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11 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Who Uses Wheelchair Killed by Pack of Dogs in Attala County, Mississippi

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  1. Absolutely terrifying. Both the attack, and that one dog is still at large. Prayers for the family. Wonder why we are just now hearing about this attack.

  2. The two dogs that were owned and the two dogs that were strays cooperated with each other just fine, they all got along with each other just fine to get the common interest job done together. Birds of a feather flock together. All four are one and the same, the only difference between the two groups is that two of the four had a different legal status.

  3. How sad that this 76 yo man in a wheelchair was killed by his good-for-nothing nephew’s dogs. Good-for-nothing nephew can’t get his shit together and ends up living off of his old uncle and brings two pits to the home. This story keeps repeating: elderly person lets younger, would be homeless relative move in with pit bulls. The elderly person is mauled. People, don’t let anyone in your house who brings pits.

    • Someone’s dog came home covered in this poor gentleman’s blood. Strays are very rarely actually homeless, but have merely “strayed” from their home. Imagine letting your dog back into its pen or even your own house, seeing the blood, and then hearing about the death of someone in your area. What would a normal person do? Now, what would most pit owners do? All those dogs in lost dog ads which “somehow got loose” are somewhere else doing who-knows-what. Sometimes it’s getting in
      someone’s trash, or mating someone’s female dog tied up in their yard, or chasing and maybe even catching cats. In this case it was helping three other dogs pull an elderly man from a wheelchair to kill him. And I will bet that someone out there knows this and has decided not to say a word. Let’s hope their dog doesn’t “somehow get loose” again.

      And I implore all elderly relatives who are just trying to help someone out, please don’t take in dangerous dogs when you open your home to your human kin. It’s not worth it.

  4. This is terrifying. My brother has Parkinson’s and uses an electric wheelchair to get around. It’s highly specialized and goes pretty fast. He is friendly with the dogs in his complex and carries biscuits on his chair. But my sister told me recently that there are two pit bulls he just loves. People like this gentleman and my brother are at the mercy of a vicious dog. Or a pack.

  5. I am the sister of Cathy, and I am also so worried about our brother. He doesn’t really believe that pit bulls are dangerous because he has seen these dogs be cute and playful.
    I live in a neighborhood where people get away with allowing their pit bulls to roam. My special needs son was chased by two pit bulls who were known to the police and by the complex to have killed small animals. The dogs were upon my son, and so he protected himself. Because our neighbors lied, and because my son was able to protect himself, the sheriff instead, made a report about my son as committed animal cruelty by use of felonious assault. Thankfully, one of the neighbors who has also been confronted by the dogs stood up for my son, but both dogs are still alive. One is still here. The owners were willing to further destroy my son’s future just for the sake of theirs and their dog’s rights.
    We have other pits who roam our neighborhood, and nothing is done.
    I hope that no one will be attacked and killed by these dogs.
    Our township supposedly has leash laws, but in my estimation, they are not enforced.
    I don’t know what it will take for things to change.

      • It’s probably part of that nationwide push by organizations like Best Friends. Those nefarious besties do not like breed-specific legislation, and they’re behind a lot of the efforts to block them from passage or get them repealed.

  6. One month, 5 fatalities. Pits or pit mixes for certain involved in 4 (I wouldn’t rule them out in the reservation case). By my math that makes pits involved in 80% of fatalities. I hope we don’t maintain this pace the rest of the year.

  7. I just saw something unbelievable…a long, long series of photos of happy-looking pit bulls. The article, by Dodo, was entitled, “Pit Bull Photos That Prove They’re The Snuggliest, Silliest, Coolest Dogs On The Block.” and went on to imply they couldn’t possibly be dangerous.

    People believe this stuff!

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