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5 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Texas Toddler Killed by Pit Bull Being 'Watched' by Her Family

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  1. Texas Governor Rick Perry's 34th Pit Bull DBRF to occur on his watch…

    Can I get a good ole Texas
    "BSL Never Works" Hell Yeah?!?

    Meanwhile, the pit breeders and dog fighters are laughing!

  2. "No family should ever agree to "watch" a friend or relative's pit bull or rottweiler under these conditions."

    No family should ever allow a child to share any physical space with any pit bull type dog under any conditions.

    You can't help it if they surprise you on the street or invade your yard or house, but you can at least teach children to (calmly) leave the area as soon as this type of dog approaches.

  3. The people blaming the parents for not catching the girl sneak outside must not have children of their own. Any parent can tell you that toddlers can wander off in a blink of an eye, no matter how vigilant you are.

    If she had wandered into a yard with a yorkie or cocker spaniel, she would still be alive.

    That's why we babyproof homes. We lock medicine cabinets, put gates around stairs, and put covers in electrical outlets. Another way to babyproof is too often overlooked, though, and that is keeping pit bulls off of your property. Don't allow them in your yard or inside. Don't even keep them in crates, because they are master escape artists.

    I'm also sick and tired of pit bull apologists saying it's okay for their dogs to be escape artists, but then blame parents when children are escape artists. If only pit bull owners were half as vigilant about their dogs as they demand parents be about children, then everyone else around them wouldn't be so at risk.

  4. Offspring of fatally attacking pit bull being pawned off to the public by the Temple, Texas Animal Services department.

    “The owner of the animal failed or refused to claim the animal from the shelter despite numerous calls from city officials,” Temple police Cpl. Christopher Wilcox said Wednesday, so “the animal was declared abandoned and was euthanized in accordance with a City of Temple ordinance.” The younger dogs, however, will be made available for adoption later through the City of Temple’s Animal Services, Wilcox said.

  5. Bet they won't be tracking those pups either. Or telling folks their history.

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