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16 thoughts on “Escalating Fatal Dog Maulings on Tribal Lands - Suspected Fatal Dog Attack on the Wind River Reservation

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  1. Hmm. Declaring every month with a Sunday in it open season on roaming dogs might put a dent in the dog populations of these tribal lands.

  2. Colleen, thank you for this comprehensive overview of recent dangerous dogs attacks on Indian reservations.

    I recently wrote the Tribal Chairmen of the Wind River Reservation. Here are their names and email links for those who want to email them to encourage the passage of the dangerous dogs ordinance on that reservation:

    Chairman John St. Clair
    Eastern Shoshone Tribe
    Wind River Reservation
    [email protected]

    Chairman Jordan Dresser
    Northern Arapaho Tribe
    Wind River Reservation
    [email protected]

    Note that the Wind River Reservation’s largest business is the Wind River Hotel and Casino. Surely the Reservation is also concerned about the safety of Casino and Hotel visitors in addition to the Tribal residents.

    Here is the Tribal Leaders Directory at the BIA:
    You will be able to find the names of other Tribal Chairmen at this site.

  3. Probably the best Solution would be a rabies outbreak. The federal government would provide vaccine and dog control. Few people would have to die. The entire membership of the tribes could be protected with vaccine. The dog population would be quickly controlled by shooting every dog.

    • I apologize for being short tempered. I have little vision, and using a keypad I cannot see is very tough for me. Controlling wild dog populations can be done if people simply want to do so. Why do native Americans have such a dog problem when the rest of the country does not.

  4. Rachel, I am sorry to hear how difficult it is for you to read. Thank you for taking time to care about the increasing damage of pitbulls in America. As Boni calls it, The Great Pitbull Implosion in, as I call it, The Great Outdoors. A spiraling downgrade to our quality of life as we have know it for decades.

    I was recently surprised to understand that in the USA and Canada, there is one mauling per day by pitbulls in America and Canada. “In the 10 years from 2009 to 2018, pit bulls killed or maimed 3,569 people in the USA and Canada.” (Merritt Clifton, Dog Attack Deaths & Maimings, U.S. & Canada, 1982-2018 Log.)

    There have been so many maulings and deaths by pitbulls that my forwarding to Colleen of maulings news reports often do not get reported by dogsbite. I have found that Colleen is focusing on the deaths, some of which are unreported. The amount of time and energy that go into each report amazes me, as I found myself when trying to encourage the Wind River Reservation to pass the dangerous dogs ordinance.

    I especially care about the Indian reservation dangerous dogs situation. The dogs get loose off the rez and increase in danger to rez residents and the surrounding environs. I have supported missionaries on the reservations, as I went to the same church and high school as two gals who devoted their lives to the Navajo Nation, including the Havasupais at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Plus I was fortunate to work for a day in the home of a ballerina whom I discovered eventually was America’s FIRST prima ballerina. Soon the Martin Scorsese film will premiere about Maria Tallchief’s Osage Indian tribe, once the richest people group in the world when oil was discovered on their land.

    So I am grateful for Colleen’s reporting on increasing pitbull attacks on reservation lands as pitbull attacks increase across America.

  5. I definitely believe the introduction of pitbull/bully/fighting breeds blood into the mix of these tribal dogs is a major factor of the aggressive nature of the dog packs, people everywhere can expect even more severe and fatal attacks like this.

  6. A large number of wild, unsocialized, hungry dogs are dangerous. It’s likely these dogs have consumed people leaving no trace of them. Although pit bulls are more dangerous than other breeds, hungry dogs are dangerous. In Afghanistan, wild packs of dogs infected with rabies terrify residents. Afghan women are often phobic of dogs due to this.
    They would run into a busy street to escape a leashed, trained up seeing eye dog.
    At any rate, large numbers of dogs cannot be allowed to run at large. They will kill humans and anything else available. I have nearly thirty large breed dogs in my backyard now. All are fenced in. None is dangerous. They are safe even for me in a wheelchair.
    They are not
    pit bulls. Feeding thousands of hungry dogs would require hundreds of thousands of dollars of dog food as well as an incredible effort to stop the reproduction. Very few of these dogs would ever be safe pets. Keeping this number of dogs is insane. How many tribal members are missing. There will be many more human deaths caused by these dogs.

    • Rachel, you may be onto something there about a correlation of missing indigenous tribal members and pitbulls and packs of pitbulls.

      A few weeks ago some Indian tribes held a memorial walk on May 5, designated now as National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls.
      In Sept 2021, the Salt Lake Tribune reported on Wyoming murders: “Between 2010 and 2019, the homicide rate among Indigenous people was eight times the homicide rate of white people in Wyoming. It was 6.4 times higher among Indigenous women than white women.”

      So now I wonder if the indigenous deaths national database has considered the possibility of deaths by dangerous dogs.

      • Now, now, now, Nunzia.

        It that database referenced the possibility that packs of roaming dogs aren’t cute and cuddly pupper woofles, imagine what that would do. Think of the donations that would dry up — especially to those organizations involved in reservation dog rescue.

        Uh-uh. Can’t have that. The dog worship must continue unabated.

  7. Thanks for this terrifically informative examination of the dog problem on tribal lands. It feels like these areas are just waiting for a rabies outbreak — as someone above suggested — to find themselves as dangerous as India when it come to free-roaming dogs. At least the increasing fatalities and injuries are spurring local leaders and residents to tackle a public safety issue that’s going unaddressed in the broader media.

  8. Some years ago an elderly man lived with nearly twenty outside dogs.
    He wore the same clothes every day. He was missing. The only remnants of him were a few scraps of his clothes. No one knew if he died of natural causes or his dogs killed him. His body was entirely consumed by his dogs. Why couldn’t this happen on reservations.

  9. This horrific situation reads like a Stephen King novel. Imagine if some of these missing women were out walking alone in the dark. These packs of dogs are fierce and relentless. No clues left behind? Reservation dogs used to be seen as hapless mutts wandering around. Since the explosion of pits and other dangerous breeds contaminating all bloodlines, reservations are now a breeding ground for mauling and death. It’s a tragic situation. I hope they can round up these dogs sooner than later.

    • I’d love to see the dogs rounded up and in good homes. Unfortunately it isn’t possible. My own dogs were eating so much they were destroying my bank accounts. I had to find placements for most of them. When I totally ran out of money, they would have starved.

      Two hundred fifty thousand dogs each eating only one pound of food daily would consume two hundred fifty thousand pounds of food daily. Multiply by 365 days per year. It’s simply not feasible without a lot of funding. In addition, I spoke with native Americans years ago who were intentionally crossing dogs with coyotes and turning the puppies loose when no longer cute. To my knowledge, Asia’s problem with packs of dangerous and often rabid dogs has nothing to do with pit bulls. It has to do with starving often sick dogs.

      Dogs belong genetically with wolves. They have prey drive and hunt for food.

      This is whole situation is very sad, and it could have been avoided. However, the problem has become horrible. I hope someone comes to his or her senses. Most of these dogs need to be humanely destroyed. Simply a fact.

    • Reminds me of the show, “Primeval”–where mankind genetically creates an apex predator that wipes out the entire human race.

      We’re taking them into our homes and claiming them as “pets”. They breed faster than we do and are capable of destroying us.

      We truly are the most self-destructive species.

      I’d like to change timelines please, Dr. Who. This one is borked.

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