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6 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Pack of Pit Bulls Kill Boy on Navajo Nation Reservation

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  1. Why in the name of hell does someone have 12 pits? Unless you're a pit breeder or a dog fighter, there's no need to have that many living weapons under one roof next door to innocent neighbors.

  2. My goodness, there are nearly 1,500 comments now! They mainly appear to be from the community as well, not outsiders.
    JS Arykah Navajo Nation lacks in so many areas and sadly our children are the ones who are greatly affected by this nonsense. This could have been prevented, growing up elders always made sure that an aggressive dog would not continue to kill livestock. Ownership and collection of pit bulls have never been part of our ways and dogs were used only as protection. My condolences and prayers go out to the family.
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    Krunch Munch Part of the issue is that the "enforcement" departments do not lend a hand to Animal Control. Which is pathetic as the rangers, Animal Control, and the Veterinary program all fall under the division of wildlife. Call the rangers or police about an issue, and they tell you to call Animal Control.
    There are only 5 ACO's for the whole reservation. Completely underfunded and short staffed.
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    Robert Kitto When that happened on my reservation years ago, the tribal police officer's and DNR shot and killed all the dogs running loose. Serves the dogs and owners right!
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    Amanda Joe I thought pitbull were already banned on the navajo nation land!! Isnt there a law against those kind of Dogs? Here in shiprock PITBULL DOGS R BANNED OFF. YOU GET A FEE OF $250.00 FOR EACH DOG U HAVE IS THAT KIND OF BREED
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    Adolph Whiteplume Why do people need dogs like that. It seems they kill alot of people especially children. We have enough to worry about when it comes to our small children & grandchildren. I'd sooner trust a grizzly bear or wolf before i'd trust a pitbull
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    Velvann Howard NN needs to get rid of all pit bulls, n rottweilers.
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  3. I don't know about this reservation, but some reservation residents have been oppressed by a leadership system that caters to the pit bull breeding and dog fighting going on

    Also, in at least one case, the pit bull breeder/dog fighter was renting land from a reservation.

  4. I'm struggling thinking of this family and that sweet boy! It makes me think of my own children and how fragile they are. Pitbulls are the sorriest excuse for a dog… You can't even trust them!
    RIP Angel Kayden

  5. Using a pit bull for protection is as stupid as using a lion, if not more. The entire point of a guarding BREED dog is to be large, intimidating, but use force as a LAST resort. The entire point of a fighting BREED dog is explosive, unprovoked, disproportionate aggression used as a FIRST resort, and to not stop until they or their victims is dead. These sets of traits are mutually EX-clusive.

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