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5 thoughts on “Report: Texas Dog Bite Fatalities, January 1, 2005 to February 17, 2013

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  1. Great job DBO! Nobody was supposed to be tracking this stuff….

    This lesson here is:


  2. The pit people are constantly claiming that it's chaining that makes pit bull type dogs attack and kill. Ooooo, any dog that's chained becomes dangerous.

    Two CDC physicians calculated in 1994 that any chained (or tethered) dog is 2.8 times more likely to get aggressive than a not-chained dog.

    HOWEVER… In a tally of chained dog attacks (current up to February 16, 2013), it turns out that it's chained PIT BULLS doing about 80% of all chained dog attacks — not only in Texas, but everywhere. Rottweilers were responsible for another 10% of all chained dog attacks.

    So while any dog is more likely to attack when chained up, the relative frequency of attacks by PIT BULLS and Rottweilers vs all other dogs doesn't change one bit.

    This proves yet again that any time all things are equal, it'll be pit bulls killing at least twice as many people as all other types of dogs combined. Even with chaining and abuse, you still can't get normal dogs to maul and kill as often as pit bulls do.

    Anti-tethering laws only leave the pit bull free to roam and seek victims, instead of having to wait for one to come along.

  3. Fantastic report!

    "1.) Texas leads the nation in dog bite fatalities 2.) Texas is a One Bite state and 3.) Texas prohibits breed-specific laws."

    "The only benefactors of (BSL( are breeders and owners of dangerous dog breeds." This is so obviously true and so disgusting that laws have been passed to protect the interests of a tiny minority of people responsible for producing the most prolific canine killer in existence.

    I had no idea that so many creative solutions to the problem of dog bites have already been tried. The San Antonio aggressive dog investigation ordinances should be looked at nationwide!

    It is sad that canine courts might be required nationwide as well, simply because so many dog owners are failing to take responsibility and be reasonable about their dogs, but if that is the case, then that is a great idea as well.

    Fort Worth's definition of "aggressive" dogs — "animals that make repeated attempts to climb, dig or chew through fencing in order to attack or harass a person or a pet" is a non breed specific approach to aggressive dogs that does seem to prevent attacks. And I believe addresses one of the most common issues with stupid neighbors getting aggressive dogs and leaving them outside to threaten the neighbors.

  4. Great report. Thank you.

    I wanted to highlight a portion of sputnik's comment that I liked.

    "This proves yet again that any time all things are equal, it'll be pit bulls killing at least twice as many people as all other types of dogs combined. Even with chaining and abuse, you still can't get normal dogs to maul and kill as often as pit bulls do."

    You are correct, we should control for variables. However, pit advocates will speak of ELIMINATING variables, which is utterly wrongheaded. They'd like to eliminate from consideration all dogs that have intersected with any human frailty or deprivation, without realizing that all the non-gripping dogs that are tethered and mistreated do not do what we observe in pits. So, their schtick is to squint their eyes and find a way to let pittie off. Once they do that, lo and behold, there is hardly an attack they can't somehow account for with their rampant pattern seeking behaviors.

    It is obvious that genetics intersects with and interacts with environment, and it is telling that so many vets sign off and support research that does not realize this very elementary lesson.

  5. I am a 65 year old male and a resident of Corpus Christi Texas. I was knocked off my bike and attacked and bitten by 2 pit bulls Sunday morning 6/26/16. When a police officer arrived 45 minutes after my 911 call, the same pit bulls charged the officer causing him to retreat to his vehicle and close the door. The incident was reported to animal control and a bite report was issued. this incident took place directly in front of an elementery school. the owner of these dogs and the address was known to animal control as I had followed the animal control officers to the residence. 3 days later, while children were walking to school, these 2 same pit bulls and their puppies were still freely roaming the streets, uncollored and untagged. I guess a child will have to be killed before any action is taken by this sorry excuse for a city. all my attempts to force the city to take action, which included contacting the city council, have illiceted the same response, "animal control has been notified."

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