Friday, March 11, 2011

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OpenID truthbird  |  3/05/2011 10:00 PM  |  Flag  
Portions from the Sheriff's Office:

8) I was contacted this week by a gang investigator at California Correctional Institution who heard Tia Torres was attempting to set up in this area. This investigator told me he is an expert in gang issues and had some concerns about the potential for increased criminal activity should the conditional use permit be approved. He told me the husband or boyfriend of Torres is an Aren CAJ) Jackson. Jackson was a validated associate of the Aryan Brotherhood CAB), a violent prison gang that also engages in continual criminal activity outside the prison setting. Jackson is now believed to be a drop out from the Aryan Brotherhood. Jackson is estimated to be eligible for parole in October of 20 19. The former presence of an Aryan Brotherhood associate at Villalobos Rescue Center led to criminal activity at the Los Angles County rescue center in 2009 Csee reason #9). The likelihood he may return to live with Torres upon parole increases the risk of future criminal activity at the Old West Ranch location here in Kern County.

9) Torres's rescue compound in Los Angeles County has been connected to criminal activity: I spoke to Detective Dan Dantice with the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Office. Detective Dantice was the lead investigator in the cases involving Aren Jackson. Dantice told me he and fellow investigators served a search warrant at the Torres residence in 2009 and found heroin, methamphetamine and evidence of ongoing identity theft. Dantice said they also found two motorcycles in the garage of a vacant house next door: One motorcycle belonged to Aren Jackson and had been wrecked. The second motorcycle was a matching make and model and was stolen from another location in Los Angles County. The investigators concluded Jackson was using the stolen motorcycle to provide parts for his wrecked motorcycle. Another parolee at the residence took responsibility for the methamphetamine and was arrested. Jackson was arrested for the other items.

Donny Youngblood, Sheriff-Coroner, County of Kern
By: Sergeant Richard C. Wood
Kern County Sheriff s Office
East Area Substations Section
Tehachapi Substation

Blogger cravendesires  |  3/06/2011 1:00 AM  |  Flag  
i love this letter from the sheriff. i read it 3 times.

i love the photo of tia too. wow, good one.

OpenID maultalk  |  3/10/2011 3:54 PM  |  Flag  
Today is the 10th. Thus far, Torres' only response to the 1,296-page report released by the Kern County Planning and Community Development Dept, which advised against her move, is "dumbfounded."

“I have no response. I’m dumbfounded,” stated an email from the applicant, Tia Maria Torres...

Blogger P.  |  3/12/2011 11:35 AM  |  Flag  
Tia can still appeal but she did a lot of damage at that meeting and I think appealing would be a lost cause. Her thugs turned the meeting into a worship session instead of addressing the issues. None of this revolved around Tia, per se, it revolved around issues such as pollution, roads, etc. But she and her thugs turned it into a racist issue by wearing their ridiculous T-shirts. All she managed to do successfully is piss off the officials. Plus one never condemns law enforcement unless one is prepared for repercusions. They will be watching her like a hawk now. She is one stupid bitch.

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