Saturday, December 27, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/27/2008 3:30 PM  |  Flag  
So the question is, who is calling the shots at Multnomah County Animal Control?

Have dog breeders or dog fighters infiltrated animal control there to protect aggressive dogs, their breeders, and owners?

Who are these people?

Who is such a danger to the community that they would allow a dog to attack two times and do nothing?

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/27/2008 3:40 PM  |  Flag  
Here is one affiliation Multonomah County Animal Control has

Notice the pit bull prominently displayed

Because this is colluding with a pit bull "advocacy" breeder organization!!!!!!!!

Notice the announcement that the "temperament results " are in. Are these the temperament results from the pit bull breeder front group?

Look at the other links.


So Multonmah County has let a dog breeder and pit bull breeder industry front group come in and affect animal control in the county?

It is sad to see Petsmart Charities putting money into this "masters in behavior" conference.

Clearly they do not know they are supporting DOG BREEDERS.

This is the problem in Multnomah County. Public safety was left in the dust, and dog breeders are now running the show and watching out for the financial interests of the DOG BREEDER INDUSTRY.

Using animal control to protect profits and interests.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/27/2008 3:51 PM  |  Flag  

This Animal Farm with Bad Rap are selling pit bull promotion and breeder protection services to animal control, and it would seem COLLECTING TAX DOLLARS to promote the breeds and protect the breeders

How much money is this costing communities to let a front group come in and propagandize for an industry? Use animal control for their own devices? Hold communities hostage to paying for and enabling pit bulls?

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/27/2008 4:02 PM  |  Flag  
More still

This Animal Farm Foundation was founded by a Jane Berkey

Jane Berkey appears to have been Diane Jessup's literary agent

Here is Jane Berkey promoting the American Temperament Testing Society

Notice she doesn't mention that it is run by PIT BULL BREEDERS!!

And here she is at Best Friends land, on their No More Homeless Pets conference page, along with a push to get people to visit the AKC website

Wonderful! Best Friends is now advocating for AKC interests and colluding with AKC, the premier puppy mill registration organization that supports animal cruelty.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/27/2008 4:13 PM  |  Flag  
And can someone at Multnomah County Animal control explain why they have a link to AKC?

The AKC is a front group for for-profit breeders and puppy mills. They don't represent the public or even dogs. The AKC represents the FINANCIAL INTERESTS of the dog breeder industry.

Links to AKC have NO BUSINESS on a government animal control site (notice the lack of links to national humane groups that AKC doesn't like)

Having a link to AKC is like a county public health department offering a link to a tobacco industry front group, or a liquor industry front group, for "health" information

Could it be that this Oregonian plays some part in this?

The problem seems to be that the AKC and dog breeders have infiltrated Multonamah County Animal Control for their own devices

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/27/2008 4:22 PM  |  Flag  
Well looky looky folks.

Remember Patti Strand of NAIA?


Well, here is Jane Berkey of this Animal Farm Foundation AS A SPEAKER AT A NAIA CONFERENCE

NAIA is a puppy mill and breeder front group.

Links to NAIA are found on puppy mill lobbyist, dog fighter websites, and declared as representing the interests of these industries.

And this article is on the UKC website. Pit bull breeders.

Shame on Multnomah County.

They let dog breeder financial interests take over, and people in the county are suffering the consequences.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/27/2008 4:26 PM  |  Flag  
Notice the topic at that NAIA conference?

"Animal Care and Control programs that really work"

DOG BREEDERS infiltrating animal control progreams to protect dog breeders from things like licensing or regulation, and to run animal control as dog breeder front groups

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/27/2008 4:31 PM  |  Flag  
" However, she was pleased to announce that the NAIA will soon unleash its own animal control training program"


Looks like maybe Multnomah County was a trial run?

So the plan is to get these "front groups" that claim to love dogs and be humane-oriented (but really represent dog breeder financial interests) to go in and "consult" for animal control and set up programs?


It is a disgrace that any public organization or entity would get involved with an industry front group in any way.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/27/2008 4:39 PM  |  Flag  
Smoking gun, Folks!!!!!

The problem in Multnomah County is their Animal Control program coordinator, Cindy Leung

"Cindy Lueng, the program coordinator for the Multnomah County Animal Control in Portland, Oregon gave an overview on another successful animal control program."

Cindy Leung is quite bluntly colluding with FOR-PROFIT DOG BREEDER LOBBYING GROUPS AND FRONT GROUPS.

Here she is at the NAIA conference.

NAIA, run by an AKC board member who handles the AKC's puppy mill business.

NAIA, whose links appear on dog fighter websites as representing their interests.

Who approved this in Multnomah County?

Do they know what Cindy Leung is up to? Who she is bringing in to the county to infiltrate animal control??

This is like sending someone from the Multnomah County public health department to a tobacco industry front group conference

In fact, this NAIA has links to lobbyists in that industry as well

They have lobbied together for dog breeder interests, and share each other's propaganda etc.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/27/2008 5:09 PM  |  Flag  
And for the coup de grace on this situation,

Cindy Leung of Multnomah County Animal Control is a for-profit DOG BREEDER AND UKC JUDGE and breeder lobbyist

(UKC, whose major interest is PIT BULLS)

"Next up was Cindy Leung. Cindy is a certified pet dog trainer and utilizes her skills at the shelter level, is a grant writer and program coordinator for the Multnomah County Animal Control in Portland, Oregon. She is a regular contributor to “Dog Sport Magazine” and is the president of the Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America.She has numerous titles on her dogs and is an UKC judge"

She clearly is representing herself to the community as a "dog trainer" and leaving out the whole conflict of interest dog breeder/pit bull breeder/pit bull LOBBYIST issue.

Cindy Leung lobbying against mandatory spay neuter laws with her for-profit dog breeder friends, including Patti Strand

Cindy Leung working WITH Naia to lobby against laws breeders don't like

Multnomah County carries blame for allowing dog breeder lobbyists to run animal control on behalf of dog breeder interests.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/27/2008 9:37 PM  |  Flag  
More on this Cindy Leung

She has some involvement with a person named Jim Lewinson

This Jim Lewinson seems to be involved with a charitable foundation that gives money to animal welfare concerns

I wonder if the people who founded this foundation know that someone with links to a radical pro-breeder, pro-puppy mill breeder lobby like NAIA is working for them?

This is the foundation.

Wonder where the money for this Foundation is going to? Are breeder lobbying interests channelling grants from this foundation?

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/27/2008 9:51 PM  |  Flag  
Notice at that NAIA conference a woman named Holly Stump spoke

Holly Stump is a pit bull breeder (and NAIA member) in Ipswich Massachusetts who manipulated a Ma state rep, Rep Brad Hill, into promoting a Dangerous Dog Bill that would have HELPED PROTECT aggressive dogs and the people who breed them.

The law would have allowed multiple attacks before a dog was declared dangerous, would have allowed dangerous status to be lifted if the owner went to a lame dog training class (probably run by breeders like Cindy Leung) and would HAVE WIPED THE DOG'S RECORD CLEAN if the dog didn't bite again for some months

Meaning that the aggressive dog could be hidden away in another state until the waiting period was up, then come back with a clean record to attack again

Brad Hill's bill was shot down.

But it looks like Cindy Leung in Multnomah County has instituted her own version of her pit bull breeders friends "protect the aggressive dog" plan.

Anonymous Trigger  |  12/27/2008 10:11 PM  |  Flag  
It is SO clear that county policy makers have no idea what is going on. When you look at these three counties side-by-side it's a dead ringer that Multnomah County Animal Services is bending over backwards to protect dangerous dogs...Wonder how that 1-4 scale actually works? Wonder how many previous bite victims would come forward with their own stories of Multnomah County Animal Services upon learning about the Jennifer Scott (Baumgartner, Nelson and Price lawsuit?

In the other article, it notes Multnomah dangerous dog laws:

Potentially dangerous dogs are classified on a scale of 1 (for example chasing people) to 4 (biting someone on public property), depending in part on the dog's history of attacks. Dangerous dogs -- as opposed to potentially dangerous dogs -- are kept in a special facility or euthanized. Dogs classified as 3 or 4 must be securely enclosed, but the enclosures can be at the owner's home. Owners may also be required to post signs about the dog, muzzle it when taken off the property and pay special fees. Dogs can be declassified as potentially dangerous within two years.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/28/2008 3:10 AM  |  Flag  
Wow...these dog people certainly have been busy beavers while the public slept on this issue.

Pit Sleeper Cells infiltrating Animal Control Departments is a serious public safety issue.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/28/2008 10:46 AM  |  Flag  
It's like if the Mob takes over police services

and then uses the police department to protect Mobsters and Mobster business interests

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/28/2008 10:56 AM  |  Flag  
I'm really upset that Petsmart Charities got duped into providing sponsorship for a shill event that is benefiting dog breeders and dog trainers, NOT animal welfare concerns


So Cindy Leung says she is a grantwriter, and somewhere it says she organized this ridiculous, nonsensical "dog training" event with a pit bull promotion business.

That promotes DOG BREEDERS

So did she get Petsmart Charities to give money to an event that SHE is getting paid for? Or her dog breeder friends?

This dog training event has NOTHING to do with animal welfare whatsover.

Is someone asleep at the wheel at Petsmart Charities? Do these dog breeders have some plant at Petsmart Charities channelling money to them?

There need to be some hard answers from Petsmart Charities.

Why would Petsmart Charities be giving a grant to a breeder who is involved with a hardcore, radical breeder lobbying organization like NAIA? To a breeder who has people getting mauled by dangerous dogs under her watch?

Why would Petsmart Charities get involved with this Animal Farm organization that seems to be a dog breeder propaganda mill?

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/28/2008 11:19 AM  |  Flag  
The Pacific Northwest has big problems with dog breeder lobbying plants infiltrating animal welfare & control, and pursuing dog breeder interests

Here is another one

Brenda Barnette is a for-profit dog breeder who is involved with an AKC breed club that GIVES MONEY TO NAIA for lobbying, and has actively lobbied AGAINST animal welfare interests to support dog breeder financial interests

What is a dog breeder lobbyist doing running Seattle Humane Society?

When the Oprah puppy mill show hit the airwaves, Brenda Barnette (as CEO of Seattle Humane Society) actually wrote a letter to the paper DEFENDING DOG BREEDERS and trying to tell the public that the Seattle Humane Society says dog breeders are good. It was just a public relations piece for the dog breeding industry, and Barnette neglected to mention her AKC involvement, breeder status (and that her AKC is involved in & profits from & lobbies for the puppy mill business.)

But there she was, in the name of the Seattle Humane Society, trying to whitewash the reputation of her soiled dog breeder industry.

At a previous shelter job, she actually held an event characterised as an "adoption event" where the main attraction was a promotion of the breed of dog her daughter breeds!

What is going on at Seattle Humane Society? Again, why would they hire a dog breeder industry lobbyist to use the name of the society to run pr campaigns for for-profit breeder interests?

This Barnette is also involved with a cabal of Nathan Winograd No Kill people that are trying to take over King County Animal Control and privatize it, so that taxpayer dollars will be supporting the breeders. Trying to pull a Barking Hound, Georgia set up.

Barnette is involved with Claire Loebs Davis, a Best Friends associate, running a kcac exposed smear campaign to try to get animal control officers fired and replaced with privatized Winograd plants.

Read all the comments to the end.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/28/2008 2:42 PM  |  Flag  
Cindy Leung is running some business called Mixed Breed Dog Club of America

Well, look who was the super special guest speaker at her business's event. PATTI STRAND

This Patti Strand

Patti Strand lives in and runs her lobbying business from Portland Oregon

The problem in Multnomah County is that Cindy Leung has brought the interests of a for-profit dog breeder lobbying group, NAIA, into the county. Animal control is being run as a department of NAIA.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/28/2008 2:55 PM  |  Flag  
Of course, one problem is that the Portland Oregonian has a "pets blogger" writing a column for them under false pretences

Deb Wood

Deb Wood never bothers to mention to the public that she is an AKC breeder and breeder lobbyist

Yet she uses her column to propagandize and lobby for dog breeder industry financial interests

(see Animal Farm person posting a thank you to Deb in the comments)

Deb Wood is also a pal of Patti Strand

So why is the Portland Oregonian allowing someone with a personal financial interest in dog breeding and lobbying to write a column that lobbies for those interests, yet she hides her business activities?

This is what these breeders do. They do not disclose to their employers that they have BUSINESS INTERESTS in the field. And we end up with deception like this.

Would the Oregonian allow a tobacco industry lobbyist to write a column on health?

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/28/2008 3:03 PM  |  Flag  
Here is Deb Deborah Wood using the Portland Oregonian to let Patti Strand come right in and propagandize for the AKC puppy mill breeders

The AKC is threatened by the designer mixed breed dog market because the AKC gets no registration money from mixes.

The AKC makes most of its money registering puppy mill purebreds, and this Wood column is a propaganda piece FOR the AKC maligning the designer mixes in hopes that people will go back to buying the AKC puppy mill purebreds.

Those puppy mill purebreds that Patti Strand sets up the business with for AKC.

The Portland Oregonian is allowing private business lobbying to operate under the guise of "journalism" right under its nose.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/28/2008 3:08 PM  |  Flag  
Notice the quote by Patti Strand, AKC board member, breeder, breeder lobbyist in that article

"A breed is a group of dogs that have been selectively bred to predictably possess and produce certain characteristics, such as speed, size, temperament, performance ability or appearance," said Strand. "It takes generations of selective breeding to produce healthy dogs that breed true to type."

So Patti Strand is basically ADMITTING that temperament is a by-product of selective breeding, and that breeds are bred to be "true to type"

Pit bulls. Aggression.

Yet Patti Strand and NAIA get the dog fighters cheering on their web sites by lobbying against bsl and claiming that the opposite of what she states is true.

Anonymous Felony  |  12/29/2008 1:43 AM  |  Flag  
"The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter." -- Winston Churchill

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/30/2008 5:40 AM  |  Flag

This A/C Departement just revealed itself as another Pit Sleeper Cell.

Apparently the victim "cornered" the dogs on a public street, thus provoking the level 5 mauling. The dogs had been on the loose since biting another man in early November.

Another classic A/C failure.

Now, they will launder the Maulspawn pups through the local pit bull rescues. Somebody stop them!

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