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10 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Houston-Area Baby Girl Killed by Family Rottweiler

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  1. 8 big dogs and a baby. She's probably going to jail. The Chronicle did not have much sympathy for her either. At what point does the madness stop? I imagine the Grand Jury will indict.

  2. People who push heavy appliances like washers and dryers in front of a door to secure a dog. KNOW the dog is dangerous.

    A total of nine dogs, one was being bathed and they don't which of the other eight killed her? This sounds fishy. Wouldn't the one who had killed the girl, have blood evidence or maybe that's why it was being bathed?

  3. It's yet another fishy, fatal dog attack scenario. But, it's going to get REAL fishy if Harris County officials crack this one up to be another tragic accident and sweep it under the rug. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is known to take heavy-handed actions when the child is still living. This child is dead and was apparently the only child of the parents.

  4. I don't know how much time it takes to care for 9 large rottweiler dogs. I don't really want to imagine it either. The story is clear enough without imagining it. "Barricade" yourself and baby into the house, along with a 200lb rottweiler shut into the bathroom that you are giving a bath to. All is happy and well for the household with 9 large rottweiler dogs and an infant — at least for a moment. One person with an infant could never manage such a household. Sadly, the mother was tending to one of the dogs instead of her own baby when it was horribly mauled to death.

  5. Dogs are replacable.

    Kids are irreplacable.

    Why people keep dogs around, which have previously shown signs of aggression, baffles me. The elderly woman in Iowa recently killed knew her GSD was aggressive. The family in Houston seems to know that the Rottweiler was "an outdoor dog" not allowed to be in the home. I wonder why? Guaranteed they know which dog "aint right" and did this. Why tolerate aggressive dogs in or around the home. Again, dogs are replacable, kids aren't.

  6. Bagheera, I agree with you. It sounds way too fishy. I can't imagine that if one of those other dogs forced its way into the house that it didn't make a huge racket that surely she would have heard. And who washes a 200 pound dog in the bathtub? And why would she have to put such huge things in front of the door to begin with? Had these dogs already broken into the house before and damaged the door so badly that it couldn't be secured? It is just a disgusting and sad situation all around. I feel bad that I, too, have little sympathy for this mother.

  7. When it is mentioned that she was interacting with the "father" of one of the other dogs, I think we all see just where the problem here lies.

    This was some kind of illegal breeding business, operated in plain sight in a community without decent animal control laws, without enforcement by Chris Glaser, without proper rules for businesses (particularly those that affect the public health-wise, as dogs can attack and also can carry disease. Breeders, just like shelters and rescuers, need to be licensed and follow some basic civilized rules to prevent danger to humans.)

    By allowing her to pack this small place with large aggressive dogs that she could not care for, and by allowing her to conduct an illegal business and not pay taxes, Chris Glaser of Animal Control and those who hire him helped set up this situation and pave the way for this needless death.

    We are a society. We need ground rules. These dogs could have easily killed a neighbor's child.

    If there had been some community rules, and proper enforcement, no one would have gotten hurt or killed.

    Animal control (and the leadership of this town) has failed massively.

    There needs to be some kind of control in "animal control" to protect the safety of the community and prevent animal abuse.

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