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27 thoughts on “3-Year Old Girl Airlifted After Backyard Breeder's Pit Bull Attacks

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  1. This is the third "chained up" pit bull attack in just a matter of days.

    Wednesday out of Tulpelo, MS (family chained up pit bull)

    Tuesday out of Fullerton, CA (family chained up pit bull),0,7576877.story

    Who knows if these two also involved backyard breeding? Pit bulls + chains + breeding equals a Life Flight Helicopter for a child. In the New Caney case, they also had a "Beware of the Dog" sign.

    Felony convictions of these adults please!


    By law, income derived from animal breeding, sales, etc is to be reported to the IRS as regular income, and taxes are to be paid.

    These backyard breeders are tax cheats 99.999 percent of the time.

    Submit online IRS form 3949A here,,id=106778,00.html to report.

    There are also state tax laws and those fraud forms may be found if you search the state tax sites or google search "[state] report tax fraud"

    Most states also require that breeders and sellers obtain a sales tax id number, and failure to do that may be reported as well.

    Those collecting welfare or state aid benefits (such as SSI) may also be breaking the law when they fail to report their breeding income. Contact those offices as well.

  3. "UPDATE: The condition of the three year old victim has been upgraded to stable. The child’s injures are non-life threatening but there is severe tissue and structural damage to her face and head."

  4. I'm sure this breeder refused to turn over the other two because they are more valuable breeding animals that he will sneak off to his fellow breeder friends, and he'll cash in. No tax paid, of course.

    A lowlife tax cheat and lawbreaker, and they'll let him get away with it.

    We have communities having to lay off cops but we allow these tax cheats to rip off communities, and cost us huge anounts of money?

  5. You wonder when and if this state will do anything to protect innocent life. Texas has a terrible problem with pit bulls. There are too many of them —most owned by low lifes. Legislate mandatory spay and neuter in this state for this dog and it all could go away in a very few years. The other breeds lacking criminal breeders have pushed spay and neutering for their type dog for over a decade. It is going to take breed specific legislation for a breed specific problem that won't go away on its own.

  6. Yesterday a neighbor let his 2 pit bulls out, and they attacked 16, yes 16, cows. Killed 10, mauled 6 more. Remember those old meat grinders – the stainless steel thingy's with the crank handle your grand parents used to turn chunks of raw meat into nicely ground up hamburger? Now, all you need is a family pet pit bull – send him to your neighbors barn, and you have a years supply of ground chuck, with pulverized bone meal for the USDA requirement of calcium as a bonus. Grannies grinder couldn't handle femoral and ulna bones very well – just baby back ribs at best – and that was with gandpa at the crank.

    Can your Golden Retriever do this?:

    Are we to believe the nutters when they claim that the biased media only reports pit bull attacks? What if I offered right here and now – a $1000 reward for any free-lance report of a poodle, beagle, or retriever that slips into a barn and kills multiple horses and/or cattle. Can I put the $1K in a trust fund at DBO to make it official?
    Next week maybe I will add a reward for any reports of beagles or poodles that mauled kids at bus stops, since there seems to be so many pit bulls attacking kids getting on/off buses as of late. Will someone else start one for police action shootings of poodles, beagles and retrievers? Actually, since there will very likely not be any in any of these catagories – we could use the same $1k for each reward fund. What if we got the nutter websites to agree to match us for every pit bull attack on cattle, horses and kids at bus stops, as well as police shootings? DBO could be more profitable than Yahoo.

  7. I will put up 1000 for any reports of a poodle, beagle or retriever that pushes out an air conditioning unit in order to attack a dachshund.

  8. And Houston is still calling for Winograd to set their shelter straight, straight to hell, and let all the pits out. If Texans thought the Mexicans were tough, let's see what they do when the pits hit the Alamo.

  9. How many children will pit bulls kill in the name of "freedom of choice?"
    How many mothers will cry over graves for the privilege of unrestricted dog breed ownership?
    How many nurses and plastic surgeons will tend to horrific injuries only seen from shark attacks because the pit bull owner "didn't know" their dog would do this?
    How many ignorant dog owners will provide donations to the AKC, the HUSA, or other "animal welfare groups" who will actively lobby and fight reasonable efforts to protect humans first?
    How many dog fighters are funding these lobbying groups with millions and millions of dollars to defraud the American people into believing pit bulls are safe?
    How many politicians will succumb to the organized political tactics of pit bull owners and breeders rather than standing up to them and doing "what is right" to protect human children, human mothers, fathers, brother, sisters, uncles and aunts, grandmothers and grandfathers from having to endure the agony of witnessing their family member suffer either a horrific death or continuing agony of near-death maulings?

  10. Crickets from the Pit Community on what to do with the pups from this dog….They are still trying to milk the myth that dog fighters culled man biters.

    Ban Early and Ban often!

  11. This is precisely the type of attack that the City of Denver AVOIDS due to its pit bull ban.

    PREVENT the deed; BAN the breed!

  12. Current legislators from Harris County (Houston) not only have a duty and an obligation to vigorously pursue the REMOVAL of the Texas state anti-BSL measure that Eckles pushed through in 1991, they have a directive from GOD to do so. Eckles hid the measure under the "Dangerous Dog Law" title. A dangerous dog law that PROHIBITS THE REGULATION OF PIT BULLS! The only groups that benefit are pit bull breeders and dogfighters!

  13. In the most recent news story, a Wendy Mahoney is quoted as a pit bull owner. Guess what? Wendy Mahoney is a pit bull DEALER.


    And clearly breeder interests as well.

    The reporter got skunked by the breeders!

    Wendy Mahoney also runs a "pet sitting business" that she's running pit bulls through. Pit bulls that come from breeders. Pearland Pets. In Pearland Texas

    Mahoney, who defends a dog that unprovoked attacked a child, is being allowed to give talks to children about pets in the Pearland Public Libarary.

  14. Please post the contact information of this Senator, DBO!
    I'm talking email, phone, fax, etc.

    This Senator has got to seriously reconsider, learn, be enlightened, etc…

    You can shuffle numbers but facts are facts.

  15. Nathan Winograd is directly involved with the dog breeder business lobby, including pit bull breeders.

    He is working with PetPac, a registered dog breeder lobby, whose AKC breeder owner is under state investigation right now in California for improprieties.

    The people in Houston trying to bring Winograd No Kill in are the dog breeders and dog fighters who want to eliminate animal control law, and prevent regulations, for their financial benefit, through the guise of "No Kill."

  16. Pit owners never care about the damage the dogs do until it happens to them. Sometimes they don't even care when it happens to their own children, as we saw in one blog post a while back. Only when they are the ones being torn to shreds do they demand, "Shoot the dog!" Frankly, I think that's the only time the dogs shouldn't be shot.

    This poor child will suffer because of this for the rest of her life. The people of Texas should be ashamed for allowing this anti-BSL law to stand as long as it has.

  17. The UKC and ADBA connected Wendy Mahoney story gets more disgusting

    On the Wendolyn Wendy Mahoney page on Amazon

    her Wish List reads

    This list is for: Wendy Mahoney
    Ship-to: Donald H Mahoney III – Pearland, TX

    There is a Donald H Mahoney Jr who works for the Texas Children's Cancer Center

    So this Wendy Mahoney of the UKC and ADBA, someone who is defending pit bulls for tearing up young children and claiming that pit bulls are ok, is related to a CHILDREN'S MD!!!!! A children's DOCTOR, for God's sake!

    How does he explain to his patients how his daughter-in-law can defend the dogs that are tops for hurting and killing children?

    See how this continues folks? Pit bulls will keep killing and maiming children as long as we have these middle class people who should know better lobbying for pit bull breeders.

  18. Wendy Mahoney's husband?

    Another LAWYER!

    Intellectual property. (Not personal injury of course, or he would be representing some of the poeple that Wendy's beloved breed has mauled.)

    Donald H Mahoney III

    This is the son of the children's doctor

    So now we see how Wendy Mahoney got a gullible journalist to interview her for that article about that child's attack.

    The gullible journalist fell for the "I'm the wife of an attorney and I'm important" routine.

    This is the problem. Middle class people defending fighting dogs. Pit bulls. Protecting fighting dog breeders from laws. Being dishonest about fighting dogs and what they are doing to people.

    These kinds of middle class people are pulling strings with legislators, and getting fighting dogs protected so that children can continue to get mauled and killed.

  19. Do you think Wendy Mahoney's father-in-law, the children's doctor, will offer to help this poor child out?

  20. Yet another child with life altering scars, not just physical but the mental as well. What does it take? The ones who support owning pits should be forced to put the victims pictures above their bed and to look at them each night before they fall asleep. They should be forced to empty the bed pans of the victims. They should be thrown into the offending pits and receive these scars as well. It sucks, really sucks.

  21. A bit from Wendy Mahoney's bio, which she kept hidden from the reporter

    "When I discovered the American Pit Bull Terrier at
    UKC obedience trials in 1990, I knew this was the
    breed I'd been looking for. After owning several
    dogs involved in obedience trials, agility,
    UKC/ADBA conformation and just being "dawgs", I
    became involved in breed rescue on a large scale,
    then as an individual dog foster. Some of my APBTs
    appear in breed books and I was interviewed by the
    author for the excellent yet unfortunately titled
    book "Pit Bulls for Dummies". Pit bull terriers are
    the only breed I want to share my life with, and I
    want to share their gift of tractability, tenacity,
    loyalty, intelligence, athletics and clownishness
    with those who understand their true bull and
    terrier nature."

  22. Never forget that the UKC was founded by a frustrated dog fighter after the reputable registries wouldn't touch his british bloodsport dogs with a ten foot pole…The original registry requirement was three documented wins!

    Shame on the Texas Legislature!

  23. On this latest article about Kortnie's quest for BSL in Texas, the pit nutters have inundated the comments section blaming this horrific attack on her — someone even said that she should be put down! My God, they are so mental as to fight for this man-biter's life!! Lets all post comments encouraging Kortnie in her fight, and tell her not to listen to all the pit nutter hype!

  24. 12/20/09 — CPL David Miller received the award for his actions on Sept. 10, when he responded to a call involving a three-year-old child whose face was severely mauled by a Pit Bull and who the paramedic in charge said had life threatening injuries. Miller "assisted EMS personnel on-scene and volunteered to drive the ambulance to the hospital so medics could better care for the child. The paramedic in charge told Miller's supervisors that "without his efforts the child might not have survived."

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