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19 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Attacks Four Family Members, Killing One, in 'Multi-Victim' Attack in Plainfield, Illinois

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  1. The NY Times today has a piece about how pit bull bans have been overturned in several cities.How is this possible after so many fatalities?

    • Because of the so-called “humane” organizations like the Best Friends Animal Society.

      Follow the money. They’re behind a lot of the pre-emptive laws that prevent local BSL from even happening. And, dollars to donuts, they’re probably behind a lot of the overturns.

      And what can WE do? Stop giving money to organizations like this one. Donate to DBO instead.

    • This is the comment I posted on FB. “We think everyone should know better by now…but the truth is, pits behave like any other dog, until they don’t. My dear son-in-law was snickering at me a few weeks ago when pits came up because he’s been around several and of course, they were being good dogs at the time. That’s what people see. Like this family, the dog was theirs for TWELVE YEARS before it went berserk. Nobody wants to believe their sweet pet harbors killer genes that may or may not go off. And this poor young man lost his life to that. It’s tragic.” We’re not getting the message across that the aggression is sudden and unpredictable and that most pits, most of the time, act like a NORMAL DOG.

  2. ” McQuaid stated the attack was “unprovoked” and the dog “attacked for an unknown reason.” ”
    It attacked for a reason. Reason: Because it is a dangerous wild animal. Officially, winter begins December 21st. Really, physically, December 21st is the middle of winter.
    Officially, dangerous breed dogs are not wild animals. Really, physically, dangerous breed dogs are wild animals. Any more examples needed to show the absurd differences between “Officially” versus “Physically”?

  3. I had heard about this attack, but did not realize how severe the attack was on this young man. No words can express my frustrations on the escalating attacks. These dogs are becoming more dedicated in the attacks.

  4. The term “family pit bull” hopefully will become the common language used in news reports and replace terms such as “family dog” and “family’s pit bull.” This makes it clear that an animal that was loved, cared for, and part of the family is not a safe choice. It drives home the betrayal. If this term came from you, Colleen, I commend you. Keep using it.

  5. Would it be possible to have a running total posted someplace for fatalities this year and how many were pits? That kind of information has an effect on people. I remember when Walter Cronkite would the update on how many days the Iranian hostages had been held. I think easily being able to tell people “today the Nth person was killed by a pit bull this year” and “out of X number of fatal dog attacks this year Y involved pits” might get the point across.

    It is just a thought. You do an amazing job with this page and I know you don’t need anymore work. The info can be found now. Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. In the original report, 4 people were hospitalized, 2 were treated and released, so there were 6 victims of this dog. The life flight was called for the 52 yo victim who was first stated as critical, but the flight was cancelled and she was transported by ambulance. One dog, at least 4 grown people (possibly 6), and they couldn’t stop this attack.

    • Is 6 deaths by pit bull in 2020 so far a reliable number? I have been using that number. I think it’s a great idea to keep some kind of banner showing current number of fatalities for quick reference . That way when people are writing emails, calling public officials and commenting on media reports they can have the most current accurate information. I’m writing to the Attorney General of Colorado today and I have paused because I am not sure the number of deaths I have counted for 2020 is accurate. Is 6 accurate so far?

  7. This just in from CNN: “Denver mayor will veto legislation that would end the city’s 30-year ban on pit bulls”.
    Thank God Almighty for one sane, sensible, reasonable person who is in a position of power, who is in the Spirit of Gods’ love, who is so moved to utter forth true words of love for ones’ neighbor, instead of words that show hate for ones’ neighbor.

  8. If this pit was 12 then the man that was killed was around 12 when he got the dog. How sad is that? I got an English Setter when my son was 10, and she passed in November 2018, having never bitten or attacked let alone killed anyone. This is just shocking and heartbreaking, as are all fatalities and attacks. I made the mistake of watching a pit attack another dog in it’s own backyard, and saw how it didn’t let up, didn’t even let go of the dogs leg until long after it had stopped crying. I cannot get that out of my head, so I can not even fathom seeing a person attacked. God why are people so defensive about these dogs?

    • It’s crazy, isn’t it? I have been posting links to here for fatalities on Facebook, but also links that I find for injuries. I learned from here that a pit bull attack is not the same as a dog bite.

      Many many years ago we chose to euthanize a Springer spaniel because she kept attacking our other dog. We trained and trained and eventually she nipped my husband and growled at my daughter. It was heartbreaking to pts our dog but it would have been worse to have her injure us or someone else. I can’t believe people could have a dog that causes injuries and keep it.

    • THESE DOGS are bred by people who want to make pups just like the parents, not knowing anything about genetics and how complicated it is or the possible outcome of combining lethal genes. Yes , lethal genes are real. Add to that pups that are trained & taught to attack by amateur people. Usually these people train with aggression and anger, no rewards here. Now you have a powder keg waiting for ignition. it can happen at any time, at any age or not at all.

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