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16 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Child Dies After Falling from Window, Mauled by Pit Bulls, in Elizabeth, New Jersey

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  1. Three year old boy falls into a backyard “full of feces, motorcycles and debris.”.

    The backyard did not also have to be full of fast food wrappers, cigarette butts, empty alcoholic beverage containers and spent cartridge shell casings. The two family pet dangerous breed canines were more than sufficient to effect the expected outcome. No further anything else was necessary.

    Serious criminal charges are rarely filed in fatal maulings and are extremely rarely filed in severe maulings. Why? Because in most local jurisdictions, the Justice System is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the dangerous canine community. Why? Answer: Follow the votes. Justice for canine attack victims can not occur, because the dangerous canine community holds all of the vote power.

    Must be used as a weapon? Allow a fully automatic, high speed, extremely powerful, set on Kill Mode, with no victim-operable Stop switch, piece of property to self automatically engineer ingress into a fenced enclosure to kill a child, and that does not constitute “Use of a Weapon?

    Why all of this hushed-up extreme horror of major dog bite injury that occurs hundreds of thousands of times annually? Because our society, our government, our news media, our economic system and all of our justice systems worship and serve the almighty Dog, that is why.

    All of this is in America. It’s worse in other countries.

    • I have some food for thought you might enjoy, Richard.

      If these nutters are going to consider dogs their “furbabies” perhaps we should afford them the protection that real babies, get?

      That would mean all vets, trainers, doctors and hospitals would have to submit to mandatory reporting the perpetrator for *every* pet and person that is bitten requiring medical assistance, That way, the perpetrator animal can be investigated and charged with assault–just like mandatory reporting when real children are assaulted.

      If people are going to dog worship, might as well take it right to the limit and see if they like that solution any better?

      • Great idea, Boni. If the millions and millions of cats, small dogs, chickens, sheep, etc that were assaulted and battered by dangerous breed canines every year were considered to be people, the attackers could be removed from society permanently by sentencing them to 15 years imprisonment. Fantasy too far fetched? Well, all of those millions and millions of cats, small dogs, chickens, sheep, etc already enjoy the legal right to be defended by a real human person with lethal force, if lethal force is required to stop an immediate threat of harm to a pet animal or a farm animal.

  2. I knew it was pitbull that killed the baby.I read the story already at people magazine but they didn’t say the dogs breed.The baby was doomed when his selfish parents choose a pitbull as the family dogs instead of a poodle.

    • I’ve been finding that only certain news outlets will list the breed. I try to find a few sources if the first one doesn’t list them.

      Guess the rest are either full of dog cultists or they are afraid of the inevitable backlash and whining, “Why do you only cover pitbull murders?” nonsense.

  3. Two dog attack deaths in NJ in a single year is astonishing. They’re rare in the state – combination of the state’s size (easy and near-instant access to trauma centers), population (everyone has lots of neighbors to intervene in attacks, complain loudly about those damned loose dogs, etc.) and culture (leash laws as religion).

  4. This is what happens when children are in the vicinity of powerful, highly excitable dogs with low tolerance thresholds, sadly.

    It’s why such dogs as pitbulls and rottweilers are not good family pets. They require inordinate amounts of time in specialized training/handling–that most families simply don’t have the time, resources or experience to apply. Being around children where crazy things happen just because well…kids do the darndest things–is a recipe for disaster.

    What’s about to pizz me off is going to be the inevitable, “Well the dogs are not to blame because it’s the kid’s fault for falling out a window and how likely is that to happen, again? Please rescue Floofnuts and send him to a new home”

    That child, and the next child and the next child after that will never have the opportunity to “go to a new home” because some twitwit parent decided that having a powerful animal with high drive that they are incapable of inhibiting–would be a status symbol, or they felt sorry for it, or any number of stupid reasons to choose that particular dog rather than choosing a dog that would be a friendly companion for their family. They played Doggy Russian Roulette with a dog that’s not bred for it’s companionship qualities.

    And their child, lost.

  5. This isn’t the first time a child has fallen or otherwise accidentally gotten into a backyard and has been killed by the family’s dogs, but it mainly happens with pits. Has it ever happened with a golden, a setter, a beagle, a poodle, a lab, or a collie? Nope. And those types of dogs are FAR more numerous than pits and have been for decades. Breed matters. Parents, choose your pets wisely.

  6. Why are these bleeping dogs being held in quarantine? Stop wasting taxpayer money and put the killers down!

  7. If this boy’s parents didn’t have pits, the boy would have survived after that horrible fall. He still would have been injured, but at least he would probably have recovered. But sadly, the parents had to have pits so he got mauled like a rag doll. I can’t imagine going thought the shock of falling from a window, only to then be ripped apart by demon dogs.

  8. Another baby dead because of these horrible maulers. When will this madness end?

    I saw an honest to goodness pitmommy stereotype in the wild today, I could not believe it. Way too skinny white lady, smoking a cigarette, walking a pit bull while it wore a fake service dog vest. It was like a meme come to life.

  9. Anyone else wonder if their “pibble” is what blew that screen out?

    We know they can jump through plate glass windows so a screen would be no problem. If they can prove the screen was damaged earlier I think the parents will be charged. That way they can make the case about their negligence and downplay the dog’s involvement.

    Then again they might be afraid to set the precedent that pit bull owners are legally required to repair the damage their dogs cause. After all that might make people afraid to “adopt” them. Here in Bizzaro world we are told that would be the worst thing, WAY worse than a few dead kids.

  10. that article said at the begining that the dogs are set to be euthanized but then towards the end it says they were shot by police at the scene
    so did they shoot them both ,not killing either? then took them for treatment ? dumbest thing i ever heard if thats true-but i shouldnt be surprised by the level of dumbess that can be seen everywhere these days

  11. was the screen in the pic already supposed to have been torn, and the child fell thru or rather crawled thru the hole? because if they r thinking that hole in the screen was made WHEN or as the child supposedly went thru it-well those angles and the location of the tear in that screen dont really add up because if the child fell against or leaned into the screen causing it to tear without causing the metal frame of the screen to bend and or completely pop out of the window, then the tear should be longervertically-and i dont know how close to the floor that window is but either way it doesnt add up-if u think about it and play it out in ur mind (a 3 yr old being prob ~ 3 feet tall)
    also when i looked closer at that screen on several sites-theres a few dents in it that appear to be from the outside of window going into it that look like dog claw indentations in my opinion -not saying it all happened in same incident or same day -just sayin…

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