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6 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Young Adult Female Killed by Pack of Dogs on the Meskwaki Settlement in Tama County, Iowa

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  1. Pitbulls infecting every dog population even in remote areas.

    Soon, there won’t be any non-pit bull dogs that aren’t purebred dogs destroyed by inbred genetic anomalies.

    • Although people everywhere seem to believe inbreeding ruins dogs, this simply is not true.

      If one breeds a vicious pit bull to a vicious Rottweiler, one has made an outcrossed litter which likely has bad temperament.

      Different breeds are produced by breeding for specific traits. Border collies were selectively bred for herding. Pit bulls were developed by selectively breeding for killer dogs.

      • Inbreeding is actually horrible for dogs, I’m not sure why you don’t think it’s a big deal. The dog breeds with the highest Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) are the least healthy, these include breeds like Pugs, French Bulldogs, and English Bulldogs. Pit bulls, especially “exotic bullies” are also very inbred. You typically don’t see nearly the amount of issues with working line dogs, whether physically or mentally, because they don’t necessarily need to adhere to a strict breed standard, they just need to do the job they were bred for well.

  2. She was mauled to death by three type breed of dog pit bull rottweiler or german shepherd.I know darn well she wasn’t killed by a bunch of dalmatians .this was the fourth pitbull mauling.have you notice every time there a pitbull incident. The media always labeled the pitbull .either as pitbull type dog pitbull mix dog or large muscle type dog.

    • Packs of dogs of about any breed are dangerous. The makeup of the pack is related to the breeds and their mixes involved. Dogs in a pack will kill members of the pack.

      The worst bite I ever got was inflicted by a spayed female Dalmatian named Purdy. She hung from my ear tearing skin and cartilage. Owner had no control of her.

      Purdys owner told neighborhood children Purdy only nipped me. I allegedly went home and put ketchup down my neck. To me, seven sutures isn’t a nip.

  3. “Large headed”, aka block headed beasts. I’d bet my life bully breeds did this even if this statement wasn’t said.

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