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6 thoughts on “Owner of Mauled Yorkie Sues Pit Bull Owner for $250,000

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  1. ALL DOGS ARE EQUAL…that’s what pit bull owners and groups like the ASPCA will have you believe. But we are shown time and again that dogs are not equal. Pit bulls kill more dogs than all other dog breeds combined. Then they get returned to their owner, so they can attack and kill again. Pit bulls have far more rights than nearly all other breeds. They have the right to kill other animals (multiple times in many cities) and still remain alive. This is NOT dog equality.

  2. “But why aren’t pit bull and other “animal aggressive” dog owners charged with animal cruelty after their dog kills another animal?”
    I was asking myself the same question yesterday after reading about the owner of a dobermann being charged with animal cruelty after watching his dog rip a cat to pieces and doing nothing about it.
    Why don’t dog owners file these charges after their dog is ripped to pieces and the owner did nothing to stop it? Because that’s what they do: nothing!

  3. I hope this victim gets every penny of their litigious pursuit. We repeatedly hear pit bull advocates refer to their dogs as their babies, their family members, so they should have no trouble understanding the value of someone else’s dog to them and their families.

    These incidences are not just dog fights – errant skirmishes of domestics in unintended proximity. This is about possession of a dog bred to attack and kill other dogs. When this happens, it is not an accident, but a crime with malice aforethought. The pit bull owner should be held accountable for the despicable viciousness of their dog, in terms of both civil liability and criminal prosecution.

    Finally, this pit bull should not have been returned to the owner. There is not even a modicum of fairness or justice about this decision, and not an ounce of foresight to prevent another catastrophe, particularly where malice and irresponsibility has already been demonstrated in extreme form.

  4. I agree with the above posters….when a pit bull owner stands there wringing their hands while their dog rips another animal to shreds, they should be charged with felony animal cruelty. If dog fighting is a felony, then how can allowing your dog to maul another dog OUTSIDE of a fighting pit go unpunished?

    Are there any victims who have lost beloved pets out there to pit bull attacks courageous or angry enough to confront the ASPCA over this? Why can’t a victim report an attack on their pet as felony animal abuse? How is it any different than the thug who tosses a kitten to his pit bull to watch it be killed? I am just curious if any victims out there have even tried this.

    I would like to see someone demand a position statement from the animal welfare organizations regarding the animal victims of pit bulls…shouldn’t all owners of pit bulls who maul other animals be automatically charged with animal cruelty? If not, why not? What if the pit owner does not intervene to help the victim?

  5. It wouldn’t surpise me if dog industry lawyers show up pro bono to argue for the defendant on this…If forethought of malice becomes tied to breed choice, the whole aggro dog industry gets turned upside down.

  6. Our neighbor’s pitbull jumped over our fence last night and killed my precious baby boy Kramer. I had to watch this horrific scene. I live in North Carolina and am desperately wanting advice on what I need to do to sue these people. Please help.

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