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14 thoughts on “On Election Day, Denver Voters Repealed the Pit Bull Ban and Replaced it with a Provisional Breed-Restricted License

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  1. Thank you, Colleen, for your comprehensive report on this tragic news. In a nutshell, this issue is all about the forces of Evil versus Good. When the big money Dangerous Animal Industry (DAI) lobby outspends the impoverished meek voice of Good, this is the tragic result. There are infants and elderly in Denver that are going to be eviscerated that would otherwise not have been, because DAI mega dollars outspent impoverished victim dollars. Human beings are the only species that forces another dangerous species on itself.

  2. Blood will be on the hands of everyone behind this decision. There was no need to repeal this ban. I feel the worst for all of the vulnerable people who will be mauled because of this decision.

  3. I think the referendum language is the problem. Most voters do not research referendums. Therefore they rely on the language the see while in the voting booth. Wanting to be civically responsible they feel compelled to make a decision. When I read the language it seemed to me that the referendum was advocating responsible limitations on pit bulls.

  4. Of course now the pit grifters will start working towards another vote to get the ‘provisional’ license repealed. Then Denver will be just another Serengeti in the City.

  5. When people refuse to see the scientific and statistical proof laid right out in front of them, then the legislation becomes Feels Vs. Feels and that’s a ludicrous way to legislate anything–especially anything that has to do with what is in the best interests of the public.

    When it is Feels Vs Feels it’s a matter of “who is the biggest victim” narrative and it’s truly scary when “the biggest victim” is viewed as a murderous dog breed (pitbull) rather than the murdered babies, disabled and the elderly.

  6. I read about this a few days ago, in Australia! the article actually came complete with pics of ‘cute’ pit puppies…SMDH my sympathy goes to the families of future Pitbull victims in Denver, I’m not sure how these decisions are determined but it’s sounds like voter fraud 🤔

    • Voter fraud is exceedingly rare, do not be fooled by the claims of certain media sources right now. The people of Denver honestly and legally voted for this, because the people have been brainwashed by the pit lobby.

  7. Re: Kafer’s fairy tale, I was a veterinary assistant for ten years. The worst dog bite I ever got was from a collie. That animal was peeved, and it chewed my forearm up and down, biting several times. I cleaned my arm, soaked it in ice water for the swelling, and was back at work in under an hour.

    The idea that the above bite compares in any way to a “grab, hold, shake” attack from a gripping breed is ludicrous. I am so tired of this “pibble will lick you to death but a chihuahua is scary!” nonsense.

  8. The “poor misunderstood pittie” narrative has been accepted by most casual observers. Millions have been invested in pushing this narrative in everything from shelter adoption advertising to kids’ cartoons.

    The “injustice” of the Denver law has been an old saw among pit advocates for a while now. Best Friends was putting up billboards in airports about it, and a family movie, based upon a popular novel, were created specifically to call out Denver for having BSL (“A Dog’s Way Home”).

    The fairly common children’s book genre of talking about the benefits of frequently disliked but mostly harmless animals (spiders, vultures)? Some of them are now adding chapters about pit bulls as just another “looks scary, but won’t harm you” species.

    I am not the least bit surprised that this vote passed.

    • I’m not either. I’ve heard that the law was rarely enforced. Which meant, that just like any other place with dog worshippers, Denver filled up with pit bulls.

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