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5 thoughts on “Craven Desires: Weekly Frankenmauler Round Up Collection

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  1. What a devastating, long list. I know this is a lot of work. I tried to count the incidents. I got about 421 incidents of maulings and deaths recorded.

    It is ghastly and gruesome. Yes, these are the true, sweet companion dogs that are being savaged.

    And now they're adopting fighting bred dogs directly from the pit magically rehabilitated and putting them into people's homes saying they're just like other dogs but no dogs, no cats, and no children in the household. Guess what, that household is smack in the middle of a community with dogs, cats, children, and families.

    And pit nutters wail about their poor wiggle butts being misunderstood and attacked. Meanwhile their kills are just dogs. yeah. My head is going to explode.

    Good work craven desires! this was completely invisible before.

  2. I plead with anyone out there reading this who is just learning about the epidemic of pit bull and fighting type breed attacks.

    You must assume that there is a neighboring pit bull, a visiting pit bull, a stray pit bull that can appear at any time to attack your pet.

    Once your pet is spotted by a pit bull, the attack will not stop unless someone happens to have a gun and shoots the pit bull, or more likely, your pet is mauled or dead.

    This is what pit bulls are bred to do, no matter what any self-seeking pit bull advocate or owner tries to convince you of. They lie.

    Have freedoms for non-pit bull dog owners been lost? Yes, they have.

    But for as long as the pit bull breeders and their dupe pit bull rescue and advocacy lobbies get any traction by bullying your local legislators and animal control, YOUR PETS ARE FAIR GAME!

    Many animal controls and local governments are being bullied by the pit bull community into accepting vicious pit bull attacks, and some animal control officers even enable them.

    They are not enforcing laws, they are letting pit bulls run free.

    But even if the pit bull owner is following the laws, the attacks STILL HAPPEN, because a pit bull will do anything it can and get through any obstruction to kill your pet. Pit bulls even kill other pets WHILE THE PIT BULL IS ON A LEASH!!

    When your pet is attacked, you will be very much alone, and may even be threatened by the pit bull community for reporting the attack.

    Number one, PREVENTION. Keep cats indoors. Do NOT put your dog on a leash and go for a walk. The pit bull advocates have taken that away from you.

    Build bomb proof fencing, add electric fencing to the top to prevent climbing if necessary, yet STILL never leave kids or pets alone outside. If you can't have a fence or don't have a yard, shelter a deck with fencing and gates to ensure that a pit bull cannot break through or climb over to get to your pet.

    When you see a pit bull, get into a closed building or even on top of a car, into a tree, or something like a dumpster with your pet ASAP. Sound wacky? This is how people have saved themselves, their children, their pets from a pit bull.

    Do not let a pit bull owener tell you their dogs love other pets. These are often the last words before a vicious pit bull attack, and then after the attack come the excuses, and the blame on your dog.

    Never tie up your dog to be a sitting duck for a pit bull attack.

    SKIP THE DOG PARKS and community areas. They have tuned into pit bull hell, in many cases.
    When your dog is attacked, the pit bull owner will just run away and hide and leave you to suffer. They can't even stop their own dogs from attacking!

    Do not use doggie day care, pet sitting or a vet clinic that accepts pit bulls. Pets have been killed at all three by pit bulls many times.

    BE VIGILANT, or your pet's life is lost. Don't let anyone tell you you are overprotective or overreacting, or taking too many precautions. Don't let them try to shame or bully you into letting your guard down. When your pet stays alive, their pet will die if they continue to pretend they are safe.

  3. Itsatragedy wrote: "Prevention: Do NOT put your dog on a leash and go for a walk. The pit bull advocates have taken that away from you." I cried to read someone finally come out and say this! Not only have pit bulls and rotties driven me and other responsible owners of stable dogs out of the dog parks, but also out of the parks. There is a mentality among pit and rottie nutters that leash laws to not apply to them. They let their "bully" dogs run free in these public spaces. I have elderly greyhounds and it is terrifying when they approach. WE obey the laws, and yet WE are the ones being driven from the parks by the outlaws. When I asked the police about it, they said they do not have the resources to respond to reports of dogs off leash in the community park. My choices – avoid my suburban community's nice parks, or carry a weapon with the intention on using it if we are ever attacked again. Recently some idiot has acquired a Dogo Argentino and lets it run free in the community park! This is not right or fair. There is no recourse. It makes me very sad.

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