Justice for Lincoln Park Fatal Dog Attack Victim Finally Emerges

Kyle Holland, 5-years old, was fatally attacked by a wolf-dog hybrid in Lincoln Park. Criminal Charges Filed Lincoln Park, MI - Nearly a year ago, we reported on the dog mauling death of 5-year old Kyle Holland who was killed by a dog owned by his mother's boyfriend (See: Activist Seeks Justice for Kyle Holland After Fatal Dog Mauling and 2010 Fatality: Boyfriend's Dogs Suspected in Death of 5-Year Old). Since Kyle's brutal death, the investigation has lurched along at the pac… [Read full blog post]

Attorney Comments After Judge Throws Out Felony Charges in Fatal Dog Attack Case

Jerry Yates daughter, Jami Southard, and flowers placed where his life ended. Dead Men Tell No Tales archived Calaveras County, CA - On March 22, Recordnet.com reported that Calaveras County Superior Court Assigned Judge Thomas A. Smith ruled that Sheryl Sellers would not face trial on felony charges after the mauling death of Jerry Yates. The judge cited California Penal Code Section 399, which requires prosecutors to prove that the person killed by vicious dogs took "re… [Read full blog post]

2010 U.S. Dog Bite Fatality Statistics - DogsBite.org

Fatal Dog Attack Statistics DogsBite.org recorded 33 fatal dog attacks in 2010.1 Citations of each victim's story are located on the Fatality Citations page. The last year the CDC recorded human deaths by dog breeds was 1998. Likely due to pressures from animal advocacy groups, the CDC stopped further research into this area. Since 1998, pit bulls alone have killed 162 U.S. citizens. The only other known entity, in addition to DogsBite.org, that tracks this vital data publ… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Houston-Area Baby Girl Killed by Family Rottweiler

Jeannette Vaughn, 3-months old, was killed by one of her family's rottweilers. Criminal Charges Unlikely UPDATE 12/21/10: New information reveals that baby Jeannette Vaughn was inside the home when one of the rottweilers pushed through a washing machine and a heavy slab of marble and mauled the infant to death. In a separate article, Chris Glaser of Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC)1 was quick to point out to abc13.com reporters, "You can't judge the family unles… [Read full blog post]