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36 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Boy Killed by His Sister's Three Pit Bulls in Yuba County, California

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  1. I am so sorry this sister had to learn her lesson the hard way. And a pitbull advocate again! And all of the other pitbull advocates will find fault and excuses for the dogs. Most municipalities do allow kids of 9-10 to be home alone after school, ect.. I suppose this sister thought the dogs would protect her brother? This is why some states prohibit adoptions to homes with pitbulls!

  2. What parent leaves their child alone with 3 huge dogs that could easily overpower them? It's even worse that these dogs were bred to kill; and kill they did. That poor little boy. And once again, why do people feel the need to own more than one killer dog?

    Owning a pit should be child endangerment, plain and simple. They all need to be eradicated as soon as possible.

    • She wasn't his oarent. His mother died in 2011 on the streets. Say again how nice these dogs are? Wonderful Nannies, right?

  3. And so the New Year begins.

    That poor child.

    The mom probably thought her child was safe with three "nanny dogs"

  4. I see the updated post this morning.

    In my first comment I had actually put that I would bet the mom had a social media page promoting pit bulls but I edited it out. (First reports said child was with mom not sister)

    This poor kid never had a chance in life.

  5. I'm sure this pit bull owner fell for the pro-pit-bull lobby’s propaganda that pit bulls used to be nanny dogs that I see pit bull advocates regurgitate all the time. It's time to start suing Tia Torres, Jon Stewart, Yoris, Best Friends Animal Society and other top pit bull advocates who spread this disinformation.

    The bottom line is if these pit bulls would have been a beagle or I could name 300 dog breeds, this boy would be alive today. Breed Choice Matters.

    If you take the time to read these tragedies most of the pit bulls came from loving homes that killed. From 2005- 2015, 232 killed by pit bulls. When a consumer product injures and kills that many people, and generates comparable liability history, that product is taken off the market. These families know exactly what breed of dog killed their loved one.

    Here is a video of the pit bull owner loving up her dogs. The lesson that needs to be learn so this child does not die in vain: Pit bulls have been selectively bred for high aggression for hundreds of years for blood sports. They are not safe or appropriate pets and should never be considered as such. Not all pit bulls will maim or kill but predicting which ones will is impossible.

    These are the causalities that Best Friends Animal Society, ASPCA, HSUS fine acceptable on the deluded altar of the 'pit bull'. Pit "advocates", shelters, and rescues are all complicit in the carnage caused by this breed when they promote pits as pets.

  6. Just saw the updates that it was his older sister and not his mother.

    She looks like an obvious nutter from that second picture. The quote from her YouTube video shows both that she believed that stupid nanny myth and probably (stupidly) thought her brother would be perfectly fine around those frankenmaulers. (Also, hard to listen to someone trying to tell me what a dog was "bread" for when said person can't even spell bred.) And of course, in typical nutter behavior, once her dogs kill someone, all of a sudden her extremely vocal pro pit Facebook page disappears.

    This girl should be ashamed for leaving her brother in these conditions and charged with child endangerment. She said she wanted to "rescue" him from foster care, but all she did was cause his demise by buying 3 dogs BRED to kill and leaving him alone with them. That infuriates me. He'd probably still be alive today if she just left him in foster care. Prayers for his family.

  7. Just something I feel I need to say. With this event as usual, I've been seeing typical "NO CHILD should be left alone with ANY dog" line from several pit defenders. I even mentioned something similar in my original post before the updates were given. I think I need to bit clearer.

    I strongly believe that no baby, infant, newborn, toddler; ANY child between the ages of 0-6 should be left alone with any dog. I don't care how "gentle" or "well trained" the dog is. Children between those ages in my opinion are just too vulnerable and usually don't yet fully understand how to stay safe around a dog. Once a child has turned 7, I think they are perfectly fine being left a alone with a small, non-aggressive, normal breed of dog. No parent should have to be hovering over their 10 year old kids 24/7 because of their dog. If they are, then that's not a safe dog. At 13, I'd say being alone with larger breeds is okay too, but only non-aggressive, NORMAL breeds. Bully breeds are not safe, normal breeds. (Obviously, no one of any age should be around bully breeds in my opinion.)

    My point is that pit defenders act that leaving a child of any age alone with any dog is inherently dangerous and irresponsible. I know several people in my life and online who have children that they leave alone with their dogs. Because their dogs are small, non-aggressive breeds that weren't bred to kill other living beings. If you were to tell a parent that they should never leave their 9 yr old daughter alone with their Yorkie, chances are they'd look at you like you were crazy. Leaving a 9 year old alone with 1 or even 3 Yorkies is relativity harmless. The worst that could happen would be a bad nip. Leaving a 9 yr old alone with 3 pits is deadly.

    Sorry for the rant; just felt that I needed to get that off my chest and clarify that I'm not saying that leaving a child alone with a dog was the biggest problem here.

  8. @Bailey –

    yes, pit pushers will always say "never leave any dog alone with a child (wink, wink)" in the aftermath of each new attack, but then they post child endangerment pictures, using their children as props for pictures of their "nanny dogs" –

    But these same pit bull nuts fail to mention how a mom is supposed stop an attack when the "family pit bull" goes after a child, even if she's right there.

    • So true.

      Xavier Strickland's mom was "right there" but still couldn't save him. Kara Hartrich's grandma too. Declan Moss' granddad couldn't save him either.

      And many more.

      It wasn't the trailer rv that caused his death, it was the mutant choice of dogs in the property.

      "You can take the dog out of the fight but you can't take the fight out of the dog."

  9. A pit bull advocate pushing the nanny dog myth. Knowing full well these dogs are bred to kill she uses the term wolf pack. 10 years in prison is not enough for this murderer. Yes i believe the owner of dangerous dogs should be charged like they killed the victom themselves.

  10. I am just sickened by reading about this and even further by people STILL advocating for the dogs. Even after killing a child, there are those who make excuses for the dogs, citing living conditions, etc. What is wrong with people? When did the life a deadly animal become more important than the safety of people?

  11. Ahhhhh! If I hear this Nanny dog rubbish anymore, I'll go crazy! Kids need human parents. Not dogs!!! I've sure never seen a dog wipe a butt and pour a sippy cup of milk. Good God!

  12. Well, this disproves the "nanny dog theory", I love her spelling of the word breed and bred. There should be no dogs in any household where CPS is placing children at risk. And no kids should be placed in a trailer. Poor child.

  13. How can someone be so stupid as to believe that there is a dog breed that was purposely bred to be a "nanny"?

  14. It is incredible isn't it? I was talking to my neighbor once, she's a dog owner (larger mutt types), and does not seem to have any interest in pit bulls. We had never talked about them until that day. She's also very intelligent. When the subject came up, her entire face changed — I knew it was coming. She looked down than up at me with her eyes only and said, "You know they were bred to be nanny dogs." Given that we do talk about intelligent matters, I fired back, "That is completely false and I know for a fact you will never be able to cite an actual source for that nonsense, which by the way gets kids killed every year." Further, just consider for a moment, given all of your knowledge of dog breeds, what you just said. So, intelligent people buy into all the time too…

  15. Wow, so many people on other sites are saying that the boy probably "did something to the dogs" to make them attack. To me, this goes hand in hand with the asinine comments about trespassers deserving to die by pit because they crossed a property line. No pet should kill a child because he "did something to it". Normal dogs that make good pets will let the child know that it is reaching the end of its tolerance, and ultimately may bite him. But to maul to death? This is such a blatant over-reaction on the dog's part, that the animal must be insane – or a pit bull. People actually think that a dog should defend itself from a child by killing it, that this is right and justified. I am at a loss for words when trying to respond to such idiocy.

    • Agreed completely. I can't believe people think it's "normal" or "okay" for a dog to attack or kill a person just because they may have done something the dog didn't like. That's B.S. and any dog that does that should not be allowed to live. (Then again, we know that a majority of the dogs that do this are bully breeds which snap for no discernible reason.) Sometimes I just I wonder if they'd say the same thing if it happened to them.

  16. So, Alexandria has uploaded a tribute video to Tyler with the background music, "You said you would never leave me here alone", complete with "I am sorry" and smiley face illustrations.

  17. No way they would feel the same if it were them. I doubt any of these "they deserved it" types have sat with a mauled child or person as they fight the pain and swelling. I doubt they know of the emptiness, silence and despair of loosing your loved one to a Pitbull attack. The helplessness of wishing it could be undone and you could
    hold your loved one as if it never happened. All pitbull owners should spend some time in the victim's shoes before the go run their big mouths.

  18. I often come across comment threads defending Pitbulls after they attack or kill and it literally takes my breath away. I feel so discusted. But then I remember who we are dealing with here… Teenagers and 20 year olds (who don't know what love, or community means yet). Rescue marytrs that literally can't see anything BUT the pitbull they rescued. And then you have the dumbest of the dumb who are are just ignorant or just really dumb. I try hard not to get too caught up in the arguments of these people. My husband sais "don't argue with idiots, before long you won't know who the idiot is".

  19. This story is such a shitshow on so many levels…it breaks my heart when I read stories about little kids who never had a snowball's chance in hell in this life.

    What sort of idiot (much less humane caring owner) thinks it is okay to keep three large dogs in a trailer? And what sort of decent trailer park would permit it (guess I just answered my own question)? There's nothing "wrong" with being poor, but FFS, if my life was that unstable, I wouldn't even keep a CAT. Maybe a betta fish…? Maybe? Houseplants?

    Can you imagine that boy's last minutes of life?

    Every adult in this story, with the possible exception of the foster mom, gets a big fat F-. Big sister needs parole, a psych evaluation, and a court-ordered IUD.

    Jesus, what a life.

  20. I am an insurance claims investigator and have worked many dog bite claims and unfortunately seen first hand the damage the inflicted by this breed. What people can't or won't understand is the mechanics of a dog bite. There are as many types of dog bites as there are dog breeds. The most dangerous type of bite is the immobilizer bite. The dog bites and holds on and either pins the prey until it stops moving or fiercely shakes the prey until it goes limp. The way the Pits and Rotwielers and other large prey driven dogs mouths and jaws are set allows for maximums damage. The dogs are big and extremely strong.

    So when somethin goes wrong and a dog attacks the bites are devastating causing deep tearing wounds. The bites tear flesh from bone and if flesh releases the dog quickly latches on again and again. Their jaws do not lock. People who approach an attack in progress often think the jaws are locked because no matter what you do the dog does not release its prey. The reason this happens is the dog doesn't want to give up what he has latched on to. If there is more than one dog attacking it becomes a frenzy.

    Pits and Rotwielers are also two of the most unpredictable breeds there are. Then you factor in irresponsible pet owners that do not spay and neuter their animals and the fact that these breeds are popular among a class of people that aren't the most responsible and it all adds up to a recipe for disaster.

    This child was failed on so many levels I don't even know where to begin. But when I read that the owner was upset because all three dogs were put down when she believed it was only the male that was involve made me sick. As long as we have this mentality owning powerful unpredictable dogs we will see this story repeat itself over and over again.

    Most insurance companies won't write homeowners or renters policies to anyone that owns these breeds. There is a good reason for this. The breeds are unpredictable, when they attack the injuries are devastating and the lawsuits resulting from these breeds are almost always successful and the awards have lots of zeros.

  21. "The recommendation indicates there is evidence that Griffin-Heady knew her dogs were dangerous; the dogs had shown aggression toward animals or humans in the past."

    I would expect the kittens that were in one of the videos were victims of the maulers. Nutters do seem to have a very cavalier attitude towards cats and probably would not even consider that "animal aggression".

    I am long past weary of these stories, and still shocked when I inevitably read "accident" and "we don't know what set the dogs off", and "dog is being tested for rabies". I am sure I already know the answer but has their ever been a case of a pit bull that has committed homicide being positive for rabies?

  22. "I would expect the kittens that were in one of the videos were victims of the maulers."

    Yes, I'd imagine the adult cat sitting on the couch on the bottom photo is long gone, too.

  23. Is anyone willing to take a bet that if this woman escapes jail time (or as soon as she is out of jail) she will once again surround herself with pitbulls.

    Seriously, blaming her brother for causing the attack by citing him playing with a shoestring…… I guess shoestrings do have to be added to the ever growing trigger list.

    Any sympathy I might have had for the sister (and I had almost zero) is out the door.

  24. As per the ruling on 3/25:

    Ain't that just peachy. You can leave your dependent child with multiple supermaulers and cannot be held accountable for the outcome. This is just super.

    And, this tracks back to my overarching narrative – you can kill with your pit bulls, but you may not own one? How does that make sense?

    I am not a religious person, but I hope everyone involved burns in hell!

  25. From the Sacramento Bee article on this: "In an interview Friday, Griffin-Heady said she is only now beginning to stop blaming herself for Tyler’s death."

    In the second article DBO links to: "Griffin-Heady, who had been a strong pit-bull advocate, said she doesn't hate and she can't hate a dog she doesn't know.
    "There are plenty of pit bulls that haven't and will never snap," she said. But, to owners of dogs who have small children, she said: "Don't assume they'd never do that."

    What a manipulative little [expletive deleted]. She stops blaming herself the instant that piece of insincere "oh, poor me" drama isn't necessary to avoid jail time. She admits that without a jail sentence hanging over her head, she now gets it that no blame touches her. She's already picking up again on pimping for pit bulls — 'oooo, plenty of them aren't dangerous at all'. She's already saying they're only unsafe with SMALL children.

    I'm sure she'll have a trailer full of new pit bulls within months.

  26. Sputnik, I could not agree with you more.
    Not only will she have a trailer full of pit bulls, my guess is she will also wind up having a trailer full of her own children as well.

    She should never stop blaming herself. She is responsible for Tylers death.

  27. If she didn't believe that the dogs were dangerous, why cage them at all? This whole incident is bullshit. It's all a big lie. What a horrendous ending to an innocent child's short life. At very least she should be advocating against this breed and trying to save lives. I'm sickened and deeply appalled by her actions. Disgusting person.

  28. Again, the decision to not file charges is hugely disappointing!

    Griffin-Heady is a threat to public safety. She indulges in dangerous dogs that she cannot control. If she had left a loaded pistol within reach of Tyler, she would be in jail REGARDLESS of the outcome.

  29. I truly hope that when she does get more pits, they do the same to her that they did to Tyler. People like her are not only a waste of oxygen, but dangerous to everyone around them.

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