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16 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 5-Day Old Infant Killed by Family Pit Bull

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  1. Is it me, or has there been a recent explosion in serious pit bull attacks across the country? A recent google search led to numerous serious incidents of both people and family dogs being mauled and killed by pit bulls. Its really amazing, the weak response many towns and cities have to such a serious public health threat.

  2. I have followed these horrific attacks since 2003. Everyday in every city, a pit bull problem exists.

  3. Lowery is wrong about pit bulls. Over and over, we hear witnesses say "the pit bull never gave a sign" before attacking

    But at least he has the sense to do this

    "And Lowery said he does not work with dogs who have already caused puncture wounds and often suggests the dog be taken out of the home.

    “Kids are more important than a dog,” Lowery said."

    This is better than the pit bull breeder advocate trainers, Best Friends, Nathan Winograd and the rest who falsely declare that dogs that have attacked can be "fixed" and should be placed in new homes.

    They can't.

  4. HOW LONG are authorities going to cater to the financial interests of pit bull breedders, dog fighters, and pit bull "rescuers" (none of whom pay taxes, by the way) and LET PEOPLE DIE?

    How long will we allow pit bull breeder advocates to get on "citizens advisory committees" and dog law boards (as is the current case in Pennsylvania) to lie and cover up pit bull problems, protect dangerous dogs, and send them back out to maul again?

  5. Yesterday, the Capitol Hill hearings about Toyota's accelerator pedals spanned multiple networks with continuous coverage. Toyota’s stock price was threatening to punch below Feb. 4 lows, on top of the billion already shed from shareholder equity. The finance boards were burning up as individuals and institutions weighed the issue.

    The reality: Ten years of accelerator issues – injuries and deaths – does not equal one year of pit bull injuries and deaths! Where are the Capitol Hill hearings on pit bulls? Where are the multiple networks and continuous coverage of what pit bulls are doing right now?

    The lack of attention at the Federal level and the complete failure of the CDC to address the issue is outrageous. They should be subpoenaing pit bull breeders and exploring charges under the Rico statutes for Karen Delise and the rest of the child murdering thugs!

  6. Another attack.
    I immediately thought the same thing the first poster said; 'Now it's almost twice a week."
    If it wasn't outrageous before, it's there now. It seems to me the attacks are escalating.

  7. Karen Delise attributing this to "cabin fever" is a perfect example of what happens when you accept the words of someone who is uneducated–she's just a vet tech; can you say ZERO education in animal behavior?–as "expert opinion". How she has credibility with anybody other than the hardcore nutter crowd is beyond me. I guess these days all it takes to be an expert is to claim you are. OK, I'm a dog expert, too. I'm a member of the Canine Absolute Authority Council, and I–oh, excuse me, I mean WE–have determined that pit bulls are of unstable temperament, prone to explosive aggression, and therefore are not suitable household pets, any more than bears, tigers, or alligators. We believe that they should be regulated as such and taken out of the hands of practically every dog owning family in America. We have a lot more evidence on our side than Karen Delise does, too.

  8. Are we up to 6 fatal pit bull attacks in 55 days (2010)?

    Are you kidding me?

    When will it stop?

  9. Pit Breeders…selling legalized murder on 4 legs….

    For everyone pointing out the Pit attacks…The US DBRF rate has doubled over the past five years …singularly due to the Pit Bull breeding community.

    This is the 88th fatality since December 14th 2004…. More than the rest of the doggie world combined!

  10. So climate change causes pit bull attacks. I don't see any other dogs being affected by this. So I really don't care what excuses these self-proclaimed experts come up with: when it only affects one breed it is a BREED ISSUE and the solution is to REGULATE THE BREED!!

  11. The truly frightening thing about the pit bull issue is that this is the tip of the iceberg. If it is as Alexandra Semyonova fears, that these aggressive genes are getting mixed in with the general dog population thanks to poor spay and neuter rates among pit owners, this aggression is spreading in the general dog population. Irresponsible pit nutters could spell the doom of the dog as a domestic species on the whole. Any true dog lover should be pro BSL before it's too late.

  12. Apparently no charges will be laid and they're going the "all dogs bite" route. Notice that there were four other children in the hospital being treated for pit bull "bites" (that terminology really has to change).


    "Rockdale County deputies say the bite that killed a 5-day-old girl last Thursday could have been inflicted by any dog.

    It was not an aggressive or mean bite," Rockdale sheriff's Sgt. Jodi Shupe told the AJC. "It would've been easy to call this just another pit bull attack but the investigation concluded that wasn't the case."

    The baby, born a month premature, died Tuesday at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, where four other children were being treated for pit bull bites, Shupe said.

    "Basically the baby's skull was crushed," she said. "His head was so small," about the size of a softball, "and still had a lot of soft spots." The dog, apparently responding to the baby's cries, climbed on top of the bassinet and put the infant's head in his mouth.

  13. Of course they are going the "all dogs bite" route. It's the City of Atlanta and home of the CDC.

    Atlanta is a pro-pit bull powerhouse. Note the left side of this article. It provides information from the American Canine Foundation:

    In the State of Georgia pit bull breeders and the dogfighting industry runs the show!

  14. I live in Georgia, and I can all too readily attest to that. Even the Health Department is in the pocket of the pit nutters. It's pathetic. It'll take a state senator's son or some relative of the governor getting mauled before they'll ever even look at the issue.

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