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37 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 'Yard Accident' Leaves Reverend Dead in Callaway County, Missouri

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  1. There is a difference between denial and stupidity. Authorities didn't even seize the animals — apparently they lacked the resources. Meanwhile, Johnny boy gets to keep breeding man eating pit bulls! You really can't make this stuff up.

  2. They think a puma is going to jump into a pen with 17 pit bulls? In a state which has not had a known breeding puma population in more than 100 years? It is possible, though, that only a mentally retarded puma would move to rural Missouri.

  3. A mountain lion? In Missouri? I suppose one could stray that far East but what are the chances that it would go in a pen with 17 pit bulls? Mountain lions are usually shy animals and if one ended up in the pen the dogs would have gone after it. Mountain lions will often kill single dogs but I can't see one entering a pen with 17 (presumably) loud, barking pit bulls.

    The most appalling thing here is that this man loses his father and he's more concerned about his dogs and their reputation. That's messed up. It's terrible that animal control can't/isn't doing something about this.

    I'm not buying the "stray dogs" story either. Someone is killed in a pen with 17 pit bulls and we're supposed to believe that random stray dogs broke into the pen and committed the deed? Seems highly unlikely to me.

  4. i don't think a cougar would attack a man on outside of the pen of 17 dogs. unlike pit dogs, cougar's have not had self preservation bred out of them.

    the only tragedy in this case is that the dogs are still alive but hopefully they will live long enough to end this line of reynolds blood.

  5. From comments at the news article:

    dogcentric wrote:
    Jeeze. The extent of pit bull peoples' denial is really amazing. This owner claims to think that a mountain lion (or stray dog) busted into an enclosure with 17 pit bulls in it in order to kill his father? And, of course, weintheworld claims that the fact that this tragedy (finally) attracted the attention of a SINGLE media outlet five days after the fact is evidence of media persecution of pit bulls. In fact, the complete LACK of media attention to this story is evidence that another pit bull mauling, even a fatal one, isn't really seen as big news.

    Why did this owner have 17 pit bulls, anyway? And is does anybody care enough about this homicide to investigate it adequately? Why does the fact that only one dog had injuries mean anything? Why would anybody EXPECT serious injuries on pit bulls who kill an 84 year old man? There should, at a minimum, be DNA testing since I am sure there is pit bull saliva in the victim's wounds. (Hint: nobody is going to be finding any moutnain lion DNA on this victim–he was killed by his son's pit bulls).

  6. I can't understand why this hasn't been turned into a state investigation.

    A problem in Missouri- dog fighters and puppy millers bribe and control too many of the corrupt authorities. The dog fighters even have a hold on some of the media.

    I suspect his town tried to hide this pit bull killing, but the truth leaked out. Every other person in that town may well be involved in dog fighting in one way or another.

    Thee's no regulation, so the Missouri dog crime continues on against man and beast.

  7. How in denial are these people?

    It doesn't take a genius to realize the most probable cause was the man's animals.

  8. Anon 11:47

    I don't think a mentally challenged Puma would live into adulthood to become a real threat.

  9. I wonder how many pit bull deaths and injuries are kept out of the news by family members concerned for pit bulls' reputations. Not everyone can be related to Colby.

  10. Any normal son would want to find out what killed his dad. He could be the next victim. Idiot hill billy.

    Thank God it wasn't an innocent victim.

  11. Come on Nutters,
    Don't hesitate,
    Send your parent out
    B4 its too late.

    Be the first one
    in your pack
    to have your dad
    come home in a sack

    and its 1,2 3,4
    what are they fighting for?
    don't ask us we don't give a damn
    lets stop the next BSL ban

    and its 5,6,7,8
    open up that pearly gate
    be the first ones on your blocks
    to have your child come home in a box

  12. He would probably be stupid enough to go back in there with his pitbulls and, yes, one can only hope …

  13. "Looks like the onwer and sheriff tried hard to keep this out of the news."

    That's the story in Missouri. The crime involving dogs and people is scandalous in this state, and many authorities are actually involved in this crime.

    Many authority figures breeding fighting dogs, involved in dog fighting, or getting kickbacks or bribes to hide it.

    When it comes to dogs, other bigger entities that are national in scale have their finger in the Missouri pie, such as the AKC which makes millions registering Missouri puppy mill puppies and UKC with a high number of Missouri pit bull breeders and "connections" (owned and run by a former AKC board member.) They spend millions in Missouri lobbying FOR the mills and yard owners. And yes, the dog fighters are right in there lobbying with the puppy mill breeders! Missouri authorities get kickbacks from the mill and dog fighting population to oppose laws and let this filthy business go on, and again, some own mills or yards or their relatives do.

    These mills also include fighting dog mills.

    The biggest puppy mill broker in the country, Hunte Corporation, is in Missouri taking advantage of this situation, and is even getting our tax dollars when it comes to the Department of Agriculture giving him grants and loans. Hunte has pull with corrupt Missouri legislators.

    There's a reason that Missouri is a major dog fighting and dog fighting BREEDING state.

    These dogs are shipped all over the country and all over the world, and many people even outside the state profit from it.

    There's a profit motivation to keeping these incidents hidden.

    And the sick part is, these breeders hide their income thanks to lax Missouri legislation, and cheat wildly on their taxes, and often get benefits in addition!

    This particlar incident gives some insight into the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dog breeder problems in Missouri.

  14. ""He could be the next victim. Idiot hill billy"

    i can only hope."

    Unfortunately the next victim will probably be wherever he is shipping the dogs to as he sells them, which could be any of our neighbors as these Missouri bred dogs are shipped all over the country.

  15. Hahaha, Missouri has always been a KKK state. Is now again…

    Meanwhile, I think it wasn't a cougar. I think a DEER was somewhere nearby, and when the PBs scented or heard it they killed this man.

  16. ""Every other person in that town may well be involved in dog fighting in one way or another."
    That's the only explanation i can think of for the neighbors' nonchalance about living next to 17 dogs that just mauled a man. Either that, or stupid is just a way of life there."

    Many of these small Southern towns are filled with relatives who all aid and abet each other, like the moonshine days.

    They are the most insular and corrupt and degenerate places on earth.

    Just think about it. There are no jobs, no industry, nothing to do. Why would anyone stay where there are no jobs and no future? They live off welfare fraud and commit crimes like dog fighting and breeding (and puppy milling, etc) to not only survive, but often thrive. Some of them live in shacks but make hundreds of thousands or more a year! No taxes!

    This guy and his fellow townies are probably collecting a piece of the taxes you pay every year as a base for the breeding and fighting

    And that's why they scream, "no regulation!" "no bsl!" "no licensing!"

    Even this uneducated father-killer cares only about the "bad rap" that might affect his cash flow.

  17. "Every other person in that town may well be involved in dog fighting in one way or another."

    That's the only explanation i can think of for the neighbors' nonchalance about living next to 17 dogs that just mauled a man. Either that, or stupid is just a way of life there.

    I keep thinking in that whole tiny town, there is one sane person who called the story in after looking at the paper day after day and wondering why there was no account of it. One sane person…in the midst of pit mania. Scary.

  18. I know that there [are] a lot of people out there that are dead set against pit bulls and I'm sure they're going to try to use this to get their point across," says Reynolds, defending his dogs. "I know he wouldn't like it," he says of his late father.

    Oh and I love this. Everyone is supposed to excuse every single mauling, because to not do so is "using" it against the dogs. How DARE we look at the evidence that the dogs are dangerous to assert that the dogs are dangerous!

  19. the pitbullforum freak show is expressing skepticism about the wiggle butt theory. one of them is convinced the mutants are innocent because they were not visibly bloody in the news clip, the news clip that was shot DAYS after the attack.

    i heard a story on NPR about a little girl with a genetic disorder who was incapable of mistrusting others. i think there is a similar disorder among the pit nutters.

  20. It's another documented man killing Pit line…unless of course the Pits ate the mountain lion!

  21. DAYTON — Post office officials have halted mail delivery to several streets in Dayton because of dog attacks on letter carriers.

    U.S. Postal Service Spokesman David Walton says in one part of the southwest Ohio city, pit bull bite incidents have jumped from two to eight in one year. Letter carrier Brad Grubb says he was recently bitten on the forearm by a pit bull that held on even as he sprayed it with pepper spray.

    Because of recent pit bull attacks, The US Post Office has issued a PIT BULL WARNING in Ohio. They're urging mail carriers to protect themselves by using whistles and carrying pepper spray.

    Carriers should be alert for signs of fresh pit bull activity, and they should be able to tell the difference between Pit Bull dung and German Shepherd dung.

    Shepherd dung is rather small and round. Sometimes you can see bits of commercial dog bone and/or rodent fur in it.

    Pit Bull dung has shiny whistles, undelivered mail, & fingers in it, and smells like pepper spray!

  22. Patricide is (i) the act of killing one's father, or (ii) a person who kills his or her father. The word patricide derives from the Latin word pater (father) and the Latin suffix -cida (cutter or killer). Patricide is a sub-form of parricide, which is defined as an act of killing a close relative.

    Just makin' a lil money breedin'!

  23. God help the mail carrier that tries to fight off a pit bull with a whistle and pepper spray. That is like blowing bubbles at them.

    Anon 2:01 Ate the mountain lion! That is hilarious!

    This story is so full of whoppers we need to send them some special sauce.

    Anon 2:16 Piticide is the act of killing your neighbor's pit bull bny feeding him chicken wire.

  24. The Pit Community needs to make sure all pups from this man killing litter are culled or at a minimum sterilized.

    They are AWOL once again!

  25. Pitricide: The act of killing one's parent to rise to the throne of a trailer/Pit breeding empire.

  26. A poll question that you will never see on a Pit Bull Forum.

    What should happen to the puppies from this documented mankilling breeding operation?

    1. Cull. It is better for the breed and part of being a responsible breed community.

    2. Allow the son to sell them, but only spay/neutered with microchips and special containment rules.

    3. Allow the son to sell them. Genetics only applies to dogfighters culling manbiters.

    4. Nothing, the cougar did it!

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