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42 thoughts on “Owner of the AADR, Andrea Press, Allegedly Uses Pit Bulls to Attack Partner

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  1. I believe Andrea Press is also the president of the Cape Fear APBT Club (one of the groups on the Michael Vick Amicus Brief), as well as the spokesperson for the Responsible Dog Owners of the Eastern States (sister group of Graves' group, the Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States).

    Cape Fear APBT Club

    Responsible Dog Owners of the Eastern States

    Despite Press' hard work, New Hanover County still passed the anti-tethering ban. Apparently she moved her pit operation to Brunswick County so that she could keep tying up her pits.

  2. the pit bull community known as "clubs" are as thick as thieves.

    here is sherri self aka gapits, president of the georgia apbt club, wife of convicted dog fighting transporter tony self, and buddy of jere alexander chiming in on andrea press' take over of the AADR…

    sounds like the AADR is in "good" hands.

    "Andrea Press and she took over the AADR with T.L.'s blessing :)"

  3. But…. this is impossible!

    The Dogmen always culled human aggressive Pits, so one couldn't possibly attack on command. The also make lousy guard dogs, which is why the meth dealers favor them.

  4. It has been my experience that any dog owner's club that includes the word "responsible" in the title, pretty much isn't. If Andrea Press is the spokesperson the the Responsible Dog Owners of the Eastern States, she would be a traditional choice for that position.

  5. correction: THICKER than thieves.

    a quick look around andrea's kennel website reveals a couple of recent convicted dog fighters bestowing awards on her dogs, ed faron and don juan casanova

    and at least two old timers who claim they've gone "straight": hank greenwood and gary hammonds.
    i was surprised to not see richard stratton in the hall of fame dog fighters turn judges.

    these people are so predictable and disgusting.

    btw, andrea appears to have made it so you can not navigate her website. i will be uploading the pdf version of eye trap kennels to my scribd acct later.

  6. Andrea Press. Vick case amicus brief.

    What do they have in common?


    Best Friends was the ONLY "humane organization" that signed on with this amicus brief with a pack of PIT BULL BREEDERS AND PIT BULL LOBBYISTS like Andrea Press.

    People like Press have routinely lobbied AGAINST anti-cruelty laws, AGAINST things like puppy mill regulation, AGAINST anti-chaining laws, AGAINST anti-dog fighting laws, and there is Best Friends Animal Sanctuary right in there with these people supporting them!

    And now, as Best Friends has stated in their organization aims, Best Friends is working to PROMOTE THE PIT BULL.

    Not protect the pit bull, not stop cruelty to pit bulls, not stop dog fighting, not stop the rampant overbreeding of pit bulls that mean that so many die.

    But to PROMOTE the pit bulls FOR THE FINANCIAL BENEFIT OF PIT BULL BREEDERS, so that more of these dogs can be bred to suffer.

    And also so more pit bulls can maim and kill other dogs, cats, farm animals in record numbers.

    Best Friends has gone so wrong. They are actually now involved with INhumane interests. It is chilling.

    I am ashamed to say that I once supported Best Friends, but they have traveled down a dark and cruel way.

  7. "the Responsible Dog Owners of the Eastern States (sister group of Graves' group, the Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States)."

    These two groups are heavily involved in lobbying with AKC breeders.

    Not just the AKC Staffordshire Terrier breeders, but many of the others as well.

    They are personal friends with many AKC lobbyist breeders and AKC board members. They lobby TOGETHER.

    Also with AKC board member- run NAIA

  8. bluesmom, "responsible dog owner" is code for breeders.

    All of these groups with some variation on these terms are breeders.

    They use these words as a front to hide their breeder status and financial interests, while they lobby to oppose regulation that might infringe on their $$$, and try to manipulate the media and legislators.

    Why "responsible owner?" Because they (AKC, UKC breeders, most of them) state that animals are OWNED property and it is their right to do whatever they want with their property with no regulation.

    AKC has "responsible dog owner" days which are some front doggie activities over the central core of lobbying against regulation.

    It's business lobbying.

  9. The use of vicious dogs in domestic violence incidents is sadly not at all uncommon. This incident should be treated as a domestic violence incident, not just as "simple assault". The fact that it was a woman siccing the dog on a male makes it no less serious.

  10. OMgoodness! That CDC hearing about tethering is going to have all the pit nutters a-tither! They will no longer be able to blame wiggle-butt aggression on being chained up! They are taking away one of the top excuses pit nutters use. Wonder what kind of fall-out this will have?

  11. The Pit Community loves to blame chaining as a reason for so many attacks…but, then they will anti-fighting chaining measures tooth and naul…

    Reason..because chaining is the most cost effective method of containing dogs in an old tyme dogyard.

  12. So the ADOA is opposing anti-chaining laws (which they always do, for the interests of their pit bull breeding constituency), and the CDC is helping them?

    Chaining dogs is one of the primary kennel techniques of dog fighters. It's a cheap way to maintain lots of dogs that all want to kill each other.

    One of the easiest ways to spot dog fighting operations is the large number of chained pit bulls.

    There have been dog fighters deceiving legislators and worming their way onto commissions to slyly oppose anti-chaining laws. That's how desperately the dog fighters want to keep chaining dogs.

    Many many of the deadly attacks on children are by CHAINED DOGS.

  13. Could it be that Alane Koki, a SCIENTIST and pit bull breeder, has pull with the CDC and is encouraging someone at CDC to support pit bull breeder interests?

    "Raids on alleged dogfights in 2005 and 2006 in Madison County, Illinois, also had North Carolina connections, pointed out Brian Brueggemann of the Belleville News-Democrat. Arrested in both raids were Basil Sitzes, 34, who owned the property, and Jason Bland, 33, of Brighton, Illinois. Also arrested in the second raid was Kimberly Columb, 43, of Alton, Illinois, whom Brueggeman identified as a former housemate of cancer researcher Alane Koki.

    Koki, whose last known address was in Hillsborough, North Carolina, was on February 6, 2007 appointed to an Orange County citizens' committee formed by the county commissions to study an anti-chaining ordinance proposed by Dietrich von Haugwitz, 79, who died on June 26, 2007.

    Koki resigned after Ashley B. Roberts of the Orange County Independent Weekly exposed what Roberts summarized as "her long history of breeding pit bulls…and her association with local kennel owner Tom Garner, a nationally known breeder of pit bulls and a convicted dog fighter whom commissioners declined to appoint to the committee the same night they approved Koki."

    Roberts described archived versions of Koki's Thundermaker Bulldogs web site listing three of Garner's dogs as sires and grandsires of her dogs; a conversation between Koki and Wisconsin dogfighting and drug trafficking defendant Robert Lowery, taped by the Dane County sheriff's department; her efforts to obtain possession of nearly 50 pit bulls who were seized from Lowery; and the 2006 discovery of about 50 pit bulls on property Koki owns in Pennsylvania.

    Licensed to keep up to 26 dogs there, she eventually moved all but 11, Animal Rescue League of Berks County executive director Harry Brown told Roberts."

  14. It's understandable why the AVMA is threatened by tethering ordinances. The issue for the group doesn't even involve dogs — about half the membership are agricultural vets, who represent agribusiness. Agribusiness is desperately afraid of legislation that restricts confinement of pigs & chickens. The strategy is to obstruct animal advocates wherever possible, to keep them from advancing against the main bastions of the animal use industries.

    Why the CDC weighed in on the tethering issue is beyond me, except for the fact that it must be purely political. Then again, perhaps Gilchrist personally knows Press or her father does, who is a "prominent cardiologist in Washington, DC."

    Dr. Gail Golab of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Animal Welfare Committee states that the "AVMA has no official position on tethering”. Dr. Golab says, “Based on a review of the scientific literature (of which very little exists) and requested professional opinions of veterinary and animal behaviorists, it appears that the effects of tethering are situation-dependent". Dr. Julie Gilchrist of the Centers For Disease Control states that cause and effect have not been proven.

  15. Here's that "responsible dog ownership" code term coming up again!

    "In an interview later, Koki denied being involved in dog-fighting or having a prior business relationship with local breeder Tom Garner, a convicted dog fighter who keeps about 50 pit bulls on chains at his home near Hillsborough.

    In an e-mail to Animal Services Director Bob Marotto, Koki complained that her application to the committee—which is public record under N.C. law—had been provided to the press, and called questions from the Independent "harassment."

    "I will not have my professional credibility, nor my long history of responsible canine ownership, questioned nor attacked," Koki wrote"

  16. For a truly pitiful look, see Koki's resume trying to claim "objective scientific analysis of dog tethering" WHILE HIDING HER PIT BULL BREEDING FINANCIAL INTERESTS and interactions with pit bull dog fighter lobbies that tether and chain dogs as part of their business plan. And actively fight against anti-chaining laws for financial reasons.

    It is just beyond disgusting.

    But notice that she has contacts with the NIH, American Cancer Society, etc and spoken for/worked for them.

    Koki knows people at CDC.

  17. And did you see the "therapy dog" racket claim?

    How often have we seen pit bull breeders trying to whitewash pit bull aggression with all this "therapy dog" hype.

  18. I think you have the smoking gun here.

    Koki talks about getting together some of her "scientist" pals (ie some of the other people who work in biotech who breed pit bulls, of which there are at least several that I am personally aware of, who lobby for pit bull groups and their interests like opposing anti-chaining laws) to concoct some false "study" pretending to be "objective" that will say that chaining dogs is ok and doesn't cause issues.

    She then talks about trying to get other groups like the AVMA, etc to be using her study to PROMOTE DOG CHAINING.

    My feeling here? She got someone at CDC to take the bait.

  19. Wow. I guess I have some stereotyping to work through — I am just still amazed and surprised at the number of women that are involved in and support dogfighting. Rescue
    angels,I get that. But these women Like Koki and Andrea Press really freak me out. Wake up call! Women can be equally as scuzzy as men. The notion that if only women ran the world, everything would be utopic, that there would be no wars, no crime, only peace, love, and understanding — it's the big lie of the Feminist Movement. And in my naive youth, I bought into it. I am so sorry, guys!

  20. Last year, out of all the human fatalities caused by dogs, only 6 were by chained dogs. Of those 6, 4 were pit bulls. Once again, the highest common denomonator is not the situation but the breed. Any way you break it down, any excuse you want to blame it on, pit bulls come out on top.

  21. If you truly want to see questionable women in the "dogmen" world, click this Eyetrap Kennel link to see Kimberely Thomson (the red Dead Game tee-shirt) standing next to Tom Garner!

    Here's a recent quote from Kimberely regarding Ed Faron — aka, the "Godfather" of dogfighting, who pleaded guilty to felony dogfighting last year. Amongst Faron's many treasures is his book, "The Complete Gamedog: A Guide to Breeding and Raising the American Pit Bull Terrier" filled with memorable stories of dogfight matches ("Sadie had destroyed her face so badly that her sinuses were crushed, her whole face was pulsing up and down as she breathed and air was bubbling out of the holes on her muzzle and around her eyes.")

    "Kimberley Thomson of the Pender County town of Hampstead, who bought a pit bull from Faron and entered pit bulls in dog shows, said she opposed dog fighting and didn’t believe Faron was involved in that illegal activity. In an e-mail to the Wilkes Journal-Patriot, Ms. Thomson called Faron “a very compassionate, good hearted, dog loving breeder. I’ve seen for myself how much his animals love him. I’ve watched him hobble with his bad knees into their lots to love on them, as their tails wag so hard and they drench his face with kisses.” She added, “We show UKC/ADBA registered American pit bull terriers for conformation. We do not associate with dog fighters. I abhor the practice and would not keep company with anyone who gave me the slightest inclination that they fought or sold fighting dogs, as I love this breed far too much. I’ve grown to love and admire Ed Faron personally as well as professionally. He breeds for conformation excellence and has a great love for the breed. She called Faron “a walking book of information” about pit bulls. “When you see over and over again the American pit bull terrier breeders being accused, uprooted, losing their livelihood and their animals destroyed, you’ve got to wonder what the ‘real’ agenda of HSUS (Humane Society of the U.S.) is,” she said.
 Referring to people acquitted in other dog fighting cases, Ms. Thomson said she believed the HSUS’ goal was “to abolish this amazing breed.”

  22. More on Alane Koki from a news story. Scroll down to last comment.

    "There is other evidence that Koki may be involved in breeding dogs for fighting. On July 7, 2006, authorities in Dane County, Wis., taped a conversation between Koki and a man named Robert Lowery, a former sheriff's deputy accused of dog-fighting and drug trafficking. A transcript of the conversation was introduced as evidence in Lowery's trial. "Does Jeff still have that Lucky dog?" Lowery asked Koki over a recorded jail phone line. "No … it lost again," she responds. Koki also tried to gain possession of Lowery's pit bulls, which were seized and held at the Dane County Humane Society. Koki visited the shelter twice to try to convince the staff to turn the dogs over to her, says Dave Madden, the animal care director. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania officials have been investigating Koki for nearly a year, after discovering about 50 pit bulls on her property in Mohrsville, Pa., according to Harry Brown, executive director of the Animal Rescue League of Berks County, which is responsible for animal control there. Koki did not have the license required to keep more than 26 dogs, Brown says, and several months into the investigation, most of her dogs were removed. "We went back up to her property to pull a warrant for operating without a kennel license and found she had moved all but 11," says Brown."

  23. Alane Koki is involved with quite a few women involved in questionable situations.


    From that former link

    "Raids on alleged dogfights in 2005 and 2006 in Madison County, Illinois, also had North Carolina connections, pointed out Brian Brueggemann of the Belleville News-Democrat. Arrested in both raids were Basil Sitzes, 34, who owned the property, and Jason Bland, 33, of Brighton, Illinois. Also arrested in the second raid was Kimberly Columb, 43, of Alton, Illinois, whom Brueggeman identified as a former housemate of cancer researcher Alane Koki."

  24. Again, this Koki is a person who has business interactions with CDC and people who work there, and is involved/works for organizations that interact with the CDC!

    The CDC has some explaining to do about why they have decided to lobby for pit bull breeders.

  25. i think i found andrea's boy toy. and of course, he appears to be a felon.

    DWI 1986
    larceny 1984
    damage to property 1988
    driving license revoked 1990
    DWI 1990
    habitual impaired driving 1992
    driver license revoked 1990
    DWI 1990
    driver license perm revoked 1991
    driver license revoked 1992

  26. i spent a fair amount of time looking at the photos of pit bull "shows". two things jump out at me. the first one you alluded to already, tattoos! these pit bull "shows" look more like tattoo conventions. the other striking observation i made is the dichotomy between the fitness of the dogs and the fitness of their owners. i just don't get how all of these 300 pounders can become so fanatical about the shape of their dogs, some of which are underweight. it makes me wonder if they gave up on themselves and accepted the fact they are stuck in those bodies, and decided to focus all of their energy on the fitness of their dogs? this is really weird. i saw no one who was as fit as their dog.
    they say people choose dogs that reflect themselves but i think pit bull owners choose dogs for the image that they would like to reflect.

  27. The take down on the part of McAdams and Press was fast Craven — the two must have been alerted to our post. Along with legitimate and concerned U.S. citizens, zealous pro-pit bull groups read our blog too.

  28. Deleting his myspace page only makes him look guilty. The people who own these dogs really are not very bright.

  29. "spent a fair amount of time looking at the photos of pit bull "shows"."

    These pit bull "shows" are concocted fronts.

    They exist to cover up the fact that these people are breeding and fighting dogs.

    One of the most common rationalizations for a pit bull breeder is to deny that they breed fighting dogs, but claim they raise "show dogs."

    These shows were created to try to legitimize the lie.

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