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6 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Dog Kills Visiting 4-Year Old Girl in Dodge County

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  1. "Boxer" is one of the breed names most commonly used for pit bull when the breed is being disguised.

  2. mcconell has a phd. i've read a couple of her books. she is a so a darling of of the pit nutters. my biggest complaint with her is her inability to apply genetics consistently across ALL breeds. she lives on a farm with sheep, border collies and a pyrenees. phd's are not a guarantee of knowledge and integrity, but she lives with border collies, she should know better.

  3. "The Dodge County Humane Society, who took the dog, will not allow photos to be taken of the animal. This is likely due to the fact that the dog is not a "boxer," but is a pit bull or pit bull-mix. This is hardly the first time a publicly funded county humane group has covered up a U.S. pit bull fatality."

    This is a pit bull, and the shelter is hiding this fact.

    They receive tax money. They need to be held responsible for this hiding of public information.

    There need to be formal complaints filed with the county, state, and governor for this misbehavior.

    It is not the job of an animal shelter to be protecting pit bull fighters and dangerous dogs.

    There also needs to be an investigation into previous complaints about this dog that this animal shelter may be hiding.

  4. "Patricia McConnell, a certified applied animal behaviorist and adjunct zoology professor at UW-Madison.
    “It’s really not about the breed,” McConnell said"

    The University of Wisconsin Madison needs to answer the question of why a professor of theirs does not even have proper statistics or facts, and is giving out false information, and also failing to acknowledge that pit bulls cause the overwhelming majority of deaths. It IS about the breed.

    However please notice that McConnell is an ADJUNCT professor. She is not a full time professor or staff member for the university. She is a dog trainer that they allow to teach a course.

    You or I could be an adjunct professor as well. Nearly anyone can. It's a nice way of saying a member of the public that they let teach a course. It's an inexpensive way for a college or university to cut costs.

    But how can someone like this be responsible enough to teach? She can't even get the basic facts right.

    There's a basic competency problem here, as well as the disturbing issue that this woman is repeating falsehoods from the for profit dog breeder lobby and even worse, dog fighters.

    Universities need to know when extremists or radicals are using their facilities as a background to give credibility where none is due, and to give out incorrect information and serve a personal agenda.

    As far as this humane shelter, they have already not been honest. There HAVE been problems with this dog and aggression issues with neighbors, as reported in the article via a direct interview with neighbors.

    The shelter has failed to proect public safety.

  5. McConnell is a for profit businesswoman. She sells her services as a dog trainer, in particular as a dog trainer that can "cure" issues like dog aggression and aggression in general.

    It is of course ridiculous to even attempt to claim this, particularly when dealing with breeds that are specifically bred to have a high prey drive ralated to other dogs and be aggressive. Many other "trainers" with as much if not more credibility than she has state exactly that.

    But a key point here is she is a completely unproven "expert." Dog training is an opinion-only field. There is no quality control whatsoever. There are no proven results for any of them. There is no yardstick to measure them by, no guidelines. The degrees, certificates, are all meaningless.

    The PhDs are empty. Anyone can easily obtain a PhD. They are profit products for colleges and universities, and impart no credibility nor expertise in and of themselves.

    A dog trainer with a PhD has no more inherent credibility than a dog trainer with a high school degree.

    The dog training world is built on a foundation of shifting sand.

    But the real heart of the problem here is a university allowing its name to be used to "endorse" someone's for profit business and by someone trying to impart credibility or claim special knowledge in a field where there is none.

    The dog training world is heavily polluted also by related interests, such as for profit breeding. There is a reason that so many breeder lobbyists declare themselves "dog trainers" as they try to gain some aura of expert status, again where there is none. And they let their business interests affect their advice.

    There are no "experts" in the dog training world.

    But when someone from this field is outright presenting false statistics and information, and doing so in the name of a university, that is a problem that can lead to public danger. That is a public health and public safety issue. That is a serious liability.

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