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5 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: East Texas Child Killed by Grandfather's Pet Pit Bull

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  1. "Family members said the child had been playing on a swing set when the pit bull freed itself from its chain to attack the boy."

    People try to resolve their aggressive pit bull issue by throwing the dogs on chains because they can't live in the house.

    Of course, the pit bulls with their immense prey drive seem always to manage to get off the chain, and death or injury ensues.

    This could easily have been a neighbor's child that was killed.

    This, as well as a classic hoarding situation. What do we as a society think a mess like this will accomplish? There need to be some rules and guidelines.

    Why wasn't animal control dealing with this situation a long time ago?

  2. A very notable quote in the story:

    "Thinking that we could love it and train it. Not knowing."

    How many times, as a prosecutor, have I met an owner who really just doesn't understand what they are getting when they get a pit bull. Plenty of blame to pass on to the pit bull propaganda machine that would have you believe chihuahas and dachsunds are more dangerous. What a croc!

  3. How many times does this has to happen? There is no way one can live in Texas and not know the danger after so many Pit and Rotticides!

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