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7 thoughts on “30-Year Summary: Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.S. & Canada

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  1. Time to liquidate HSUS, Best Friends, AVMA and ASPCA through victim's class action.

    They are sitting on $Hundreds of Millions and employ quacks to influence Animal Control Policy in a manner that would embarass the Tobacco Lobby.

  2. With trends like this staring them in the face, I would think class action suits against these guys and against any city, town or municipality that refuses to protect their citizens by regulating pits and prosecuting owners of mauling pits is becoming feasible.

  3. I was HORRIFIED the other night while watching a show called Philly Undercover which features the Philadelphia SPCA.
    They broke up a large dog fighting ring and confiscated 41 Pit Bulls, many with well kept fighting records and the others with well chronicled pedigrees of fighting dogs.

    While showing one of the most succesful of the fighting dogs during its "rehabilitation" the person who was working with the dog stated they would take as long as it took so the dog could be "adopted". Meanwhile they stated 22 of the dogs had been put into homes.

    Where in the world does anyone think it is ok to put this kind of dog out in society with the average pet owner?

    Why is this kind of money and resources used for this fiasco.

    The numbers from this 30 year study shows a scary trend of increases.

    How many more people and innocent pets will have to pay with their lives before something is done.

    Thank goodness for this site and the great work it does.

  4. Liquidate HSUS? I don't think so. They do so much good for the factory farmed animals no one else is helping on a big scale; pit bulls remain small part of their work–thank goodness they haven't been co-opted into becoming an all-pits, all-the-time lobbying machine like Best Friends.

  5. They actually took the lead in the mid 80's with Dr Randall Lockwood on their payroll. They recently acquiesed that fight bust dogs be adopted out so donations would flow from the pit groups.

    They need to start taking care of some of these mauling victims!

  6. I have hope for them, though, because they have shown a willingness to shift gears and admit when they goofed. They did it with feral cats, and with advocacy for factory farmed animals. What I'm hoping is that as more solid info like this comes out, HSUS will reconsider their stance on fighting dogs.

    Groups like Best Friends and American Humane, however, I have little to no hope for.

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