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6 thoughts on “2015 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by Dogs on Rosebud Indian Reservation

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  1. I saw the fictitious reference in some of the media calling these dogs "wild dogs" as though they were wild animals.

    The packs of dogs on the reservations are pets, either owned and allowed to run free and make packs, or abandoned.

    Because of the decrease in open admission shelters and the growth of the No Kill fallacy operations, many of the reservations are being used as dumping grounds.

    Many of the dumped dogs are pit bulls or pit bull mixes.

    No Kill turns a blind eye, pit bull advocacy turns a blind eye.

  2. RE: The culling. While I agree this is 100% necessary, watch the foamers pour out of the woodwork to protect the "rights" of Fido.

  3. "a more structured effort at adoption, mobile spay/neuter clinics, owner education"

    This is the usual nonsense of No Kill being pushed by outside-the-reservation fanatics onto the victims, the reservation citizens, and it leads nowhere but a dead end and more deaths.

    It isn't addressing the problem that some people have or breed vicious breeds of dog that are not adoptable, that are not pets, and that attack or kill people. It isn't addressing the problem that unplaceable dogs and surplus need to be picked up and need to be euthanized. It isn't addressing the problem that there need to be shelters on reservations and animal control staff that routinely pick up or accept ALL unwanted dogs at any time, and do not allow strays, nor packs to form.

    No Kill is a failure that accomplishes nothing but a lot of rhetoric outpour and bullying, and leads to cruelty to man and animal, and failure.

    Reservation leaders need to reject a scam pushed on them by outside interests that do not care about those who suffer, or these problems will just get worse.

  4. It might also be useful to point out that the advocates of No Kill are largely white. And many of them are affluent. Somehow, they seem to be able to tell a very impoverished group of people what to do about the dogs on their reservation.

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