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4 thoughts on “Comment: Criminal Logic of Pit Bull Owner

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  1. With 46 deaths in the past 32 months…the better analogy is that of a drunk driver who gets behind the wheel instead of calling a cab.

    A drunk driver is 16 times more likely to cause a fatal accident than a sober one, and DUI laws have saved 300,000 lives over the past 20 years.

    Using pit bullian logic, one could argue DUI laws are a failure because sober drivers still have fender benders.

  2. The only reason the chihuahua barked was because it saw a danger coming.(and he wasn’t wrong!) They don’t respond by ripping people or dogs to pieces, they just bark.

  3. I have had a horrible experience with a Pitt in the last 2 days. I have several different dogs, but my outside dogs, my protectors, are a large chocolate lab and an Appaloosa Bassett. The Bassett was torn up horribly by a Pitt and the Lab has only 3 working paws. This animal came into our yard and attacked these dogs. They barked also but only because they were protecting their home. It is being a very costly crisis and the Pitt owners are not too up on helping with the hospital bill. Something will have to be done about this dog because I also have 9 grandchildren that play in our yard.

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