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19 thoughts on “Sebewaing Police Chief Takes Pit Bull 'Lucifer' into Custody; Issues Rare and Inspiring Community Advisement

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  1. Oh my, I wondered if Richard would be back posting. He fought the good fight with the rest of us. I miss his presence on here.

    • I am Richard’s sister. Thank you for your kind words, and for the obvious affection so many on this site had for my brother. I would very much like to see your video and post once they’re created/published. Can you please contact me? [email protected]

  2. Colleen. This is a big thank you for you.
    I have been fighting for months with blindness. I can enlarge the print on your site so I can read it without the edges cut off. I can reply.but cannot read my keypad. Hopefully surgery will fix some of my vision this coming week. I cannot read email or text messages or phone numbers or bills or newspapers. I cannot drive. The isolation has been awful

    • Rachel, my best wishes to you for your speedy recovery from your eye surgery. I continue to pray daily for your and your dog’s safety.
      We enjoy hearing about your vet experiences and sharing your knowledge.

    • Rachel, Wishing you all the best on your surgery–it has to be very difficult for you.

      There are text to voice apps (not great but I’ve used them on occasion) and voice to text if you use Microsoft option.

      Also, might be worth buying Dragon Speaking software. I used to use it when I had trouble, typing. Occasionally it said weird things to the great bemusement of my friends but I understand it has improved, over time.

      Okay, I’m off topic. Shutting up now 😀

  3. Thank you for letting us know about Richard. I have wondered about him and his well-being after each post with no comment. Rest in peace Richard!

    And I agree that a Police Chief going the extra mile to protect against this monster dog is worth celebrating! Although the law gives two bites, his action after the first bite shows that there is room within law to stop vicious dogs after the first bite IF law enforcement and prosecutors are willing to put in effort. Kudos to Chief Repkie and the others who worked to get Lucifer off the street.

  4. Whoever is in charge with vicious dogs attack aka pitbull he or she won’t do anything about it because it doesn’t affect them.I’m pretty sure they don’t live anywhere near those evil pitbull will attack anyone they attack their owner for hanging christmas light they attack their owner for helping their lost owner in her house.they attack owner for having a seizure. No one should be scare walking around their neighborhood without getting seriously hurt or killed by those nasty pitbull.

  5. BRAVO for Chief Steven Repkie! Keeping The Great Outdoors safe for his community and America by declaring no one holds his community hostage. And then following through w seizure of the dog. How odd that he had to go into the pitbull’s owner’s house w a catchpole to get him when the owner has let Lucifer run wild throughout the neighborhood. I hope Lucifer’s owner is charged.

    BRAVO also for the skateboarder whose choke-hold twist of Lucifer’s collar has been considered the top safety tip for stopping a mauling.

    No bravo for Tim Heilig, the father of the 5-yr-old pitbull attack victim. Surely he would want full healing for his daughter by rehoming his own pitbull.

  6. Big pass on letting my permanently dog bite scarred child around police K9 apprehension dogs! Does the cop not understand what is required in a therapy dog, as biting strangers ain’t it.

    • Add to that the father is keeping his pitbull even though his child is traumatised. Talk about pitnuttery. If it’s such a great pitbull, he should be able to rehome it for his child’s peace of mind.

    • Not all police dogs are apprehension dogs. Some are drug detection only. Some are tracking only. Some are therapy only. Although many GSD apprehension dogs are good with children I doubt if many cops would use one for a therapy dog. Most would choose a lovable Golden Retriever.

  7. “Lucifer”….Jeebuz wept. What’s wrong with these people? Why not “Spot”, or “Rover” or “Fuzzbuckets” or “Billy”?

    Good on this cop for standing up for people’s right to go outside without worrying about being mauled. While I don’t advocate for police who act outside the law, at least this fellow showed some good old fashioned horse sense about applying the “spirit” if not “the letter” of the law.

    Maybe he could go one step further and stand up for BSL in his area so he’s within the law by confiscating the next pitbull after the first bite?

    Just sayin’

  8. This is the problem with pit bull owners, they ALL think THEIR dog is different, THEIR dog ‘would never’. Most will be wrong. These people cannot be allowed to dictate public safety policy on vicious dogs.

    It’s unfortunate no one shot Lucifer while running loose before two people wound up in the meat wagon.

  9. And, “Chihuahuas,” the father proclaimed, “are the lead dog for dog bites but you never hear about them in the news.” Well, of course you don’t. Frightening comment for the father to make. Will this ever be over? I have noticed, over the years, that the public at large seems much less accepting of this situation, with both dangerous dog owners and irresponsible shelters held legally accountable. I also notice people seem to be more willing to stand up to pit bull supporters- stand up with truth. Public censure and even shame IS acceptable and it DOES help. Thank you, Colleen, for all you do.


    Sorry about the weird link but that was the only way I could view the webpage (you may want to get screenshots before it disappears).

    Article says the dog was euthanized, the owner, John Ross, was arrested, fined, then arrested again after not appearing in court. My favorite part is that he’s not allowed to own animals.

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