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22 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Newborn Killed by Family Pit Bull in Johnston County, North Carolina

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  1. It is not a matter of lack of correct information, or lack of knowledge, or lack of learning, or lack of thinking, or lack of training, or improper raising. It is a matter of risk taking behavior, because <>
    How could it be any other way?

    Because your dangerous breed canine can destroy any human life, completely unprovoked, no matter who it is, no matter how many times biscuits have been waved in front of its nose. That’s how it can be any other way.

    Well, anyway, let me guess that it was not a love bite, or a few love nips, but instead, it was a catastrophic butchering.

    Dog worshipers will never learn. Dog worshipers virtually willfully spoon feed their infant children to their rapacious Dog Almighty.
    Good thing they didn’t let it loose on the street to attack an innocent pedestrian. (unless the pedestrian was carrying self defense, then the human life would have been spared)

    I have exhausted my non-infinite capacity to feel sorry for people who feed their children to obvious manifest dangerous canines. All I can do is pray for such people to change their evil ways.

    • Fixed typographic omission:

      It is not a matter of lack of correct information, or lack of knowledge, or lack of learning, or lack of thinking, or lack of training, or improper raising. It is a matter of risk taking behavior, because ‘We love our dangerous breed canine, and we love our newborn child, so therefor our dangerous breed canine must love us and our dangerous breed canine must love our newborn child’.
      How could it be any other way?

      Because your dangerous breed canine can destroy any human life, completely unprovoked, no matter who it is, no matter how many times biscuits have been waved in front of its nose. That’s how it can be any other way.

    • It’s crazy honestly. I would never take in a random dangerous, high prey driven, huge stray dog. I’m a mother, I don’t make stupid risks at the expense of my children, and I absolutely love animals. You know what I have? A tiny mix breed, and a mini daschund, and multiple cats. All the people obsessed with pitbulls always talk crap about us cat ladies, but when the heck is the last time you heard about a cat mauling a baby?

  2. One month old infant. Small enough for any dog to easily dispatch. Any of ’em, ANY breed could have made this latest contribution.

    Yet…who’s the league leader that’s sure to come through in all situations?

    Just what I needed before bed time.

  3. Waiting for pit nutters to say that this 1 month old boy must have provoked the monster dog in some way. Let me guess, at 5 am, the baby must have woken up out of a deep sleep, climbed out of his crib and walked over to the dog and began pulling it’s ears or tail (since according to pit nuts, that’s how all dog attacks happen) and then for good measure, thrown a rock at it, thus prompting the poor abused mutant to give the boy a love bite which accidentally killed him.

    Or you know, the more realistic option. The baby was sleeping peacefully and the mutant pit saw a vulnerably prey and killed him. Why do people continue to allow these beasts near their babies?!

    • Go ask the people across the street from me. They have two pit bulls and a baby.

      Ask them why they keep these dogs. Just ask.

      I’ll wait.

    • Oh the excuse will be the baby was crying, it disturbed the dog. Or maybe the baby was crying and the dog was trying to help after all, pit bulls were nanny dogs before the dog fighters decided to take a sweet loving dog and force it to fight. Or always the standard reason, they didn’t raise the dog right. Just keep denying that pit bulls are more dangerous than other breeds and sacrafice their children. Then no matter how many times this is reported, parents can just claim ignorance and it is considered accidental.

  4. I suspect the pitbull ate the baby sometime in the night and it was discovered in the morning. I am basing this on the timing and the apparent visual trauma this caused the first responders.

    Richard, I also have a sign of relief that they kept it in the family.

  5. The Chief can say all he wants that the death was accidental. Maybe even legally that is correct. He should have added that it was also predictable.

  6. I don’t understand how anybody could be so stupid as to take in a stray pit bull or any stray dog when they have a baby or small child in the house.

    • This kind of tragedy occurred not long ago when a mother took in a stray pit bull. Within days, it killed her son. People are brainwashed by the media, commercials and celebrities who promote these time bombs. Can you imagine letting a total stranger move into your home knowing absolutely NOTHING about that person’s background? And, yet, these people will take in a potential killer and believe…it’s just a dog. That somehow this mutant mutt will be “grateful” for being “rescued.”

    • They can’t be so stupid. Any human being with enough central grey matter to sustain voluntary respiration is gifted with enough neurons to immediately recognize a dangerous canine at first glance. The problem is that the dog worshipers know that when dangerous breed canines attack, that the victim will most probably be another human being, not their own selves, so they force the other human beings to be at unreasonably elevated risk of grave threat. Their mother, their newborn, no sacrifice is too large to assuage their rapacious Almighty Dog.


      http://www.wral... …taken-in-by-family-as-stray/19973648/
      “Authorities are still investigating and at this time it is not clear if anyone will be held responsible.”
      No one will be held responsible. Because it was an act of Dog Almighty.

  7. Then at the bottom of that article you link to is the following link to an “Any dog can turn on you. Watch for these signs” article that while acknowledging the fact that pitbulls cause more deaths than any other breed of dog (and linking to this website) they totally ignore the fact that pitbulls are bred NOT to show any of the typical signs that they are going to attack. Therefore any and all advice given in that article is simply useless as pitbulls simply do not give warning signs before attacking.

    • Yes, always the false equivalency between a “bite” and a “mauling.” This is where the pit nuts go; siting statistics that Cocker Spaniels are the #1 biters. When a pit “bites” a baby (often on the head or throat) instant death. They are one of only a few breeds that show no sign, no provocation before an attack. Pit propaganda, dog worship and anthropomorphism fuels ignorance…and more people will die because of it.

  8. One thing I can never reconcile is that if pit apologists REALLY believe that “it’s all in how they are raised,” then why oh why do they take in stray dogs with unknown backgrounds? Because you never know if that particular dog wasn’t “raised right.”

    Of course, reasonable people know that “raised right” is a myth and an excuse. No amount of good raising can keep a Lab from being compelled to fetch, a Beagle from being compelled to sniff, or a Husky from wanting to lay in the snow. They will do what their breed was designed to do.

    So what are Pit Bulls designed to do? To attack unprovoked and continue attacking until the victim is dead, despite any pain they feel.

    Of course people who believe they were designed to “nanny” will bring in any stray Pit and expect it to instantly nanny their days-old infant, I guess.

    I’m thinking that there are gallons of blood on the hands of the woman who began the nanny dog myth, and also on the hands of every website, shelter, and person who has promoted it as if it’s fact.

    When a stray Pit is found and posted on my local county information Facebook page, 90% of the comments talk about what a sweet baby it is and how the finders should keep it because they are such amazing family dogs. No thought to “how it was raised” although that would be the excuse if it attacked. Just advice to let that sweet poor baby in the house so it can start nannying those kids. And if you don’t want to keep the stray Pit it’s because you’re heartless, cruel and even racist. So add those folks to the bloodied-hands list.

    • “Reconcile” and “why”? Those aren’t the right questions. As you have probably noticed, but fail to concede, is our society’s scourge — there is a dearth of people with the ability to think logically. Such people come up with the most illogical ‘reasons’ for everything. There is nothing you can do (by using logic) to straighten them out, as they are completely unable to think critically. The pit bull lobby has done an excellent job of using “emotion” and “emotionally laden language” to communicate their propaganda to these people. They have done it well, and thoroughly. THIS lack of common sense is why we make laws for public safety matters, because ‘the public’ is unable to use their noggins for anything except eating and breathing.

    • Let’s not single them out. There are plenty of good people in North Carolina. No different than any other state as far as having their share of evil .

      I’d say that Neil and Annie Hornish are my home state’s contribution to the “hopelessly incorrigible pieces of crap” list.

      The way things are going, they’re all likely to be surpassed someday soon.

  9. We are truly living in the age of…..STUPID.
    There is absolutely something missing upstairs with today’s society that worships a breed, bred to kill things and be efficient at it.
    I just can’t wrap my head around these people ……

  10. The hospitals should tell people with newborns “keep the baby away from any carnivores that can fit the babies head in their mouth”. You wouldn’t think you would have to spell that out but apparently you do.

    I have known of several women who got rid of their cat when they became pregnant becase their Dr. told them to. It seems like just telling them to have someone else tend to the cat box during pregnancy would make more sense but apparently at least some Dr.s tell pregnant women to get rid of their cats. Do they ever mention the danger of letting a large carnivore have access to your baby?

    • I’ve also known more people who get rid of a cat due to fear of toxoplasmosis or even of “the cat sucking out the baby’s breath” than those who get rid of a dog at a baby’s birth. Instead, the dog is called “big sibling” and is offered the baby as a gift as soon as parents bring the child home, complete with pictures together of the first sniffing and “kisses.” It’s this skewed mentality of a dog being equivalent to a human sibling that gets people into such trouble and why they’re so shocked that a dog hurt their child. I still remember one story in which a dad found the dog had killed the baby and immediately dispatched the dog, but later issued a public apology TO THE DEAD DOG for having reacted this way, saying that he knew the dog loved his “baby brother” and had just gotten confused. This absolutely sickened me to read. Dog worship at its most blatant. Or, maybe, fear of other dog worshippers.

      I understand that some couples are so enamored with their dog that they call it their baby, and have this fantasy that their “fur baby” will love their new “sibling.” It’s misplaced trust and gross anthropomorphism. But a stay dog just brought into the home? Why?

      By the way, this doesn’t end at dogs. I saw a discussion recently in a pet bird forum in which a new dad was concerned that their parrot might bite their newborn. He said, “We love our bird just as much as we love the new baby… ” I stopped reading at that point. This is not a reasonable person.

  11. We just had someone post that they wanted to adopt a pitbull. Followed by all the it’s the owner crap and they are lovely dogs. Two weeks later the same person posted that they needed to find a new home for the pitbull they adopted. TWO weeks. I’m waiting to hear of this dog mauling someone. In one month it will have lived with three families.

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