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11 thoughts on “Part III: Doretta Zinke, 39, Killed by 9 Pit Bulls (1945)

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  1. “Knox County animal control said they “routinely” checked on the dogs owned by Charles Smallwood”

    If Animal Control takes on the task of personally monitoring people’s dogs, Animal Control and the city or county bear FULL RESPONSIBILITY if something happens

    (When did taxpayers start paying for dogsitting through Animal Control?)

  2. So next time I’m help up at an appointment, I can call AC and have them come over and walk my dog for me?
    I’ll make sure the blue bags are with the leash so they can pick up after him, too.
    Or do they only dogsit pits?

  3. Attack someone, ONE BITE FREE in some states! Mauler goes back to its owner. Attack a police cruiser, here come the sirens and “Dangerous Dog” orders…WITH these orders, comes personal dogsitting; showing a dog owner what a “leash” is and what a “dog pen” is. If the dog owner cannot read, which appears to the case in the instance of Smallwood, a 6-week course in READING is also provided free of cost.

  4. Here is a great article about a new city councelor in North Plains Oregon. She is an experienced dog handler and trainer of hunting Labs, as well as a former kennel manager.

    "You are a pit bull fan, or you care more about protecting people," Ogan said. "In the past 20 years, people, men, criminals, drug dealers, et cetera have bred them to be more aggressive."

    The dogs are legal weapons, Ogan says, pointing to several recent reports of pit bull attacks across the Portland metro area.

    "What's happening is, everybody you talked to that's pro-pit bull says it's not the dog's fault, it's the owner's fault," Ogan said. "If we choose to believe that they are correct – why did the person choose a pit bull out of the other breeds available?"

  5. Best Friends and ASPCA are actually in the position of supporting cruelty to most kinds of dogs.

    They think it is ok for pit bulls to maul and kill other pets.

    Ledy Van Kavage was trying to get ASPCA members in legislative alerts to contact districts that wanted to get dogs declared dangerous and follow restrictions if they attacked other pets

    Ledy thinks it is OK if pit bulls (the only kind of dog she has) kill as many other pets as they want.

    What has ASPCA allowed its organization to turn into? Basically an apology center for dog fighters, making it easier for them to stay in business.

  6. Oh my. Is that Diane Jessup? The premiere pit bull expert? And former ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER?

  7. The woman has been so traumatized by the violent attack, she will no longer walk her dogs in public. Exactly where are the “humane advocates” for canine victims of pit bulls?

    Anything that is NOT pit bull, does NOT matter.
    You know, kind of like the Germans during the early 1900’s. If it wasn’t a GERMAN, it didn’t matter!

  8. “The dogs are legal weapons.”

    So are registered guns in the hands of licensed owners.
    Too bad most of the pb’s out there are neither registered nor licensed.

    After obtaining my pistol, I’ve had two friends realize that they, too, need protection.

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