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4 thoughts on “2013 U.S. Dog Bite Fatality Statistics -

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  1. Yet again thank you for your precision and persistence in keeping track of this ongoing tragedy, and for publishing the information to inform us.

    In light of the sad numbers you've had to publish for 2013, it's scandalous that veterinarians, academics, and supposedly educated dog experts continue to deny the problem.

    I don't mean the Expert Formerly Known As A Dog Hairdresser, nor the Expert Formerly Known As An Unemployed Actress, nor the Vet Tech. I mean the people with actual degrees in anything from veterinary medicine to animal behavior, behavioral biology, evolutionary biology, and genetics.

    I'm flabbergasted every day as I see their smugly smiling faces pass by, see them yet again thinking they profile themselves as especially wise by denying all that real science says. I'm wondering how long this can last, how long it will take for them to go the way of the intellectual prostitutes who lied for Big Tobacco.

    At least the ones who sold themselves to the tobacco lobby didn't have so much children's blood on their hands. They thought the only issue was lung cancer in smokers; they didn't know the effect smoking had on the unborn. The present sold-out batch in this pit bull issue knows perfectly well how many children they are killing, yet they continue to smugly and vapidly smile as they mouth their lies.

    It's encouraging that judges are starting to throw out their junk science — IMO much to your credit for so securely and doggedly tracking the real facts and laying those on the table.

    Thank you!

  2. Pit bulls are dangerous! I don't understand people who leave their own children alone with pit bulls! I hope more people read your post and realize the danger as soon as possible!

  3. Thank you for all that you do. I don't know how to get this info out to more people, because a lot of them don't want to hear it. I was just reading about shark attacks in Hawaii,, and how everyone is so worried about being attacked by a shark.In Hawaii,there have been 2 (2!)deaths by shark in the last year and 14 attacks. Not to say that those deaths and attacks aren't horrendous, but these weren't people stepping out to get their mail, walking their dog, working in their garden,etc. Why aren't more people worried about being attacked by pit bulls? The attacks are horrific, terrifying, possibly mortal and can happen to anyone, anywhere. If you're worried about shark attack, just don't go in the water. Pit bulls are everywhere.

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