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3 thoughts on “The Unpredictability of a Pit Bull; a Realistic Fear

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  1. “We’ve wracked our brains trying to figure it out,” Lois Holland said. “He’d just eaten lunch, and maybe he had a food smell on him. We don’t know, but if he hadn’t had a knife on him, they’d have probably killed him.”

    This is the scariest thing about Pit owners..Having zero respect of what they own!

  2. There should not have been ANY question about the fate of those dogs! In most states, any dog, regardless of breed, is put down after a vicious attack on humans or pets. Once they have attacked without provocation they WILL do it again.
    We were walking our 2 yr. old, 45 lb. choc. lab mix last weekend. Suddenly a dog was racing through the wooded yards of a side street we pass. A pit bull. She went right for our dog's back end, snapping her teeth! I kicked it but it didn't stop. The owner made his way over & was able to get the dog. He acted like we had no right to be walking on our own street! His dog got out of the fence, AGAIN. This was the second time that dog got out & came after ours. We stay off that street but the dog came to us on our street. The owner was quite nasty about it & never even asked if we were ok!
    A young girl walks our neighbor's dog & I warned her about this dog last night when I saw her. She said she would take the dog in the other direction from now on.
    I got pepper spray just incase but who knows if it would help? We haven't walked our dog since!
    I hope the dogs that attacked this man have been put down. I hope they get rid of their own pit bull if there will be children around. A fence has to be over 6 feet high to contain them. There should be NO legal question here.

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