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5 thoughts on “Another Pit Bull Strangles Self to Death in Catch Pole Noose

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  1. Cesar Millan once said “A dog has three choices; flee, submit or fight.”

    Pit bulls are intentionally bred to make the poor one.

  2. I’m now waiting for the pet lobby to demand we stop using catch poles and force our animal control officers to only calm aggressive dogs with biscuits and squeaky toys.

  3. “Officers were able to subdue the Labrador. But the pit bull continued to struggle after being struck several times with a Taser, police said.”

    I have YET to meet the labrador that I couldn’t scare away with stomping my foot and yelling GO HOME.

  4. More door bustin, nooses, firemen and shot pit bulls:

    Police shoot pit bull that attacked Westside owner
    A pit bull that attacked its owner was shot Saturday by police whom she called for help, a police report said.

    The woman, 25-year-old Rebecca Gearty, was trapped in a bathroom in a home in the 1l00 block of Scotten Road, pushing against a door to keep the dog out, the report said. Firefighters sprayed the dog with carbon dioxide and tried to pull it away by hooking its collar with a long pole, but couldn’t get it under control, the report said.

    The report said Officers S.K. Gilsenan and C.M. Newmes shot the dog after the woman yelled that she was bleeding and couldn’t hold the door any longer. The dog was still breathing when firefighters took it outside, the report said.

    Gearty was taken to Shands Jacksonville for treatment of cuts around her eye and injuries to one arm, the report said.

  5. Here’s another heartwarming tale of an ethereal pit nutter being rescue from here bathroom…What get’s me is the disloyalty…

    Pit bull attacks owner; dog killed by police using shotgun

    By Jason Tait , Staff Writer

    HAVERHILL – As Samantha Gaylord’s once-lovable pit bull was mauling her, sinking its teeth into her leg and abdomen, she remembers thinking she would die.

    “It was scary,” Gaylord, 24, said yesterday, recovering at her 4 Quimby St. home near Round Pond. “He was a different dog.”

    The attack lasted about 10 minutes, ending when the dog was killed with a shotgun blast to the head by police Sgt. Clifford Demeritt.

    Police Sgt. John Arahovites said the dog had to be shot – Gaylord was seriously injured, and the vicious canine prohibited emergency workers from getting into her house to help her.

    “This dog was extremely agitated, vicious and in attack mode,” Arahovites said.

    Gaylord, a Harvard University junior, said she has had her dog Leo for two years, and she is shocked it hurt her. The mauling happened in Gaylord’s home about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

    Leo had been overly aggressive recently and needed training, Gaylord said, so she hired Methuen dog trainer Spense Shepard of Make No Bones Dog Training to help.

    As Shepard entered Gaylord’s home Tuesday, the dog suddenly began attacking its owner, police said. The animal aggressively moved its head back and forth while biting, physically removing pieces of Gaylord’s flesh, she said. The attack continued until Shepard momentarily distracted the dog, at which time Gaylord escaped to a small bathroom and closed the door, she said.

    Gaylord poured peroxide over her wounds and used a tank top as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding in her leg. Her arm, buttocks and abdomen also were injured and the bathroom floor was a pool of blood, she said

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