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16 thoughts on “1909 Dog Bite Fatality: John P. Colby's Fighting Pit Bull Kills Nephew

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  1. awesome research. you not only blew up the man biters were culled myth, you blew up the old time responsible dogman myth. YOUR'E HIRED!

    here's my favorite part:
    "Mr Colby was very secretive about the affair and declined to give out any details."

    one thing i find really striking about all of these old articles, is how american pit bull terrier, pit bull terrier, bulldog, bull terrier and terrier are so interchangeably used.

  2. This just sends shivers all over me, and makes me anxious. I always knew that there was no way that winning dogs would be "culled" for simply biting someone. Not only do we have the dogfighters propogating man-biters, we now have all the rescues and owner's duped by the dogmen also propagating man-biters, and rallying for the man-killers and man-biters to be spared, and given a chance to be "loved and rehabilitated." Lord help us. Y'all pray for me and my family, please. A pit bull and her nutters have moved in next door to us.

  3. The nutters and dog fighters of today always point to poorly bred pit bull dogs as the root all of pit mayhem. They always say that a "properly" bred pit bull dog won't attack humans, and a "properly" bred pit bull dog is especially gentle with children. You blew up the Nanny Dog myth too. Good job!

  4. I am blown away, my mouth is still hanging open. Thanks, DBO, this is killer and it will be used.

  5. These dogs have been killing machines for over a hundred years. As soon as they arrived in the U.S., starting around 1870, they started killing. I wonder what the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s look like? Searching just "pit bull kills" may not locate many of the attacks as breeders and the media called the dog so many different names. One would have to search the following terms: bulldog, bull terrier, pit dog, bull pit terrier, pit terrier, Staffordshire bulldog and Staffordshire bull terrier.

    Also, it should be mentioned that in the early to mid 1900s, dog bites that resulted in death were mainly due to rabies (One rabid dog could easily bite and infect 10 people or more, aka the "mad-dog" syndrome. People were scared to death of being bitten by a rabid dog.). As seen in the 1897 attack of Julia Carey, the community reacted with horror: "One of the most brutal things ever recorded of a civilized community." Fatal attacks involving dogs that intended to kill were very rare back then.

    Lastly, it's now indisputable that by 1947 the U.S. public had been exposed to several high profile fatal pit bull attacks headlining newspapers from coast to coast. In 1945, we might be witnessing the fist "save the killer pit bull" campaign as well ("Save Woof" movement started by dog fighter Grady C. Terry). It's ridiculous to believe that these dogs were ever seen by the public as, "gentle loyal family pets." That's hogwash. These dogs were seen as killers back then and killers now.

  6. This is Newburyport Massachusetts right?


    Ipswich Massachusetts, Newburyport, that whole area.

    A state Representative, Brad Hill has been colluding with some of them to oppose bsl and to implement fake dangerous dog laws that actually HELP DANGEROUS DOGS ATTACK AND KILL by allowing multiple attacks, allowing records to be wiped clean, etc

    Brad Hill is in direct collusion with these dog fighter breeders, and breeders directly connected to lobbying groups that dog fighters belong to and lobby with. This is also a legislator colluding with people who don't report their income (dog breeding or gambling) and don't pay their taxes.

    This is a perfect example of organized crime manipulating a legislator.

    It is reprehensible.

    The MSPCA in Massachusetts, supposedly a state humane organization, has also been working to PROTECT dog fighters and dog fighter breeders. They are helping these breeders torture these dogs.

    Some of these dog fighter breeders work through a state breeder group that is mostly AKC to oppose laws (including laws like breeder licensing. Dog fighters can easily do their work with no breeder licensing) but of course AKC breeders lobby WITH the dog fighters all the time.

  7. You might be interested in this media article about some of the area pit bull breeders and their anti-legislation activities and propaganda, as well as the MSPCA, a supposed humane organization for the state, supporting the pit bull breeders. Look at Scott Giacoppo repeat lies from the DOG FIGHTERS. Yes, this man Giacoppo is a deputy director of MSPCA. Wonder why this trade is flourishing in Massachusetts?

    It is interesting that the family seems to have forgotten or ignored the killing of a child in their own family by one of their own pit bulls. Notice that Louis Colby refuses to be interviewed.

    The media of course has no idea what skeletons are in the closet. No mention of the ancestor being a DOG FIGHTER.

    "But, with state legislators considering a statewide ban on pit bulls after several recent incidents in which the dogs attacked humans in Boston and Worcester, that could be about to change.
    State Rep. Vincent Pedone, D-Worcester, House chairman of the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government, said he wants to consider rewriting the state's dog laws to ban pit bulls in Massachusetts.
    The ban would be bad news for pit bull lovers like Louis Colby, who breeds pit bulls at his Newburyport home. Colby traces his dog's breeding line back 20 generations to animals brought to this country from England and Ireland by his father in 1889. In the 1930s, when the American Kennel Club first recognized the Staffordshire Bull Terrier — one of several breeds now known casually as pit bulls — they chose a Colby dog as the standard for the breed.
    Colby declined to comment for this story, citing bad experiences with media attention in the past. But his granddaughter, Jaclyn Colby, was eager to defend pit bulls from their bad reputation."

  8. That article is further proof that the AKC is right in the middle of all this with their Staffordshire Terrier

    "In the 1930s, when the American Kennel Club first recognized the Staffordshire Bull Terrier — one of several breeds now known casually as pit bulls — they chose a Colby dog as the standard for the breed."

  9. Lisa, will do but just know your laws. Law wins out over emotions when it comes to animal control. Check before you have trouble to see about your role as the reporting party (RP). Viligence always. Ask for a call number, whatever they call it, usually they issue something so followup can be done. And when you do that, they get the message that you know what you are doing, get maybe a little better service that way. Keep emotions in check and don't undermine your credibility. I know animal control as a whole well and how you come across makes the world of difference. Keep in mind that you'll find pit owners in animal control. I have a neighbor with a pit as well. Best.

  10. Fantastic. This is solid gold! What an amazing find! You can bet this will be used the next time I see the words "nanny dog" or "man biters were culled" in another pit apologist's post.

  11. Thank you so much for the advice, P. Colleen gave me some great advice, too. I will do as you both have suggested. And, I will put on my big-girl panties while doing it :).

    All the info that has been posted here about what is going on in Massachusets just proves the point that the large criminal underground of dogfighting has successfully infiltrated our system, and the breeder lobby is more than happy to have that happen, as it benefits them as well. What's a few lives here and there? A few people disfigured for life? Just a yard accident…just a dog being a dog. Happens all the time. What are you gonna do? Outlaw cars next??? I appreciate those of you that are able to maintain composure when dealing with the nutters. I'm working on it. How seredipitous that my captcha word below is "Humble."

  12. The term "fancier" has very clear and deceptive uses when it comes to dog breeders.

    They use the term "fancier" in their false assertion that they are "hobbyists," that they are not running businesses.

    They ARE running businesses, very profitable ones, and the income is not being properly reported and taxes aren't being properly paid.

    "Fancier" is essentially code for TAX CHEAT and illegal business.

    It's a cover-up word.

  13. a commenter just left this link on my blog:

    Colby declined to comment for this story, citing bad experiences with media attention in the past. But his granddaughter, Jaclyn Colby, was eager to defend pit bulls from their bad reputation.
    "I grew up right next door to my grandfather, and even back when we were 8, my friends and I would go over and visit them," she said. "They were all so nice — we never worried about anything. It wasn't until much later that I even learned that pit bulls have a bad reputation."

  14. Colby produced and sold over 5000 pit bulls…His heirs enjoy the fruits of his blood money.

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