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14 thoughts on “In Memory of Richard Buffalin, a Prolific Commenter on the DogsBite Blog, a Victims' Advocate and a Cherished Friend

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  1. What a wonderful memory of Richard Buffalin! Thank you for the peaceful video of the bird murmuration. One of my first posted comments when a friend gave me my first smartphone was of the splendid synchrony of a bird murmuration. “Brought to you by….Almighty God!” was my YT comment. I found out quickly that notifications of Likes were countered with removal of each Like. I spotted some accumulated Likes occasionally but then they would be removed. Then one day a year later, the same URL no longer had my comment.

    So glad that we can comment here about the tragedy that has befallen our nation of decreased safe public space. I am now much more leery about being anywhere in public alone. Pitbulls arrive faster than a speeding bullet, catching innocent citizens unaware. Richard is now safe from the terror of a pitbull attack. May he indeed rest in peace.

  2. Thank you for letting us know Richard a little better, Colleen. He was the first to comment on many posts. I appreciate seeing some of his words again and understanding the context.

    The birds look like pigeons. This is near where the hundreds of thousands of bats stream out every night, too.

    And the beat marches on: Erick Lopez, 20, is the owner of a dangerous dog in Baton Rouge that killed a 7-year-old girl Friday evening.

  3. I copied Richard’s most profound posting into my notes….the one about “America’s most hushed-up public health crisis.” As I did so, I realized he wrote that only six days before he passed.

  4. Thank you, Colleen, for this beautiful tribute. I, too, loved reading Richard’s insightful and, at times, profound comments. He was able to say so much with very few words.

  5. There are THREE houses in a row across the street from me whose dogs run loose. One has been cited by Animal Control but continues to have his dogs out front because there are no real consequences until someone is hurt. The next one has snarling door dashers. The third has dogs that dig out but can’t figure out how to buy and pour some quikcrete or get a few cinder blocks. It should be an automatic $200 fine for dogs loose, no excuses, and double with each successive violation.

  6. Beautiful memorial Colleen.

    Richard was one-of-a-kind, direct, forthright and honest to a fault he could cut through a problem without dilly-dallying around the politics, feefees and other diversions to get right to the heart of it.

    We miss him. I hope his family sees this to know how much his contribution is missed, every day.

  7. Thank you for this remembrance of Richard. I also miss Richard’s witty and insightful comments. I’m so sorry for his passing and that he was plagued by dangerous dogs while doing something healthy and beneficial that he loved – walking. What an amazing accomplishment – all those miles! For me too, murmurations will always remind me of Richard now. I just saw a starling murmuration yesterday as I was driving.

  8. It may be strange to feel loss for someone you never met but if that is the case, call me strange.

    I felt like I got to know Richard after reading his intelligent comments over the years.

    I am comforted by the thought that while he has left this world at some point I will go to where he is.

    Godspeed, Richard you were one of the good ones and will be missed.

  9. I’ve been gone from checking this site for awhile. But I do remember Richard and his sudden absence. Kind of had a feeling he was gone for good.

    Kind of had a feeling about reading and occasionally trading posts with Richard that he’d of been a welcomed coffee clubber. Or tea too.

    Seem to recall him steering me toward a local story in his neck of the woods about a most appalling family of breeders/hoarders.

    Takes all types I guess.

    Oh well. He’s left his mark and did it well.

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