but they are not *control*.

    This is the too-often fatal belief of people who own pitbulls/powerdogs and know they are unstable…that somehow, being dragged around by them a few yards away from people is, in their fantasy world, “doing right by everyone and the dog”.

    They don’t even have the good sense to muzzle them (which doesn’t hurt/bother the dog if done properly) in case the dog breaks away.

    • I recently read a post by a woman whose pit type dog bit her son “several times” but she was demanding justice because the dog had been euthanized and she didn’t get to say goodbye or get his ashes. She went on and on about how this dog she had only had for 7 months had “saved her” and was her “everything” and how much she missed him. You know, a great and loving mother to her injured human child! (sarcasm) Anyway, guess what her glowing testimonial to this agressive dog’s memory included not just once but several times? References to his “kisses.” She said he gave the biggest, sloppiest kisses. She used a very odd wording to say he “filled me up” with doggy drool (I assume she meant her mouth, hopefully). She went on and on about the kissing.

      Why? How is uncontrollable licking a bonus? How is it a testament to the dog’s character? Why would you even share that he “fills you up” with drool? Excessive licking as she described isn’t a sign of love and devotion, it’s a sign that the dog/human relationship is totally out of whack. It shows a lack of discipline and (I think) an unhealthy and inappropriate amount of neediness on the part of the owner who allows it at the extent she described. It almost seems… I hate to say it… sexualized on the part of the human. Deep mouth on mouth tongue licking should not be something shared across species, and it certainly shouldn’t be something a person is proud of or which they should want to show in pictures. It’s not something the dog is doing to show love, it’s just something the dog does because the person lets it. And you tend to see it more with people who own bully type dogs. It shows a mental disconnect of what should be a master/pet relationship. When your dog you’ve had for less than a year becomes your “everything” when compared to your child, something is deeply wrong with you. And when you go on and on about his deep wet tongue kisses as if you’re describing a human lover, you’re just delusional.

      • Licking in canines is mostly seen in puppies toward adult dogs as a gesture of submission – I am a puppy, I am harmless and vulnerable, please don’t hurt me – and (as lip licking, where 1 dog licks his own lips and looks away from another dog) between adult dogs to signal “I am harmless, I do not wish to interact or have conflict with you.”

        Dogs will lick their owners to show affection, but I agree that there is a modern tendency to overinterpret it as ‘kisses’ and see it as a positive thing. It can be a loving gesture from a dog to a human, but that’s a specific sort of situation. I see a lot of people reading hyper, insistent licking – often with a lot of direct body contact – as a cute, loving gesture when it’s really not. The frantic licking behavior in some dogs can be a sign of high anxiety, and it can easily escalate into biting.

        • Good analysis.

          Also, one adult dog (usually a dominant female) may pin down another dog and slurp it’s ears to calm it. However the dog being slurped on, is the submissive one. If the underdog attempts to leave or to object, it may well get bitten.

          What I see in these slurp videos is a dog, paws pinning the human, and slurping its’ inferior.

          That’s not “love”–it’s a form of establishing hierarchy and maintaining pack stability with an inferior dog that’s expressing instability.

          These people know so little about rational dog behaviour that they believe that slurping is a sign of “love”.

  14. Almost every time I see a pit on a lead, they’re pulling ahead of the person. Yes, “dragging” the so-called owner. There’s clearly no training, no control, no alpha going on there. And, yes, how many stories have involved some outweighed woman or child trying to control the beast from lunging? I avoid these dogs like the plague that they are.

  15. I love dogs but this particular breed has no place in society. Part of the problem is that the owners are not being held accountable. Sometimes you can’t even be sure who the owner is. Owners of dogs that attack someone else should be fined and face jail time.

  16. You want to know what is bad? These Crazy folks in Nova Scotia on the “PITBULLS Truth & Justice We are their voice!” site on June 15th made a petition to have the hero who stopped this rampaging killer pit charged with Animal cruelty. They are sitting there talking about how scared the poor dog must have been as he ran it over. They don’t give a damn about the human being murdered by this animal

    • They never do seem to care about the human victim. Those who advocate strongly for pit bulls seem to turn off their feelings for every other living thing besides their breed of choice. To push pit bulls into society they must not care about any of the thousands of maimed and killed pit victims, such as cats, horses, any other dog breed, goats, sheep, llamas, poultry, pigs, cattle, human babies, toddlers, children, adults and the elderly. They don’t even care about “good” pit owners or advocates who are killed by their own dogs. They pretend as if pit bulls are the only singular dog breed which can show devotion, or be a protector, or offer comfort to humans (the “best most loving dogs ever”). They believe that only pits are ever abused or neglected. They ONLY care about that one breed, and every other living thing takes a back seat to their worship of the “misunderstood” pit bulls. They are sick and delusional and unfeelingly callous toward the life and safety of anything else.

      So I’m not at all surprised that they want to punish the man who killed this murderous dog. He has probably had death threats from some of them. That “poor scared pibble” that he ran over could have easily gone on to kill someone else before being captured. And if it had been caught, you know there would have been a fundraising effort to save its life and send it on to be placed in another home.

      What demented, convoluted thinking they have!

      I’m thankful in all this that the dog only killed his owner and not the teen jogger or the lady who stopped to help.

    • I think the man who hit this dog with his vehicle would have been better off disappearing after he killed the dog. I am not suggesting that he was wrong in hitting the dog, as I believe he did the right thing. However, the organized pit bull people are so inclined to defend the dog over its dead owner that admitting he hit the dog could present problems for him.

      • He’ll never be charged with running over the dog.

        Pretty much falls under everything from “Good Samaritan Laws” to “protecting the public safety”.

        The pitbull nutters can whine all they like. More likely the driver can sue the pitbull owner or insurance company for car repairs.

    • That group is AWESOME. They’re currently infighting about a member who claims her male pit bull “Caliber” was attacked savagely and mysteriously inside her home. She has 4 pit bulls, 3 males and an intact female in heat. She claims she left everyone crated, came home to a kicked in door and Caliber bloody and beaten half to death in her tub by some pit bull hater. Everyone took off complaining about haters until a few started questioning her story. She rebutted with the claim that she did take pit to vet and vet said the ‘singular laserations’ could not have been made by a dog. Multiple people saying “Uh, that looks like dog bites.”

      I’m thinking there was a yard accident. When my dog was mauled by a pit bull, there was a singular laceration wound involved.

      • As if anyone would ever break into someone’s home just to “beat up” their pit bull. How laughable. Put bull “haters” generally don’t want to be anywhere near someone’s pits, much less coming into their home, letting them out of crates and beating them up. What a ludicrous story she has concocted. But, they do after all live in a fantasy world in which pits are the best most loving dogs ever and pits would never hurt a human and even if they did (because of course they were abused) they deserve to live a happy life elsewhere… I guess fantasy and reality never quite mesh for them and scenarios like this break in seem possible.

      • The other 3 pitbulls she kept obviously ganged up and attacked that one pitbull. It should be obvious from the injuries that it was a mauling attack. Like the other poster said before me, no one would break into someone’s home just to “beat up” their pets, especially not if they’re several pitbulls as that would be highly dangerous. The lady’s a lunatic who fabricated this story to pour fuel on the pro-pit lobby.

  17. That pic of her frenching those 2 beast nearly made me vomit up my breakfast. I hate to think what other pics are on her hard drive. I hope the hero did not damage his van running over one of those beast. Also hope the pit mafia doesn’t get him fired.

  18. Once again murder dogs gonna murder. Hope all the virtue signalling was worth it as the “dog” was killing her. I ain’t even care at this point. Glad the dog is dead!

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