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8 thoughts on “New Page Launch: A Collection of Vicious and Dangerous Dog Hearings Containing Audio and Video at

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  1. Dog court is a waste of the court’s time and the taxpayers money. The ONLY proper course of action to be taken against a dangerous dog is euthanization. As we’ve seen, you cannot reform these dogs and too often their idiot owners don’t even take the court ordered precautions to prevent future maulings. Owners that have failed to prevent an attack once will fail again.
    U.S. SUPREME COURT, SENTELL v. NEW ORLEANS & C. R. CO., April 26, 1897
    Laws for the protection of domestic animals are regarded as having but a limited application to dogs and cats; and, regardless of statute, a ferocious dog is looked upon as hostis humani generis, and as having no right to his life which man is bound to respect.

  2. It’s not possible to determine when attacks are intentionally permitted or when it’s depraved neglect.

    Therefore, charge all handlers, keepers, owners of dogs that severely injure or maul and kill dogs or humans, with felony animal neglect and abuse.

    Immediately remove all dogs from the property and their contact. It must be all dogs to prevent the blaming of an innocent dog in order to save a prized but deadly one in multiple dog.

    Found guilty, ban them all from any dog contact or ownership for Life.

    Signs must be posted: “No dogs permitted”.

    The FBI currently tracks convicted animal abusers as it’s been shown that those who are cruel to animals are disproportionately dangerous to humans. The FBI can become the national registry for these animal abusers as well.

    Publicized and enforced, this affordable breed neutral law will begin to make dog owners care enough to prevent attacks..
    Publicized and enforced this law would end recidivism.

  3. I was going to listen to the Carmen Reigada case but only got as far as the opening comment. Labrador Shepard mix?! The dog belonged to Chris’s girlfriend ( now wife) and was adopted from Kalamazoo Michigan animal control as a
    Pit mix. She always referred to it as a pit mix until she moved to Miami. I didn’t comment on this case when it happened to keep peace with my mother who is good friends with Erin’s mother but I think I will now.

  4. A very very large amount of victim blaming is done as well. For more than five decades, I have engineered my life to evade two things: the hostility of the surface of this earth, and dangerous people. Only when I started walking seven miles a day, every day, did both of these thing come crashing down upon my head in the form of people who let their dogs ambush attack pedestrians. I avoided danger, criminal types, hazardous locations, etc, and then I have the repeat at large dog offenders and their injustice system forcing me to abjectly condemn the society that I was born and raised in.
    Thank you for opening this heart-wrenching view into how the anti-normal person machinations work to perpetuate misery and despair in this country. I am so despondent over how forcefully this issue has completely extinguished my view of life in this society.

  5. Was at the park jogging. A woman with a large pitbull comes walking my way. I veer to the right and stop to give her room to pass so I don’t have to get close to her dog. She stops and tells me “he’s friendly.” I don’t say anything hoping she’ll move on. She starts to approach me WITH THE DOG. “He’s friendly, what’s wrong?” She asks. I tell her then to f*ck off because she’s getting close to me with that beast. She continues to approach going on about the dog even after I warn her off. I eventually had to get past her, close enough for the dog to get to me, because she had me cornered into a bush and I had no other way out. If a person is afraid of your dog, you don’t approach them with the dog. If a person tells you to f*ck off, what is not clear about that? Why did she keep coming at me with that godawful beast? Just to prove a point of course. He’s friendly. Yeah, he’s friendly until he’s not.

    • I carry a knife with me for such occasions. I tell people if their dog gives me a problem I’m going to gut it in front of them, while I fold open the blade. They usually understand that.

    • Don’t get me wrong. I adore dogs. However, I understand that your dog–IS YOUR DOG.

      I get this all the time when I tell idiots, “Keep your untrained dog away from my dog”

      Why should I even have to tell them this?

      Then I get some big azz arguement about MY dog not being friendly. Are you kidding me?

      When I had my old girl, she was on death’s door and when I’d tell people to keep their dog away from her, they always asked if “your dog is aggressive?”


      Just keep your dog to yourself and that comes from someone who has raised and trained plenty of dogs–most of whom never bit anyone. Nobody walking a dog should have to justify themselves to some “woggy doggy wibblety pibblety” dimwit.

      And yes, Richard, you have a right to walk in public, unmolested by strange dogs.

      Excuse me while I jump all over you and lick your face, stranger. Please don’t have me arrested.

      Logic. Dog Lurvers, they have none.

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