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5 thoughts on “Tucson TV Station Airs Segment About Pit Bulls: Are They Really Dangerous?

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  1. Arizona is starting to amass an impressive Pit-bodycount:

    August 2011, Pima County, AZ
    Michael Cook, 61
    Fatal dog attack: pit bull

    July 2009, Maricopa County
    Kathleen Doyle, 90
    Fatal dog attack: American “Pit” Bulldog

    November 207, Maricopa County
    Tori Whitehurst
    Fatal dog attack: American “Pit” Bulldog

    December 2004, Navajo County, AZ
    Annilee McKinnon, 5
    Fatal dog attack: pit bulls

    July 2001, Maricopa County, AZ
    Alexandro Caballero Mendoza, 50
    Fatal dog attack: pit bulls

    December 2000, Pima County, AZ
    Louis Tenorio, 59
    Fatal dog attack: pit bulls

    November 1999, Pima County, AZ
    Joan Encinas, 42
    Fatal dog attack: pit bulls

    February 1985, Maricopa County, AZ
    Deborah Pernell, 33
    Fatal dog attack: pit bull

    September 1979, Maricopa County, AZ
    Lillian Whitehead, 6
    Fatal dog attack: pit bulls

  2. Nice!

    "Certainly most pit bulls never bite anyone. By the same token, the vast majority of lightning bolts never kill and only a small handful of sharks ever bite a human. But that does not prove that lightning bolts and sharks are safe."

    "The "Pit n' Proud" mission statement posted on its own Facebook page declares that it is dedicated to the defense of "the American Pit Bull Terrier and related breeds" (the italics are mine). Bottom line — you can't embrace "mixes" and "related breeds" when they're behaving well but then turn around and disavow them when they kill someone."

    I don't think the Nutters expected such a detailed response that calls them out as "in denial" and guilty of tossy-turny logic:-)

  3. Pit-Advocates…Fight for the Right to Bite!

    If they spent 1/10th of their energy and resources going after the breeders and dog fighters pumping out dangerous Pits, they might actually help society.

    Instead, they demonize victims and are actively saving dogs involved in attacks. Then in the next sentence, give assurances of safety because "Dogfighters culled manbiters"

    All under the guise a tax free status.

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