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11 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Dies Seven Days After Violent Pit Bull Mauling in Southwest Arkansas; No Media Reports

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  1. Why would the media report severe dog maulings that necessitate admission to the hospital 40 times per day, 14,000 times per year, just in this country? Because then the public and all levels of government would be aware of the unpredictably dangerous animals in the living room (and on the streets) of our not so civilized society. Because if that happened, all levels of government would be under sufficient pressure to solve the problem at the back end, instead of the lucky few being required to frantically struggle to be successful in solving the problem individually at the front end. This is the sole primary reason that the media does not report dangerous dog maulings 40 times per day in this country.

  2. Thank you Colleen for digging deep to bring us as much information as possible on these horrible and often suppressed fatal mailings. How unfortunate that the family could not be there with him during his hospital stay or at the end. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  3. Poor man. I am praying for his family. My mother died a few years back and that was traumatic. At least I was able to be with her at the end. I can’t imagine the sorrow of having to say goodbye over the phone. I don’t have any hope that things will change. It seems so plain to me that human lives are worth more than dog lives. Sadly that is not a popular opinion any more.

    Any word if the murdering pit was put down?

      • Sounds like it lived long enough to attack someone else. The tribe of Moloch loves to talk about how “all dogs are individuals” yet when a dog proves that it is ill suited to be around people or other animals they stubbornly refuse to pass judgement on that dog. Then it becomes “there are no bad dogs”. They cease being individuals and become avatars for all that is good and holy. There are pits that are loving pets for years and then snap and maul someone, often to death. However there are many more that have been showing signs for years,killing animals, becoming hyper aggressive, even putting people in the hospital with attacks. Yet they are not put down until they kill someone. Sadly we are seeing cases like this where killing one person isn’t enough. Think how much less carnage there would be if these maulers were put down after the first attack?

        • We were unsure if it was the news of the Forth Worth fatal pit bull mauling (which broke on the 13th) that re-opened the issue, or if the same dog had attacked again. It certainly sounds like the same dog attacked again. The second possibility is such a “stunning outrage” that we thought it must be the first. This specific issue is why we wrote to the De Queen Bee newspaper. If that dog was able to attack again, this community should be outraged!

  4. I just will never understand why someone has a pitbull. Sure, there are plenty of them is our very sweet and intelligent. It is just beyond my comprehension taking the risk of having one of these dogs. I’m sure the neighbor – dogs trying to figure out how to cover their ass. If we ever get the excuses, I’m sure that will be the typical playing with the dog never had a history being aggressive.

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