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16 thoughts on “Attempt to Overturn Miami-Dade Pit Bull Ban Advances: 'Don't They Know?'

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  1. Pit bull advocacy, led by the Utah based animal rights PAC Best Friends Animal Society, is marching through the United States and scorching the earth in a single minded quest to make the world safe for pit bulls. Best Friends Senior Legislative Attorney Ledy Vankavage wrote the Illinois law that has proven to be ineffective in protecting the residents of that state from violent dogs when she worked for the ASPCA. Best Friends wrote the law recently passed by Ohio Legislators reversing regulations on pit bulls in that state. Best Friends is heading the efforts in Florida that will strip home rule rights from residents of Miami/Dade.

    Best Friends and the Animal Farm Foundation shamelessly use the ADA to force pit bulls into communities with breed specific laws. These faux "service dogs" come with certificates obtained online with two clicks of the mouse and payment of $69, sight unseen.

    When will lawmakers consider the rights and safety of their constituents and say NO to the well funded and very well organized animal rights and breed specific advocacy machine? Normal dogs do not require this level of advocacy and there is a reason for that. Legislators, please listen to the victims. It is hard to hear them over the shrill demands of breed specific advocacy.

  2. Very easy to follow the path.

    Dog fighters and breeders have much illegal untaxed income and they use it to hire lobbyists, fake animal charities, and for campaign donations.

    There's a reason that they fasten on to new legislators.

    Unfortunately, Trujillo will best be remembered for enabling the slaughter of innocent Latino children by the fighting dogs of the white elitists.

  3. Best Friends Animal Society and Animal Farm Foundation, rich whites cashing in on the pit bull market.

    Most victims of pit bulls? Primarily poor, non-white minorities.

    There's a real story about racism here.

  4. Gun shops, fencing companies, bear spray suppliers, they all stand to gain from this too. And all those pets that are killed have to be replaced so breeders profit too. And vets that can now legally treat fighting dog and their victims.

  5. Wow,that second article – ledy is there front and center. wondering if she's the impetus behind the article in the first place.

  6. Another columnist came out in support of the Miami-Dade pit bull ban.

    No matter how “humane” and careful a pet owner is, certain breeds of dangerous animals should not coexist in crowded metropolitan areas like Miami. It’s basic common sense. Local officials are responsible for public safety and know their neighborhoods best.

    Like pythons overpopulating the Everglades, lifting the ban on pit bulls would endanger the well-being and safety of Miami-Dade citizens.

    If the push to overturn the ban continues in Tallahassee, Trujillo should throw in free box seats behind home plate for maul victims of pit bulls. That way, when Buehrle takes the mound, he can view first-hand the impact of his errant off-field pitches.

    Go Steven Kurlander go!

    Of course, the comments are loaded in Nutterdom.

  7. The main problem with the State's actions in this matter, are that they violate the right of Miami-Dade citizens to self direct. Dog ownership is not recognized as a fundamental human right, therefore the state has no right to force Miami to allow pit bulls, or any animal for that matter, within that jurisdiction. For the state to attempt to make such a move is very heavy handed and oppressive.

  8. If anyone didn't realize that Best Friends Animal Society is in the business of using donor money to pay lobbyists to lobby for pit bull breeder and dog fighting interests,

    Here's one of their ads (and they are using the American Bar Association to do it. Apparently the ABA believes that slaughter and mauling by pit bull, especially against poor minorities, is a good thing to support)

    "Student Animal Legal Defense Fund via Animal Law Committee of the ABA Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section.
    Best Friends Animal Society has a position opening for a legislative/program analyst to work on its pit bull initiatives. JD required.

    WHY Help Animals When Funnelling Money to Fighting Breed Lobbyists is so much easier?

  9. I don't think you have this pit bull attack on Florida child Nicholas Lopes from 2008


    What is NOT mentioned in this article is that the owner Howard Visnick is an attorney, who also lived in Massachusetts.

    A lawyer that has been responsible for a savage attack on a child, that used "the system" to get his vicious dog back, and was not held responsible for himself. He escaped all charges.

    This is supposed to be someone who represents the rights of others, not stomps on them.

    The Latino child and family were treeated like dirt by Visnick and "the system." Where were the Latino family's rights in this effort to protect the vicious dog of an attorney, an officer of the court?

    "BOCA RATON — Nicholas Lopes was looking forward to seeing "Iron Man" with his dad Saturday, two days after his face was sewn with 40 stitches following an attack by pit bull mix.

    The 50-pound leashed dog pounced on Nicholas, 5, and tore into his face about 8 p.m. Thursday after the same dog nipped his 3-year-old sister's finger, authorities and the Lopes family said.

    The pit bull mix, named Jobie, is in the hands of Animal Care & Control in Martin County where its owner, Howard Visnick of Jensen Beach, lives. The dog may receive a statewide "dangerous" classification, but will not be euthanized, Palm Beach County animal control Capt. David Walesky said"

    "He bit me really hard," Nicholas said Saturday. He said he could only eat soft foods, his face bandaged and swollen.

    Walesky said neither Schiffer nor Visnick faced criminal charges"

    "I don't ever want to see the dog again in this neighborhood," Nicholas' mom, Jennifer Lopes, said. "It's a vicious dog and my children didn't do anything to provoke the attack."

    "Pit bulls and pit bull mixes account for nearly a third of reported dog bites in both Broward and Palm Beach counties."

  10. And another

    "One other item that was not mentioned and that was that Mr Schiffer never even got off his bike to help contain the dog, or rescue a little 5 year old boy from his grips….. Nicholas has been very brave… pray that he has a full recovery. This attack was not provoked in any way…. no child should have to suffer through something like this, and no parent should ever have to watch"

  11. What can innocent people do when the carpetbagging Best Friends Animal Society LAWYERS flock into town and collude with a media willing to lie for them so attorneys can have pit bulls attack children? Even kill people? Kill other pets?

  12. More from that story. Apparently Howard Visnick and/or Hank Schiffer had a direct line to the pseudo "reporter" and one or both gave misinformation which was gleefully reprinted without research.

    What can victims do when JOURNALISTS lie to protect the guilty?

    The reporter NEVER TALKED TO EYEWITNESSES after this nearly deadly attack on a child. The only information came from the pit bull owner and his friend.


  13. Sad it is when one commenter falsely believes that PETA members are blaming the child and family, when in reality it is pit bull and other BREEDERS and the Best Friends No Kill zealots blaming the victims.

    PETA actually has compassion for the victims, and the breeders attack them for that.

    It is Best Friends Animal Society (led by attorney Ledy Van Kavage) and the breeders who attack the dead and disabled to protect fighting breeds.

  14. Once you realize that Dog Fighting, Pit Breeding and Pit Advocacy are a $Billion a year co-dependent economy, it all makes perfect sense.

    To stay in operation, they need breeding markets open.

    Oh well, hose the blood off the sidewalk and pump out another litter…

  15. Miami-Dade commission to lawmakers: Please don't file bills that undermine county powers

    Miami-Dade commissioners thanked the county's legislative delegation on Tuesday for listening to local concerns … they also lamented that Miami-Dade lawmakers sponsored legislation that the county opposed … doing away with the county's pit-bull ban. "Our own people were trying to kill us," Chairman Joe Martinez said.

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