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14 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Teenager Killed by Pack of Dogs on the Navajo Nation in Fort Defiance, Arizona

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  1. It was just plain not safe for her to be walking around on the surface of the earth. Due to the proliferation of dangerous pet animals. The same exact situation applies to virtually every other human being on earth. For the same exact reason. People who adore dangerous pet animals and who hate their neighbor are evil, by definition. People who love their neighbor do not force the unreasonably elevated risk of this grave threat upon them. What is wrong with American society? Is it idolatry? People who worship animated, dangerous idols force this tragic problem on to the heads of innocent people.

  2. What kind of person hides their dogs after they kill a child?
    As for animal control, the authorities aren’t needed. Shoot the damn dogs when they’re running loose. Problem solved *before* someone is dead. The authorities need to get out of the way.

    • I agree with you 100%! If Animal Control and/or police won’t deal with those dogs, then it’s up to the people to deal with the situation. I would have no problem whatsoever shooting free roaming dogs that can pose a threat to people or small pets. Sometimes Old School solutions work the best.

  3. Those dogs all need to be destroyed. This is horrific. Being killed by one dog is bad enough, but 12?! What a horrible way to go. Rest in peace to Lyssa.

  4. What’s interesting is that up to COVID, 80-90% of the dogs in that area that were picked up were not “rehomed”–they were euthanized.

    If any of these “rescues” with behavioural problem pitbulls and other vicious dogs went in there, they could likely pick up plenty of serviceable medium-sized dogs without dangerous problems and save many family dogs rather than spend time and resources on dogs nobody wants that are a menace to the public without lying about the potential consequences.

    But then again–they can’t sell the big sob story on a perfectly serviceable beagle, spaniel, retriever or poodle mix.

  5. Lyssa’s death was sheer torture. The dog’s owners are cowards and psychopaths. Hiding these dogs was an attempt to protect the dogs, not the owners themselves. If they wanted to protect themselves, they would have taken the dogs out to the middle of nowhere, shot all of them, and then denied that they even had dogs. Yes, this is dog warship.

    The Indian nations have better BSL than anywhere else but like anywhere else with it, enforcement is a problem. The estimates on the size of this Nations’s dog population are staggering. It is amazing that in any given year they pick up 20-30K dogs.

    • lyss was a friend of mines since 4th grade she was sweet kind caring nice smile and loved drawing with her in art class bt this is why i carry a glock 45 handgun around now i wish i was there to help i really did it just takes one mistake i wish i was there to shoot and kill all those dogs so she could return home safely
      now i do know where these dogs are locked up i will gladly kill all of them to keep ur comunity safe

      • Good for you! You’re a hero to have the foresight to carry a firearm and shoot any dogs that are a threat. How I wish you had been there to deal with those dogs so that your friend would still be alive. RIP Lyss. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your friend. Glad you carry, maybe next time you can save someone’s life.

  6. “Henderson acknowledged the current laws surrounding animal attacks do not waiver criminal prosecution due to the inability to determine whether attacks are intentional or not on behalf of dog owners.”
    All too often, the criminally negligent dog owner gets one free kill. Or one free severe maiming. This horribly unjustified legal loophole needs to be fully closed, at all state level.

    Additional hitherto unknown fatal attacks; additional hitherto unknown severe maulings: Take the official dog attack statistics, and in order to get closer to the real statistics, start by multiplying by one order of magnitude. That is a good start.

    “Stray” dogs: One percent are really stray, last I heard. Maybe this number varies in different communities? In this case, were not the dogs owned, not stray?

  7. If your traveling through the reservation please don’t feed these stray/neglected animals, out nearest animal control office is 4 hours away so as a community we are trying to not feed them so this issue and slowly fix itself, since law enforcement says stray aren’t part of their agenda animal control is far away, and since shooting dogs in public areas is illegal our only option as a community is two let them starve themselves out. There’s about half a million stray/ neglected dogs here on the rez, so that gives you an idea that this is no joke. Please don’t feed these dogs when you pass through.

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