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8 thoughts on “2015 Dog Bite Fatality: Visiting Child Killed by Family Pit Bull in Pittsburgh Suburb

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  1. Forget the 10-day quarantine. Save the taxpayers' money and put this killer down!

  2. I am so sorry for this family, I cannot imagine how awful it would be to have this happen.

    I don't get it- rescues of all types are struggling for money and resources, while pit bulls are handed the golden ticket. The ONLY breed that kills regularly, but they get the lion share of the funding. The ferret shelter I volunteer for is more worthy, but don't see a dime of city money, while the local HS is begging for tax dollars for a bigger shelter (to house- pit bulls!!! they already refuse feral cats, and charge big fees for rehoming pets, so it's all pits because pit owners will dump the maulers on the street so they get taken in.)

  3. How tragic to read this.
    Another death by pit bull.

    Meanwhile those pushing pit bulls continue to reap financial rewards as this carnage continues.

    Yesterday it was announced that ASICS and the Los Angeles Marathon chose a pit bull rescue as the charity for the event. Our Local channel KTLA-5 had a news reporter with the pit bull rescue and they did several reports throughout the morning. Their purpose (the rescue) was to promote the pit bull as a "family dog" and "dispel myths" about the breed.
    (Notice when they are touting them suddenly they are a breed)

    I am appalled that a company as big as ASICS would chose this kind of group.

  4. Yesterday evening, I was heading home from an event. Was walking on a narrow sidewalk, and what should come from the other direction but a pit bull dog-walking parade! Wow! What fun!

    Fortunately, the parade and I passed each other in a place where there was enough room for me to get off the sidewalk and continue my walk in the street. No cars were coming.

    I made sure that I kept my eyes on the un-dogs. The owners said nothing to me — and why would they? They have nothing to say that I consider hearing.

    Cold shoulders to the pit bull owners, everyone. That's what they get from me, and I recommend that you give them the same treatment.

  5. Poor baby girl.

    @ PutMeInCharge4oneday, I could not agree more… Why don't greyhounds get promoted more??? They are beautiful sweet, people friendly dogs…

  6. Newspaper Tribune-Review March 5 says the dog is to be euthanized (dog's owners decided this) and district attorney still deciding If charges warranted.

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